Un viaggio a Londra


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Un viaggio a Londra

  1. 1. English Learning A trip to london Lezione 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS La partenza 1 The departure luggage Decidere dove 1-3 dormire Prepare your luggage now… we are going to London!!! Arrivati 4 all’aeroporto We are going to fly with Ryanair. It is a low-cost airline that flies from Perugia S. Egi-Cercando un mez- 5-6 dio to London Stansted airport. These are the timetables from Perugia to London: zo di trasportoLa metropolitana 7 Day Flight Nr Departure Arrival Note:I biglietti per la 8 Monday FR4953 11.20 12.45 from 25/3 to 26/10 metro Tuesday FR4953 10.50 12.15 from 3/7 to 28/8 Wednesday FR4953 11.20 12.45 from 25/3 to 26/10 Thursday FR4953 11.20 12.45 from 25/3 to 26/10 Friday FR4953 11.20 12.45 from 25/3 to 26/10 Saturday FR4953 17.20 18.45 from 4/8 to 25/8 Sunday FR4953 15.10 16.35 from 25/3 to 26/10 Which day would you like to go? On ____________ On si usa con _________ What time is the flight? At ______________ At si usa con __________ What time is the arrival? At _____________ Deciding where to sleepThese are four nice hotels in London: 1. The Nayland 132-134 Sussex Gardens, Paddington, London W2 1UB General Bar, 24-Hour Front Desk, Non- € 278,00 Smoking Rooms, Family Rooms, Eleva- for three nights tor, Safety Deposit Box, Heating, Lug- gage Storage, All Public and Private spaces non-smoking ly nd love res ented a me and Services Room Service, Tour Desk, , well p elco Fax/Photocopying, Ticket Service “Ve ry clean taff made us w t breakfast m. S ffee a Wi-fi is available in the entire hotel and war ho served co ce to stay and Internet w la and costs GBP 5 per hour. the lady htful. A great p ”. In the area g ey was deli value for mon s and shops. Hotel policies Check-in 1400 - 00:00 hours t t excellen many restauran Check-out 09:00 - 11:00 hours there are
  2. 2. LEZIONE 1 Pagina 2 2. Abbey Court Hotel 74 Seymour Place ,London W2 1TP “Staff ar te, cou e friendly, po € 300,20 for General 24-Hour Front Desk, Family Rooms, rt li tive.” T eous and atte - Elevator, Safety Deposit Box, Hea- bey C he room n- three nights ting, Luggage Storage ou s at Ab private rt Hotel ha - Private parking is possible on site v Parking tea/cof bathrooms a e (reservation is not possible) and fee fac nd oms als ilities. R costs GBP 15 per day. o ohairdry have a TV a - Free! Wired internet is available in er nve com , and some h d Internet public areas and is free of charge. pact kit a chenett - es. Hotel policies Check-in From 14:00 hours Check-out Until 10:30 hours3. Admiral Hotel 143 Boston Place, London W2 2RX Bar, 24-Hour Front Desk, Non-Smoking Ro- € 340,00 for General oms, Family Rooms, Heating, Luggage Storage, three nights All Public and Private spaces non-smoking Services Ironing Service, Fax/Photocopying de- Internet Free! Wi-fi is available in the hotel rooms and iral are is free of charge. at the Adm artwork Rooms in modern . They Parking Private parking is possible on site (reservation corated re satellite TVs ges u rid is not needed) and costs GBP 10 per day. and feat de hairdryers, f lco- lu ba Hotel policies Check-in From 13:00 hours also inc s have e room s. It is loca- Check-out Until 11:00 hours and som city view h area. nies wit uiet and lovely q ted in a 4. So Paddington Hotel 6-8 Broadley Street , London W21RS € 350,00 for General 24-Hour Front Desk, Non-Smoking Rooms, Express Check-In/Check-Out, three nights Heating, Luggage Storage, All Public and Private spaces non-smoking Services Babysitting/Child Services, Laundry, a Dry Cleaning, Ironing Service, Fax/ features - el’s rooms hair Photocopying, Concierge Service the hot er and E ach of with a show de a tea/ Internet Free! Wi-fi is available in the entire m clu bathroo ooms also in nd beds with hotel and is free of charge. R a dryer. aking facilities feature -m coffee ets, whilst so me also Parking No parking available. v thick du Hotel policies Check-in 14:00 - 00:00 hours player. Check-out 11:00 - 12:00 hours a D VD
  3. 3. 1. You and your family or friends are going to London for 3 days. In which hotel would you like to stay? Read the 4 hotel descriptions, then have a look at the city map and see near which Tube station they are. Make some notes in the chart below about the thing you like or you don’t like, for each hotel. Location Services Internet Other Some i deas.. The Nayland It is.. (not) ch eap/nea station/ rt Abbey Court Hotel near a p he tube It has . ark … .. internet Admiral Hotel (not) fo free/par r king po The ro ssibilitie om ha s ... So Paddington Hotel a kitche s net facilities te/coffe-making /a balco ny … 2. Now ask your mates about his/her favourite hotel. The best hotel for me is Which hotel do you like? ___________________ The Admiral. Why? it is ... Because it has ... I think the best hotel is …  the room has ... I like it because... It is (very/not very) cheap/near the tube station/near a park ... I don’t think the best hotel is …  It has internet for free/babysitting ... I don’t like it because... The room has a kitchenette/a balcony … It is (very / not very) expensive/far from the tube station ... It doesn’t have internet for free/babysitting ... 4. Find the opposites: The room doesn’t have a kitchenette/a balcony ... ___ I don’t like 1. Expensive 2. Near ___ Cheap 3. We are going to London for 3 days. In which hotel 3. There aren’t ___ There isn’t would you like to stay? ___ I think 4. It has 5. I don’t think ___ There are The Nayland 6. I like ___ It doesn’t have Abbey Court Hotel 7. There is ___ Far Admiral Hotel So Paddington Hotel 5. Describe our favourite hotel We think that the best hotel is _________________ because is el for us it is ___________________________________________. The best hot ______ It has _________________________________________ _ ______ ______ ______________________________________________. near the and it is __ In the room there are _____________________________ ______ _____ ______ ______________________________________________ tion tube staPagina 3 A TRIP TO LONDON
