Road and Traffic Safety by Indian Automotive Companies


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The summary of CSR initiatives of 34 Automotive companies in India reveals
that much needs to be done to promote Road & Traffic Safety

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Road and Traffic Safety by Indian Automotive Companies

  1. 1. Automotive Companies Road & Traffic Safety Namrata Rana The Customer Experience Company
  2. 2. India witnessed one road accident every minute in 2011 which claimed one life every 3.7 minutes, one of the highest in the world. A World Health Organization (WHO) report shows that 3,35,805 people in the 15-29 years age group succumb to road accident injuries annually and it's no different in India Hindustan Times New Delhi, July 23, 2012 Every 3 minutes, an Indian dies in a road accident
  3. 3. Maharashtra Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, MP, Karnataka and 68,438 Andhra reported highest number of road accidents amongst the states According to the Road Transport ministry report, a total of 497,000 road accidents were reported in 2011. Though compared to 2010, the accidents have gone down by 1,945, the number of deaths at 142,485 has increased by over 7000. Between 2001 and 2011, while road accidents have increased by 2.1% , the number of fatalities has increased by 5.5 %. In comparison, during this period, the number of registered vehicles increased by 9.9%. Tamil Nadu 65,873 Madhya Pradesh 49,406 Karnataka 44,731 Andhra Pradesh 44,165 Hindustan Times New Delhi, July 23, 2012
  4. 4. Educating and Training people on following Traffic & Road Safety rules could play a vital role in reducing accidents. This requires a collaboration of People, Government and Automotive Companies Many leading automotive companies have made this initiative a part of their CSR strategy and have come up with various initiatives to improve Traffic & Road Safety. However, much remains to be done. Drunken Driving. Rash and negligent driving- over speeding and so on. Not adhering to safety norms- not tying seat belts for elders as well as children. Pot holes in roads- specially during rainy season. Other driver’s fault. Inadequate lighting along the road at night. Off road vehicles left abandoned on the road. Driving in wrong lane. Overtaking from wrong side. Jumping traffic signals. Generic Causes of accidents Source :
  5. 5. India is a high growth market for Automotive companies Global marketing information services company JD Power believes that the total automobile market size will triple to 9.3 million units by 2020. Driven by enhanced demand as the number of people with disposable income increases, the sector will grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 16% during the period. Business Standard, March 12, 2013
  6. 6. Our analysis of CSR initiatives of 34 Automotive companies in India reveals that much needs to be done to promote Road & Traffic Safety
  7. 7. Automotive companies and their initiatives The companies studied are listed on the right side. The information on activities mentioned are sourced from the annual sustainability reports or the CSR section on their website. Ashok Leyland Audi Apollo Tyres Bajaj Auto Ltd Bentley Motors BMW Group Chevrolet CEAT Tyres Eicher Escorts Group FIAT Ford Motors Good Year Tires Hero Moto Corp Honda Hyundai Motors KIA Motors Lamborghini Mahindra & Mahindra Maruti Suzuki Mercedes Benz Michelin Tires MRF Tyres Mitsubishi Motors Nissan Peugeot Citroen Renault Skoda Tata Motors Toyota TVS Motors Volvo Group Volkswagen Yamaha Motors
  8. 8. Maruti Suzuki Maruti Suzuki operates its Road Safety initiatives as a part of corporate responsibility. There are 3 programs one of which is in collaboration with the government. Through its various road safety initiatives the company has cumulatively trained over 10 lakh people in safe driving. Source : Maruti Suzuki, Corporate Section National Road Safety Mission Started in 2008 the company took a commitment of training over 500,000 people in safe driving practices in a span of 3 years. Amongst the five lakh people trained one lakh are from the underprivileged sections of society. The main objective was to make them employable in the driving profession. Institute of Driving & Traffic Research (IDTR) With the launch of IDTR Maruti Suzuki introduced driving training facilities to India. These include a specially formulated mu l t i - l i n g u a l t h e o r y c u r r i c u l um, scientifically laid-out driving tracks and advanced driving simulators that replicate Indian driving conditions. This has been launched in Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat and Uttrakhand Maruti Driving School (MDS) This was started to improve road safety and inculcate safe and systematic driving habits among people. These driving schools are modeled on International Lines, where there are components of Classroom Training, Practical Training and Attitude Training. Maruti Suzuki has has set up over 200 Maruti Driving Schools (MDS) across the country.
