Entrepreneurship and the military


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Business has been borrowing vocabulary, strategy and innovation from great military thinkers for a long time.

This is because there is not much difference between the war room and a boardroom. The only difference is what is at stake.


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Entrepreneurship and the military

  2. 2. This is a sales forcewww.futurebooks.com.sg
  3. 3. This is a salesforce entering a new marketwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  4. 4. This is a PR campaignwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  5. 5. This is a mass email campaignwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  6. 6. This is a targeted email campaignwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  7. 7. This is guerilla marketingwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  8. 8. This is a company takeoverwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  9. 9. This i b i Thi is business borrowing from militarywww.futurebooks.com.sg
  10. 10. BOARD WARROOMwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  11. 11. YOUCANDO ITwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  12. 12. 50 PERCENT OFSSTART-UPS U SFAILQU QUITwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  14. 14. MILITARY HAVEATTRIBUTES Single-minded focus Resourcefulnesswww.futurebooks.com.sg
  15. 15. XBOX GAMEShttp://www.academiccolab.org/resources/documents/Game-Like%20Learning.rev.pdfwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  16. 16. MY TRUCKwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  17. 17. www.futurebooks.com.sg
  18. 18. www.futurebooks.com.sg
  19. 19. SUCCESSIS HARDwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  20. 20. www.futurebooks.com.sg
  21. 21. SOME SOLDIERSGO HOMEwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  22. 22. DO IT NOW
  23. 23. I’m an engineerwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  24. 24. Any time is a good time to start a companywww.futurebooks.com.sg
  25. 25. “MOVE FORWARD” GEORGE PATTONwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  26. 26. “DELAY IS DELAY KILLING US US” PRESIDENT LINCOLNwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  27. 27. “SCREW IT. IT LET’S DO IT” SIR RICHARD BRANSONwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  28. 28. OVER ANALYSIS Delay is killing uswww.futurebooks.com.sg
  29. 29. LEARN FASTER THANCOMPETITORS A result, positive or negative, is positivewww.futurebooks.com.sg
  30. 30. WHICH DOYOU PREFER? Perfect plan, executed in 6 months? A half plan, executed now?www.futurebooks.com.sg
  31. 31. ACTION VSCONTEMPLATIONwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  32. 32. PERFECTION VSEXCELLENCEwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  33. 33. RATE OFCHANGE  7 years        5 years   3 yearswww.futurebooks.com.sg
  34. 34. Globalisation hasfflatten barriers toentrywww.futurebooks.com.sg
  35. 35. ABUNDANCEOF CAPITALwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  36. 36. CLOUD GROWTHSINGAPORE 2011 IBM invest $38 million in a new Cloud Computing Data Centre C ti D t C t in Singapore Dell opens cloud solution center in Singapore Sihttp://www.cloudtweaks.com/2011/03/ibm-invests-38-million-in-singapore-data-center-to-address-asia-pacific-cloud-computing-needs/www.futurebooks.com.sg
  37. 37. SINGAPORE FUNDEDCOMPANIES Funded by Neo Tenylabs Funded by JFDI.Asia JFDI A iwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  38. 38. SINGAPORE IS INVESTINGIN ENTREPRENEURS Entrepreneurial history is being made dwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  40. 40. ABOUT US @futureb00kswww.futurebooks.com.sg
  41. 41. WHAT ISENTREPRENEURSHIP?www.futurebooks.com.sg
  42. 42. ROBERT DYER STARTEDRUCKPACKwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  43. 43. WHAT WE CAN LEARNFROM US OFFICERS 45% more likely to start a business Own 2 4 million businesses 2.4 Download Generate $1.2 trillion in receiptswww.futurebooks.com.sg
  44. 44. POPULAR LIFESTYLEBUSINESSES FOR VETS Off-road tours Extreme adventure tours Firearms training g Self-defense training Disaster planning + preparation Survival training Special event security Security consultant http://www.entrepreneur.com/slideshow/217522#1www.futurebooks.com.sg
  45. 45. SOURCES OFCAPITAL Cash C h Boot strapwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  46. 46. BOOT STRAPPED Bootstrap and earn your stripeswww.futurebooks.com.sg
