Writing business plans that speak to investors
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Writing business plans that speak to investors



There are an inordinate number of websites offering free templates for writing a business plan. However they fail to explain to the entrepreneur the intent, or style the business plan should adopt. ...

There are an inordinate number of websites offering free templates for writing a business plan. However they fail to explain to the entrepreneur the intent, or style the business plan should adopt.

Structure is important, but the key to writing any effective communication is to never forget your reader. Copywriters learn early in their careers never to alienate the reader. The reader is king. The reader's needs and wants are more important than those of the writer. The writer is only a conduit.

I knew some writers who were so fanatical about the reader, they kept a photo representation on their desk during a writing assignment - just so they didn't forget who they were speaking to.

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Writing business plans that speak to investors Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Inspired by Eric Tachibana.February 2012WRITINGBUSINESS PLANSTHAT SPEAK TOINVESTORS
  • 3. ABOUT FUTUREBOOKS Futurebooks is Singapore’s and Hong Kong’s most progressive bookkeeping company. We offer affordable incorporation, bookkee ping, business planning and brokering, to entrepreneurs with big ambitions.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 4. ABOUT FUTUREBOOKSwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 5. ABOUT FUTUREBOOKS Help you to market and sell your firmwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 6. THE READER Investors receive dozens of business plans every week to read.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 7. THE READER Written by entrepreneurs claiming to be the next Zuckerberg.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 9. #1 EXPRESS THE SINGLE-MINDED PROPOSITION If you can’t express your idea in one sentence, you probably don’t have an idea.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 10. #2 DOES YOURAUDIENCE CARE? Is the value significant enough to warrant someone paying for it?www.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 11. #3 WE HAVE NOCOMPETITORS It is unlikely you have no competitors. If there are none, no significant need may exist.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 12. #4 SHOW THEMTHE MONEY Tell the investor simply how they are going to make money.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 13. #5 PRICE IT RIGHT Have a pricing strategy. The higher the perceived value, the higher the price you can charge for your products and services.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 14. #6 CALCULATETHE REAL COST Underestimate your costs and you will not ask for enough funding. Add a loading to your people costs by a factor of 1.7 to 3.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 15. #7 TARGET ANAUDIENCE Your idea should not be all things to all people. Start with segments you can economically reach.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 16. #8 FOCUS YOURRESOURCES Focus your resources and take one market at a time. If you spread yourself too thin, you run the risk of achieving nothing.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 17. #9 ACHIEVE SUSTAINABLEGROWTH Put in place measures to ensure your audience will be loyal now and in the future.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 18. #10 CREATE BARRIERSTO ENTRY Patents are not your sole barrier to entry. Cost-leader and product differentiation can be more important to a startup than a patent.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 19. #11 GET USED TO ‘NO’ Not every investor who reads your business plan will love your idea. Learn something from every interaction.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 20. QUESTIONS Contact Futurebooks to help you write your business plan. www.futurebooks.com.sgwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  • 21. TERMS OF USEwww.futurebooks.com.sg