  9. 9. Hyundai Motors Hyundai Motors “Safe Move” initiative globally provides classes on traffic safety and advanced car diagnostics and repair. The CSR activities in India are carried out under Hyundai Motor India Foundation. Source : Hyundai, About us section Hyundai Traffic Squad Students Traffic Volunteer Scholarship Scheme is an initiative to sponsor the 'economically backward' college students and also help in managing traffic better. A group of carefully chosen students, after proper training by the local traffic police, work as traffic marshals at busy intersections in conjunction with the traffic police to control and manage traffic. The students are paid a stipend for their efforts and this scheme is successfully running in the cities of New Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. Hyundai Driving School As part of skill development, driving school was started by the company to train unemployed youth in Kancheepuram & Thiruvallur District - Three batches (100) were trained during 2009.
  10. 10. Honda Corp Honda globally is working to bring traffic safety education as a form of lifelong learning to not only drivers, but also transportation users in all life stages, from children to senior citizens. Traffic Safety Education Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India in year 2012 initiated a activity where instructors at dealerships offered traffic safety education to everyone from elementary school students to general riders at a variety of venues. Toyota Toyota Safety Education Program (TSEP) An interactive learning programme designed to teach school children about road safety in the year 2007. It features interactive courses, traffic booths, an animated film, computer and board games, and an informative website. Toyota’s global road safety initiatives have programs like Toyota Safety Education Center “mobilitas” and Pedestrian Safety Campaign etc Source : Honda, CSR Section Toyota Global, Sustainability, CSR Initiatives, Stakeholders, Global Society / Local Communities, Social Contribution Toyota, About, Social Contribution section
  11. 11. Chevrolet Source : Chevrolet, About us, CSR Initiatives Hero Moto Corp, About us, CSR Children's Traffic Education Park The Traffic Education Park is based in Sayajibaug, Vadodara and has been re-open to the public with a helping hand from Chevrolet. Hero Moto Corp Safe Ride Programs Hero Moto Corp India as part of their CSR initiative run regular “Safe Ride Programs” In order to promote road safety,
  12. 12. CEAT Tyres Source : Nissan, News Section CEAT, About us, Media section C E A T l a u n c h e d t h i s w e b s i t e This website allows users to upload videos about unsafe driving habits on the road onto the website. The website also shares information on types of unsafe drivers and habits. Nissan Nissan Safety Driving Forum The program will be launched in three main cities - New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. The two-day activity will enable participants to learn about safety through panel displays and simulator devices. At the safety forum, participants will be taught the importance of seat belts and how airbags function.
  13. 13. Others The companies mentioned do not have any information regarding road safety on their websites. Ashok Leyland Audi Apollo Tyres Bajaj Auto Ltd Bentley Motors BMW Group Eicher Escorts Group FIAT Ford Motors Good Year Tires KIA Motors Lamborghini Mahindra & Mahindra Mercedes Benz Michelin Tires MRF Tyres Mitsubishi Motors Peugeot Citroen Renault Skoda Tata Motors TVS Motors Volvo Group Volkswagen Yamaha Motors
  14. 14. Summary Driver Training Driving Schools Traffic rules - Students Traffic Education Park Interactive Learning Program Safety Forums Safety Website Maruti Hyundai Honda Toyota Chevrolet Hero Moto Corp Nissan CEAT
  15. 15. Futurescape, Delhi Level 4, Rectangle 1, Commercial Complex D4 Saket, Behind Sheraton, Delhi New Delhi – 110017, INDIA Futurescape, Mumbai Level 2, Raheja Centre Point 294 CST Road Near Mumbai University Off Bandra–Kurla Complex, Santacruz (E) Mumbai – 400098, INDIA Telephone: +91 9910201783 +91 (11) 6654 4196 Email: Web: Twitter: @futurescape