Social Media Strategy Slideshow for the San Francisco Writers Club


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This is a presentation I gave on social media for book marketing for the California Writers Club. The audience was very new to social media, so this slideshow is for beginners. It doesn't cover analytics or SEO, rather it was to help authors who wanted to get started in social media engage with confidence.

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Social Media Strategy Slideshow for the San Francisco Writers Club

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy by Karma Bennett Future is Fiction Communications
  2. 2. Overall GoalOverall Goal:Your goal isnot to buildlikes!
  3. 3. Your Goal: Build CommunityNetworking for the21st Century
  4. 4. Building Community Means: ● Establishing relationships ● Making yourself a known and reliable commodity ● Likes will come naturally if youre doing it right
  5. 5. Our Strategy:Guest PostsOur strategy is to get guest posts.In our networking metaphor, writing a guestpost is like giving a guest lecture for anorganization you respect.
  6. 6. The Steps to Getting the Guest Post1. Build a list of similar blogs, i.e. identify your community.2. Use these lists to interact naturally with this community.3. Make note of the bloggers that you are most drawn to.4. Make an extra effort to make yourself known to the bloggers youre focusing on.5. Prepare a pitch for possible guest posts.6. Contact them to initiate a guest post.
  7. 7. Lets Go Through These One By One
  8. 8. Use lists to interact naturally withyour community. ● These are the people you “friend” and “follow” on your selected social media sites. ● The key word here is “naturally.” Look for the posts that you actively want to share and comment on. This indicates you have something in common. ● Likewise, if they respond, they are likely more open to further interaction. ● It also suggests professionalism and follow-through. ● This process of finding people is like traditional in-person networking.
  9. 9. Make Note of Bloggers Youre MostDrawn To ● If we had a year to spare, this would be done intuitively ● To hurry the process, keep a spreadsheet ● Note their Alexa rating. ● Is the site up to your standards? Do people comment? ● Are they on Wordpress? ● Do they do host guest posts? Do they write them? Do they offer giveaways?
  10. 10. Make yourself known to the bloggers youre focusing on.● Continue to share their stuff on social media.● Add them to a “favorites” list on Twitter, or follow them outside of the list.● Reach out to them with multiple outlets.● Dont just retweet/reshare, make an effort to comment on the content.● Most importantly, comment on their blog posts!● Bonus: include them in a “Bloggers we love” post.
  11. 11. Prepare Pitch for Guest Posts● Decide what youre asking for: ○ Offer a guest post ○ Offer to host their guest post, if they point back to it on their site. ○ Offer a giveaway● Make it clear in first line that you know their site.● Keep it short.
  12. 12. Contact them to initiate a guestpost... When theyve either: ● shared/favorited your content three times. ● Commented once on your blog ● Contacted you directly. ● Followed you back...ask if need be, but ask on the media where theyre active. ● ...Or out of the blue if they love having guest posts.
  13. 13. When Making Contact● Offer photos, shares on social media, and promotion on your own site.● Be clear on what you expect in return: social shares and mention on site (giveaways a bit more complicated).● Promote the hell out of it on social media, including thanking them when its over.
  14. 14. Tips for Particular Sites
  15. 15. Facebook● Like stakeholders in your community● Share and comment on the best content you find.● Dont share too often, but do focus on your favorites.● Make note of their favorites, or the Facebook recommended likes.● With your favorites, explore their page further: what tabs do they have? ● Youtube? ● Photos? ● Etc.
  16. 16. Questions about Facebook?
  17. 17. Twitter● Create list of stakeholders● Go through list to find tweets to share/comment on● Follow tweeters youre drawn to● Make an effort share and retweet content from favorites.● Keep them in mind to send them something specific they would like, or mention them in a relevant tweet.● For example, a dessert site might be interested in a cool cupcake page.● After some contact has been made and reciprocated, ask them questions.
  18. 18. Questions About Twitter?
  19. 19. News Aggregation With Reddit ● Occasionally share your favorite posts on Reddit. ● Be sure to share with the best sub- reddit! ● If you share to multiple sites, label [x- post: Name of subreddit] ● Mention in comment that youre sharing on Reddit. ● Its important that you dont only post your own stuff on Reddit. ● Reddit can generate a lot of traffic...if you get the upvotes!
  20. 20. Questions about Reddit?
  21. 21. Social BookmarkingWith StumbleUpon● Up stumble everything you like. Install the SU toolbar and use it constantly.● Occasionally thumbs-up your own posts.● You can stumble photos● Like Reddit, its important that you dont only upvote your own content. Unlike Reddit, depth is less important than immediate appeal.● Is this bookmark worthy? Stumble it up!● Use the Stumble button.● StumbleUpon is great for generating traffic!
  22. 22. Questions About StumbleUpon?
  23. 23. Pinterest● Know your target audience. Create boards that appeal to them.● Make boards targeted enough that people get it at a glance.● Photos, photos, photos.● Pinterest is great for linking to products. ○ Use your Amazon Affiliate link. ○ Link to a price.● Time Pinterest for days when youre not on Twitter.● Post your own content to Pinterest.
  24. 24. Questions about Pinterest?
  25. 25. Bringing It AllTogether● Use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to bring it all together.● When youve targeted your favorite users, go to their site and share their best content using Tweetdeck/Hootsuite, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and Reddit.● Alternate posting your content to one network while sharing other peoples content on other networks.● Use to track successes.
  26. 26. Remember the strategy: findingguest post opportunities● Its not as important where you share, as it is that you find the most important stakeholders and gravitate towards them.● This is a systematic way of looking at the process, but it should feel organic: Youre building community by interacting with likeminded bloggers and helping them build their platforms.