  47. 47. CASHINJECTION Loans Non-equity grants Equity investmentwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  48. 48. HYPOTHETICALCASH TIMELINE Bootstrap Early-stage funding Series A funding0 12 18 24 MONTHSwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  49. 49. NO ONE WILL GIVEUS A CHANCE Pain point Value proposition Revenue modelhttp://futurebooks.com.sg/blog/writing-business-plans-that-speak-to-investors/2308www.futurebooks.com.sg
  50. 50. SOLVE SIGNIFICANTPAIN POINTS Create pain killers, not vitaminswww.futurebooks.com.sg
  51. 51. ASSUMPTION ISTHE MOTHER OFALL @&!# UPSwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  52. 52. GATHERA TEAM
  53. 53. BUY ASTART-UP Funded by JFDI.Asiawww.futurebooks.com.sg
  54. 54. BUY ASTART-UP Incubated by Ruventowww.futurebooks.com.sg
  55. 55. BUY ASTART-UP Incubated by Ideas.Incwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  56. 56. PURCHASE A BUSINESSWITH REVENUEwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  57. 57. LEADERSHIPSTYLE Awww.futurebooks.com.sg
  58. 58. LEADERSHIPSTYLE Bwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  59. 59. EARNING LOYALTYOF THE TEAMwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  60. 60. I’m therewww.futurebooks.com.sg
  61. 61. I’m therewww.futurebooks.com.sg
  62. 62. HOW TO RECRUIT FORTHE EXTENDED FAMILY You won’t find them on Jobs DBwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  64. 64. www.futurebooks.com.sg
  65. 65. The problem is too much datawww.futurebooks.com.sg
  66. 66. GOOGLEANALYTICSwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  67. 67. FLURRYANALYTICSwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  68. 68. WHO IS THINKING ABOUT ATSCATEGORY RIGHT NOW? Google trends reveals Analytical Thinking Skills is not a trending key phrase globally.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  69. 69. DIGITAL DIET Industry analysis Independent Wiki industry research reports h t background b k dGather IPO prospectus Annual reports of Wiki key key competitors competitorsListen News wires like IPOs via mobile Bloomberg applicationFollow Create LinkedIn Track influencers on discussions Twitter www.futurebooks.com.sg
  70. 70. CRITICAL ANATYICALQUESTIONS Do we want to be in this industry? What part of the value chain do we want to p occupy? What strategy do we need to penetrate the market? http://futurebooks.com.sg/blog/starting-a-new-company-start-with-industry- analysis-part-1/1711www.futurebooks.com.sg
  71. 71. DO WE WANT TO BEIN THIS INDUSTRYwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  72. 72. FINANCIAL ANALYTICSTRAINING Talk to the LOK. +65 6296 7818 Alan.Lok@SabioGlobal.comwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  73. 73. ARE WEDISRUPTIVE?www.futurebooks.com.sg
  74. 74. SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION VSDISRUPTIVE INNOVATION Class-centric Student-centric education education Sustainable Disruptive      Innovation innovation Make incremental k i l Follow company Make enormous Break company improvements trajectory improvements trajectory Lower risk Higher riskwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  75. 75. CHARACTERISTICS OFDISRUPTIVE INNOVATION Cheaper than the existing product or service being disrupted; Possesses attributes that appeal to a new type of customer (a non-customer); Increases industry profits in the short term.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  76. 76. X-47B This is disruptivewww.futurebooks.com.sg
  77. 77. ULTIMAX 100 This is innovationwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  78. 78. AFFECTS OF DISRUPTIVEINNOVATION Max industry sales Sales volume Existing market v Existing markets Disruptive market substitute for disruptive solution Total industrywww.futurebooks.com.sg
  79. 79. WHAT TO LOOK FORIN A START-UP Laser-focused Cost-leader / disruptive Strategic investorwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  80. 80. STAY INTOUCH Email us at inquiry@futurebooks.com.sg or visit www.futurebooks.com.sg @futureb00kswww.futurebooks.com.sg
  81. 81. http://venturebeat.com/2012/04/21/going-all-in-how-to-run-a-company-on-21-apps-in-the- cloud// http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/219846 http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/222649 http://www.asymco.com/2012/01/30/you-cannot-buy-innovation/ h // /2012/01/30/ b i i /CREDITS http://www.sba.gov/sites/default/files/files/rs384.pdf http://hbr.org/2008/01/the-five-competitive-forces-that-shape-strategy/ar/1
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