Futureful - Evolution of Discovery


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Futureful is developing a predictive discovery engine that enables new ways to explore personal futures.

Part toy, part tool. Our mission is to empower users to discover and share their futures through a personal and predictive filter to the web……and beyond.

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Futureful - Evolution of Discovery

  1. 1. Evolution of Discovery 05082010 Marko Anderson, Jarno M. Koponen
  2. 2. 1998: Portal
  3. 3. 2003: Search
  4. 4. 2008: Social feed
  5. 5. All were disruptive approaches to content discovery New ways to solve the 'signal to noise' problem
  6. 6. So what’s next?
  7. 7. Trend: explosion of data People Things Events Time Places Everything is data, everything is inter-connected
  8. 8. Trend: human-centered internet Mobile Social media Biological YOU Communications Finance Purchase Health Personal futures
  9. 9. Opportunity: next (r)evolution of discovery Social People-powered Pushing information Search Algorithms Pulling information New interfaces + new technologies + new data
  10. 10. Solution: predictive discovery 1) User gets predictive inputs 2) User filters signal from noise 3) User discovers and shares What you want, before you know you even wanted it
  11. 11. In iteration we trust Lean, agile, human-centered
  12. 12. Version 1.0 (live screenshot)
  13. 13. Extensive user feedback
  14. 14. Version 2.0 (live screenshot)
  15. 15. Current state Version 3.0 under development
  16. 16. Core technology & system logic (US patent pending) CONTEXTUAL FILTER SOCIAL SPHERE SOCIAL FILTER social activity PERSONAL FILTER Profile FUTURES YOU personal activity USER
  17. 17. Futureful platform government ecommerce research enterprise digital identity augmented reality media Output Input
  18. 18. Cofounder Marko Anderson 10 years experience in SW industry Mobile, Internet, Enterprise 7 years at Nokia — mobile internet services & platforms S60 Platform, WidSets.com, Ovi Mobile user data evangelist (SW & Services, Strategy, Nokia Research, Patents...) Idea to deployment Concepting & design, business planning & strategy, product & project management, partnering & ecosystem creation, legal & intellectual property, marketing & evangelism http://www.linkedin.com/in/markoanderson
  19. 19. Cofounder Jarno M. Koponen 10 years Internet services & digital brands Design and development of digital media environments and their experiential dimensions (from the conceptual R&D to the strategy and brand) Design and media research MA (Media Lab), MA (Humanities), PhD (in progress) Human-centered design, digital identity, multilinear existence and emerging digital media “ecosystems” - multidisciplinary approach Personal future simulation systems Predictive interfaces and personal future scenarios based on personal and social data http://www.linkedin.com/in/jarnokoponen
  20. 20. Feel free to get in touch, thank you! futureful.com twitter.com/futureful
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