Killip elementary school


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Killip elementary school

  1. 1. W. F. Killip Elementary SchoolAnd Community Learning Center
  2. 2. W. F. Killip Elementary School And Community Learning Center 2300 E. 6th Avenue 773-4080Principal – Joe GutierrezSecretary – Laura McMinn Melba Reyes Jolina GarciaNurse – Sally McMillianCounselor – Michelle PowersLibrarian – Jane ReukemaELL Specialist – Ana ArchuletaParent Liaison – Brett DechambreSTARS Coordinator - Jeronimo Vasquez
  3. 3. W. F. Killip Elementary School Contact Information• You can contact any teacher or staff member by visiting our web page at select Killip School where you will find e-mail addresses, or you are welcome to call the school’s main number and leave a message.• Killip School communicates with families through, – Automated phone calls – Flyers home – Parent-Teacher Conferences
  4. 4. Killip’s Modified Calendar•School begins in late July or early August•Two 2 week “intersession” •October •March•Prescriptive Intersession Classes•Observes all FUSD Holidays•Less “gap” time in the summer•Preferred for the community and neighborhood•Lessens truancy
  5. 5. Education At Killip Core Subjects•Math•Reading•Writing•Science•Social Studies
  6. 6. Education At Killip Non - Core Subjects•Art•Music•P.E.•Technology•Library Time
  7. 7. Education At Killip Special Programs•RTI (Response To Intervention)•Tutoring•After school classes and activities After•Intersession classes•Community Garden•STARS•EMPACT
  8. 8. RTI - Response To Intervention•A multi-tiered approach that providesinstruction at the students level.•Students progress is closely monitored ateach stage of instruction to determine theneed for further research-based instructionand/or intervention in general education, inspecial education, or both.•The four main elements of the RTI frameworkare; •high quality instruction for all students, •tiered instruction/intervention, •ongoing student assessment, •and family involvement.•RTI is not a program. It is a comprehensivesystem for organizing the districts effort forimproving achievement of all students.
  9. 9. Killip Community/Neighborhood Relations Community /Neighborhood Groups meet at Killip •Public Achievement Partnership with NAU •Interfaith Council •Bringing issues to the community •Bringing neighborhood issues to the public and city entities •Bringing entities (police, city services, etc) to the community •Sunnyside Neighborhood Organization •Community Policing •Community Garden Project •Students learn about gardening, cooperation, care and achieving goals. •Food is donated to the Northern Arizona Food Center. W. F. Killip school is very proud to apply academics to civic results.Mr. Gutierrez makes sure that the school is open and available for the community and itsresidents to use whenever possible and is a true “Community Learning Center” .
  10. 10. STARS Students Taking Active Roles in SchoolSite Coordinator: Jeronimo Vasquez•21st Century Community Grant Program.•Provides intensive academic intervention and enrichment for Killip Students and theirfamilies.•Classes offered in STARS: Language Arts Math LEGO Robotics Intermediate Chess Advanced Chess HURAKAN KALMEKAK Martial Arts Camp Science - Summer Science Camp Adult Education•Key elements of the program •Four hours of intensive reading/language arts and math intervention by certified teachers each week •Five hours per week reading and homework assistance provided before school by FACTS. •Two weeks of intersession classes (one week in October and one week in March) and three weeks of summer school.
  11. 11. EMPACTEmpowering Parents And Children Together •Preschool •Partnered with Head Start •Partnered with Student Support Services •Adult Education •Designed to assist adult students in; •GED Preparation •English •Reading •Writing •Speaking •Resume writing
  12. 12. W.F. Killip Elementary 21st Century Community Learning Center• STARS FACTS (Enrichment) Family Engagement Community Partners (Academic) Tennis Parent Center Sunnyside Neighborhood Association• Kinder LA Home Economics Family Nights Native American Community Action - Pathways• 1st LA SPARKS Fitness CHESS North Country Community Health Center• 2nd M Breakfast Club H.K. Martial Arts Northern Arizona Interfaith Council• 3rd M Arts & Crafts Adult Education NAU Department of Anthropology• 4th/5th M Sports (BB, Soccer) Community Summits NAU Department of Education• 4th Science Science club NAU Program for Sustainable Community• LEGO Robotics Computer Lab NAU Public Achievement• CHESS Homework Club National Scholastic Honor Society• Adult Education NAU Theater Girl Scouts Big Brothers/Big Sisters Berg’s Barbque – Think Jesus Ponderosa HeadStart Flagstaff Parks & Rec. Coconino County Attorney’s Office Guidance Center Hermosa Vida/Beautiful Life Trinity Height United Methodist Coconino Hispanic Advisory Council AZ Community Foundation Flagstaff Community Foundation Future Teacher of America Rodel Foundation HURAKAN KALMEKAK MARTIAL ARTS