The rise of a new generation of apartments in Vietnam


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The rise of a new generation of apartments in Vietnam

  1. 1. HCMC, 10 Nov 2011# For immediate release The rise of a new generation of apartments in Vietnam(HCMC) – Trendsetter Fusion Resorts, known for its groundbreaking Fusion Maia’s all inclusive spa,Fusion Alya’s all inclusive dining and Fusion Zana’s fashion resorts, is currently working on a newapartment concept for the Vietnamese market. Not only does the design of Fusion Suites Da Nang Beachfuel curiosity, but service wise the creative minds behind the Fusion brand have come up with a specialmanagement concept for the building ensuring the return of investment of the buyers….to be revealedlater this year. Fusion Suites Da NangAccording to Marco van Aggele, CEO and Co-founder of Serenity Holding, “The addition of an apartmentconcept to our collection of innovative resorts will breathe fresh air into the quite standard way of lookingat apartments for sales in Vietnam. Thus far, most apartment developments across Vietnam are marketedon the price per square meter, making it very hard to distinguish yourself from other developments otherthan the price. With our strong background in hospitality, we think that our Fusion Suites collection willtruly capture the essence of apartment ownership. Whether our buyers use it as a pied-a-terre, live therepermanently or put it in our Fusion rental pool; our highly efficiently planned modular Fusion Suites arethe answer for the currently distressed apartment market of Vietnam.”Fellow Dutchman and Design Director of Serenity Holding, Mr. Rolf van Valkenburg explains: “Constantlytalking with customers and investors has helped us gain deep insights into their underlying needs whichsurely a customer survey cannot find out. And we know that both investors and customers are neverdemanding less. Creating new products and concepts to us is a must and a key ingredient for ourdevelopments’ survival. The “double-skin” design theme of Fusion Suites Da Nang Beach is somewhatstrange for Vietnam, but it is a very effective and simple way to keep a building evolving throughout time,while contributing to a more eco-friendly operation. We truly hope the concept will be embraced by thoseVietnamese investors and guests in search for a boutique lifestyle.” Share Our Passion 
  2. 2. Marco van Aggele continues: “Supported by our in-house team of dynamic managers and designers,Serenity always aims to look a few years ahead of the curve by conceptualizing innovative hospitality andreal estate concepts in the very preliminary stage of a project. The new proposed Fusion Suites conceptwill put property investment in a different light. No longer will people have to invest in an “empty”apartment with no reasonable expectation of generating rental income until they resell the apartment. Thefully furnished units of Fusion Suites can be put in and out of the rental pool depending on our client’spersonal desires. This flexibility will be the key to the success of our Suite concept”.Even though still in its concept phase, Fusion Suites Danang Beach has already received many pre-registered buyers in search for a smart way of investing in property. The attractive price point of a fullyfurnished, and ready to rent out unit (starting at 1.3 bln VND, which is around 65.000 USD) is only one ofthe reasons of this great demand. The unique look of the building give the buyers a feeling that the futurevalue of their investment in safeguarded in the tough market of Da Nang. Other Fusion Suitesdevelopment in main cities, such as Hanoi, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City are currently underdiscussion.###About Fusion ResortsFusion Resorts is a new movement consisting of Vietnam’s most unique, forward-thinking and individuallyoriented hotel, resort and residential properties. Since its launch in the market in 2008, Fusion Resortshas continuously sought to promote, embrace and uphold the idea of combining travel with a stronglifestyle approach. Today’s consumers are more aware of a product’s development. A lifestyle image isno longer just a trend. Discerning consumers nowadays aspire more towards a brand that shares thevalues they cherish. With the brand “Fusion”, a new combination is taking shape in tourism: the higheststandard of comfort is linked to a more conscientious investment. With properties for sale on locationssuch as Hoi An, La Gi, Da Lat, Ham Tan, Ho Tram and asset projects open and planned on locationssuch as Da Nang, Phu Quoc, Cam Ranh, Hoa Binh, Fusion Resorts will soon be Vietnam’s largestInternationally managed resort chain.www.fusion-resorts.comAbout Serenity HoldingSerenity Holding has grown into a well-known name in the hospitality and real estate industry. In Vietnamthe pressure for developers to maintain profitability and return against the backdrop ofincreasingdevelopment and land costs continues to be the biggest threat to development companies. SerenityHolding however is uniquely placed, as the company is the only fully vertically integrated hospitalitycompany. With their own in-house designers and project managers, Serenity is able to take a morecomplete view of every project, seeing a project from both a developer’s and a hotelier’s point of view.This holistic approach allows balancing the competing needs of delivering a top-tier product to our guestswhile creating a return for our shareholders. Furthermore, the approach ensures that the Serenity valuesremain embedded in all stages of the development of any project, hereby creating the optimal equilibriumto Serenity’s guests, shareholders and employees. Currently Serenity is working on 15 diverse hospitalityprojects from A-to-Z and has ownership interests in most of Share Our Passion