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Rural Telecom
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Rural Telecom


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Key Points from the twitter stream #ruraltelecom. The conference is Connecting Rural Communities Asia Forum 2011.

Key Points from the twitter stream #ruraltelecom. The conference is Connecting Rural Communities Asia Forum 2011.

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  • 1. Rural TelecomFacts The Customer Experience Company
  • 2. 594,000 villages 16 major languages, 1,650 dialects. But the Rural broadband – only 5% of total subscribers. India has
  • 3. Telephone : 765 Million Mobile : 729 Million Density : 65 % India had 765 million telephone connections in Nov 2010. Mobile: 729 million. Overall teledensity: 65%
  • 4. India is today adding 15 million mobiles per month Global Mobile Subscribers : 5 Billion
  • 5. Mobiles have changed the very concepts of office and home. In 2011, over 85% of handsets will be able to access the mobile Web
  • 6. There will be more smartphones than PCs in the world by 2013 More people can navigate Nokia's phones than navigate a car
  • 7. Mobiles can create 327,000 jobs in India; US$68 billion industry by 2020 Mobiles can create 327,000 jobs in India; US$68 billion industry by 2020
  • 8. India has 18 official languages 36,000 newspapers in Hindi and 4K Bengali newspapers. India is an agrarian society but a services-led economy. Need to reconcile the two in communications strategy
  • 9. 2.5 Millions Laptops vs 14 Millions Handsets Only 2.5 million laptops were sold in India in all of 2010, as compared to 14 million handsets per month
  • 10. 3 Screens : TV, Telephone, PC 14 million mobiles sold a month. 2 million laptops sold in a year!
  • 11. Unique Mobile Subscribers in India : 500 Million Only 74 million Indians connect regularly to the Internet once a month
  • 12. 85% of mobile subscriber growth in India is in the pre-paid segment India's telecom imports may exceed oil imports -- we need to increase telecom manufacturing in India
  • 13. India's growth is in youth and middle-class segments, need to address the rural gap also India's telecom imports may exceed oil imports -- we need to increase telecom manufacturing in India
  • 14. Mckinsey : In 20 years rural market in India will become four times the size of the urban market, as big as Korea/Canada
  • 15. Local content is key for rural growth Next gen – e-readers, embedded content in devices.
  • 16. Rural Users have same propensity for multiple SIMs as urban users. Lower propensity for multiple mobiles/household
  • 17. For mobile operators, rural CapEx is upto 4 times that of urban; OpEx 3 times
  • 18. Large corporates need encouragement to create Socio-economic enterprises targeted for rural areas
  • 19. IMRB/IAMAI Survey: 84% of villagers in India are not aware of the Internet
  • 20. Internet in rural India is still seen as English-centric; hence market is largely voice-centric (90%)
  • 21. Voice Revolution is peaking 65% of India's workforce is in rural areas
  • 22. Rural Telecom is a challenge and a huge opportunity
  • 23. One of the Biggest Issues in Rural Telecom Bringing down cost of communication for those with very little income which is to feed themselves
  • 24. What we need to do ?
  • 25. A conceptual framework is required integrating economics, policy, funds, technology
  • 26. Need to educate rural residents on telecom/ broadband and its benefits Products * Services * Information * Benefits
  • 27. Innovative Content New Business Models are needed to boost Rural Telecom
  • 28. Public + Private + People partnership, to boost rural telecom
  • 29. Products, Services, Information and Projects should focus more on Education Healthcare Agri Occupation
  • 30. Customization of internet, voice services to the benefit of rural residents might encourage them to use it more often. Example : haats, melas, agri-fairs, promotional vehicles, govt subsidies, schemes etc.
  • 31. Participation & Investments from Large corporates to create CSR Projects impacting Rural Livelihoods
  • 32. Rural broadband diffusion depends on governments for policies, incentives, grants, subsidies
  • 33. Network being Hardware Apps being Software We need Thirdware actionable and personalized content
  • 34. Rural Health care information flow was poor affecting delivery of information & services. Communication should be robust. Uses of rural networks: health data/education/ services. Need content+apps in local language
  • 35. Information that is functional, relevant and actionable and importantly potential to impact livelihood positively. Information for farmers should be decision-critical and actionable; reliable; cutting-edge Information should be delivered with speed, in time (eg. gov subsidies/schemes)
  • 36. Rural BPO Cost advantage of rural BPO - wages half of urban levels Need leadership, work orders, corporate confidence to scale up rural BPO in India Rural BPO can increase household income fourfold; need to analyse social impacts of these forces
  • 37. Interesting Links Concern over widening urban-rural digital divide urban-rural-digital-divide/articleshow/7315050.cms Rural communities to get broadband sta_767543394.shtml Rural BPO in India: case study researched by Vineeta Shetty. section_id=756&doc_id=202873&f_src=internetevolution_gnews
  • 38. Futurescape, Delhi Level 4, Rectangle 1, Commercial Complex D4 Saket, Behind Sheraton, Delhi New Delhi – 110017, INDIA Futurescape, Mumbai Level 2, Raheja Centre Point 294 CST Road Near Mumbai University Off Bandra–Kurla Complex, Santacruz (E) Mumbai – 400098, INDIA Telephone: +91 9910201783 +91 (11) 6654 4196 Email: Web: Twitter: @futurescape