Global Apparel Companies - CSR initiatives in India


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Can fashion and apparel industry develop a new model that promotes beauty, health and wellbeing?

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Global Apparel Companies - CSR initiatives in India

  1. 1. Global Apparel Companies CSR Initiatives in India Namrata Rana The Customer Experience Company
  2. 2. The adidas Group has donated funds for relief work in India. * Sources : the-partnership-with-the-adidas-group/ 112081900014_1.html Adidas Group Stores in India Adidas - 650 | Reebok - 900 Product Sourcing Information 76 % of suppliers are from Asia. 8% of the products sourced are from India * more information required
  3. 3. Business for Social Responsibility - Asset Building (2012) To pilot a low-literacy financial training curriculum in two factories in India (HERfinance). Lawyers Collective - HIV/AIDS (2012) General support for legal and policy advocacy on HIV/AIDS and related matters in India. Sources : Levi’s Stores in India 217 Product Sourcing Information NA
  4. 4. Construction of homes Mango financed the construction of 45 homes in Anantapur, India, one of the poorest regions in the country. Housing is fundamental in the work of this foundation, since it gives people living in precarious conditions their dignity back. Sources : Mango Stores in India 21 Product Sourcing Information Purchases including raw materials from India - 5.42%
  5. 5. Sourcing better cotton, building better lives and providing Living wage, Supply chain training in Finance, Health and Wellbeing. Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Promoting Employee/Customer Health & Wellbeing Sources : Marks & Spencers Stores in India 36 Product Sourcing Information NA
  6. 6. Collaboration with Magic Bus Nike has partnered with Magic Bus to build awareness and develop life skills of children through sports. Girl Effect is managed by the Nike Foundation. One of the activities is the Safer Cities project which has empowered over 1,000 girls to overcome the fear of violence. Sources : Nike Stores in India 300-400 Product Sourcing Information 23 Factories in India with 26,168 workers
  7. 7. Sanitation - Infrastructure Development. The Zero to Hero Foundation supports underprivileged communities in remote areas by providing basic necessities not currently available to them. Cotton is grown in many of these communities. As a partner of BCI, Zero to Hero also seeks to create a safer environment to grow better cotton. In 2012, the company pledged to support Zero to Hero’s project to provide proper community sanitation facilities in the village of Raigadh in Gujarat, India. Sources : Tommy Hilfiger Stores in India 130 Product Sourcing Information NA
  8. 8. Project Vidya Vidya Project focuses on suppliers and workers. The Vidya Project’s priorities included employee health and safety in the workplace, limits on the length of the workday and guaranteed payment of proper wages. Nutrition & Healthcare Nutritional intervention in the district of Darbhanga. 2524 children were admitted to the nutritional program with 72 % cure rate. A total of 2,700 patients attended MSF facilities for treatment. Education A total of 1,122 health education sessions were held for a population of 33,250 people with a total of 39 awareness-raising appearances in the year. Better Cotton Initiative Project Since 2011, as part of this initiative, Inditex has financed a cotton growing project in Gujarabi, India. The 461 participating farmers have received advice and training to save water and reduce pesticides and fertilisers in cotton growing. Seeds Guardians Project In 2012, Inditex initiated a project with Textile Exchange, which aims to support agricultural cooperatives in Odisha (India), to ensure the self-sustaining supply of organic cotton seeds. Sources Zara Stores in India 12 Product Sourcing Information Inditex group manufactures about 5% of its products in India and has more than 100 non-exclusive suppliers in India, which together employ 65,000 workers.
  9. 9. Pay for Play Puma showcased a new audit rating structure, Pay for Play. This new audit rating structure will cover all PUMA Safe suppliers. Sources : PUMAGeschaeftsbericht2012_en.pdfs Puma Stores in India 214 Product Sourcing Information India with 36 factories is on Rank 2 of Top sourcing countries
  10. 10. Futurescape, Delhi Level 4, Rectangle 1, Commercial Complex D4 Saket, Behind Sheraton, Delhi New Delhi – 110017, INDIA Futurescape, Mumbai Level 2, Raheja Centre Point 294 CST Road Near Mumbai University Off Bandra–Kurla Complex, Santacruz (E) Mumbai – 400098, INDIA Telephone: +91 9910201783 +91 (11) 6654 4196 Email: Web: Twitter: @futurescape