Q Bond Corporate Profile

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  • 1. Quick Bonding, Ultra Strong Adhesive Q-Bond ® 2010 Corporate Profile
  • 2. Who are we?
    • In 2000, Paul Holder, President of Q-Bond, launched the Q-Bond line of adhesive products nationwide.
    • Synonymous with quality, versatility and performance , Q-Bond is sold all over the world including:
        • The United States
        • Australia
        • New Zealand
        • South Africa
        • The United Kingdom
        • Europe 
        • Mauritius
  • 3. Who are we?
    • Due to Q-Bond’s versatility, it is available in many industries including:
      • Automotive
      • Hard parts
      • Refinishing
      • Hardware
      • DIY
    • Q-Bond is used by:
      • hobby enthusiasts
      • model builders
      • appliance repairers
      • and even housewives!
    • Q-Bond is an award-winning product:
      • Outstanding quality
      • Superior performance
  • 4. What is Q-Bond?
    • Q-Bond stands for ‘Quick Bonding’.
    • Besides the liquid adhesive, there is a two-part system which utilizes the liquid glue combined with powders to create unique reinforcing and filling capabilities with which breaks, cracks, holes and gaps in plastics and metals can be repaired to regain their original shape.
    • The repairs can then be grinded, filed, sanded and even painted!
  • 5. The Q-Bond line currently consists of 3 products:
    • Adhesive (QB1) : a small 5ml adhesive supplied in 24-pack counter display.
    • Small Repair Kit (QB2) : a small repair kit which contains two 10ml adhesives as well as two 20g powders. This kit is used for all types of repairs from plastics to metals.
    • Large Repair Kit (QB3) : same as the
    • QB2 but contains larger quantities
    • (six 10ml adhesives and three 20g powders). Used extensively in the automotive trade (mechanical and refinishing).
  • 6. What can Q-Bond fix?
    • Within a matter of 3 seconds, Q-Bond can successfully fix anything from:
      • Fuse boxes
      • Distributor caps and electrical components
      • Lugs and clips
      • Waterpumps and casings
      • Electronic devices and components
      • Speedometers
      • Motorcycle fairings
      • Motorcycle side panels
      • Indictor units and accessories
      • Kitchen ware, toys, and much more!
  • 7. Q-Bond can fix nearly anything!
  • 8. Q-Bond’s success is based not only on our high-quality product, but also on our tried and tested Marketing Plan. 
    • Q-Bond’s marketing plan assists salesmen and marketers on every level of the supply chain.
    • When Q-Bond is ordered, our highly skilled marketing staff will work one on one with each salesman to ensure they can demonstrate and sell Q-Bond to the best of their ability.
    • All marketing materials and sales promotions are supplied free of charge!
    Trade Show in New York City Trade Show in Las Vegas
  • 9. Q-Bond Marketing Materials Counter Display Demonstration Kit
  • 10. We firmly believe : “Once you try Q-Bond, you will always stick by it.” Contact us today : qbond2@gmail.com www.qbond.net