  4. 4. LEZIONE 1 Pagina 4Arrival - at the airport 6. Match with the correct sign:At the UK airports there are two 1. Arrivals ____separate queues: 2. Departures ____ European Union, European Econo- 3. Baggage claim ____ mic Area, British and Swiss. 4. Passport control ____ All other nationalities. 5. Check-in ____ B 6. Shops ____ C A D E F Silvia arrives at the airport. Marco arrives at the airport. Passport, please! Can I see your passport, please? Here it is. Yes, here it is. Thank you. Have a nice day! Thank you. Can you wait here, please? You too. Bye! Sure. Is there a problem? 7. Who speaks? You are at the passport control: who says these words? 8. What happens? Put the correct letter(s) Police officer You near the situations: A) Passport please!   - Mi chiedono il passaporto __ __ - Mi ringraziano __ B) Have a nice day!   - Mi salutano __ __ C) Thank you.   - Mi chiedono di aspettare __ D) Can I see your passport, please?   E) Here it is.   - Ringrazio __ F) Bye!   - Mostro/do qualcosa a qualcuno __ - Saluto qualcuno __ __ G) Can you wait here, please?  Other ways to greet someone 9. You know many greetings in English, but are they appropriate to the situation? ean? arriving going away to a friend formal does it m 10. What _1. Good morning!     mo dopo! _ a. Ci vedia2. Hi!     era! __ b. Buona s3. See you!     mo! __ c. Ci vedia __ o domani!4. Good evening!     d . Ci vediam5. See you tomorrow! ormale) __     e. Salve! (f _ nformale) _6. How are you doing?     f. Salve! (i _ meriggio! _7. How do you do?     g. Buon po otte! __8. Good afternoon!     h. Buona n _9. See you later!     i. Ciao! _10. Good night!     j. Buon giorno! __
  5. 5. Looking for a transport We need to go to our hotel. We have two options: 1. go by train Stansted Express Fast, frequent and convenient trains run between the airport and Lon- don Liverpool Street from early until late. Trains depart every 15 minutes. Average journey time 46 minutes to Liverpool Street and 35 minutes to Tottenham Hale. Express class single fare £22.50 (£21.50 online booking). Also calls at Bishops Stortford, Harlow Town and Tottenham Hale. For London Underground services, change at Tottenham Hale (Victoria Line) or Liverpool Street (Circle, Metropolitan and Ham- mersmith & City lines). Numbers!! E allora … oneStansted - London Liverpool Street - timetables 21 twenty 11 eleven two 1 one 22 twenty From Until Minutes past 12 twelve 2 two 30 thirty each hour 13 thirteen 3 three 40 fourty Monday to n (05.30MF) 06.00 06.15 23.45 23.59* 00.30* 00 - 15 - 30 - 45 14 fourtee Friday 4 four 50 fifty 06.30 06.45^ 07.00 (01.00*FS) (01.30*FS) 15 fifteen 5 five 60 sixty 16 sixteen Saturday 05.30 06.00 23.45 23.59* 00.30* 00 - 15 - 30 - 45 6 six en 70 seventy 17 sevente Sunday 05.30 06.00 06.30 07.00 23.45 23.59* 00.30* 00 - 15 - 30 - 45 7 seven 80 eighty n 18 eightee 01.00* 01.30* 8 eight 90 ninety n 19 ninetee d 9 nine 100 hundre MF Monday & Friday only ^ 07.45 leave 2 minutes early (i.e. 07.43) 20 twenty ousand 10 ten 000 one th hundred 1 FS Friday & Saturday early mornings only * Trains from 23.59 not via Tottenham Hale 200 two 11. Complete the sentences with the right information: a. There are ______ minutes between London Stansted and London Liverpool street. b. A single fare costs ______, but if you book it online, it costs ______. c. The first train is at ____________ , the last one is at _________. d. There is a train every ______ minutes. e. You can change for Victoria Line (underground or Tube) at _________________ . f. You can change for Circle line at ________________. g. The Stansted Express stops at the following stations: 1. _________________________ 2. _________________________ 3. _________________________ 4. _________________________ (last station) 12. Answer these questions according to your needs a. If your flight arrives at _______, and you need 30 minutes to arrive at the train station, what time do you take the train? b. What time do you arrive in Tottenham Hale ? And in London Liverpool Street?Pagina 5 A TRIP TO LONDON
  6. 6. LEZIONE 1 Pagina 6Looking for a transport2. go by bus Stansted Airports bus and coach station is opposite the main terminal entrance. Coach tickets can be bought at the ticket desk in arrivals (open 06:00 to 01:00), in the coach station (24 hours, seven days a week) or on board.Service Destination Frequency Journey time/fareeasyBus EB2 Baker Street, London Up to every 20 min 75 min/ From £9National Express A6 London Victoria Up to every 10 min 85-100min/ £10.50National Express A9 Stratford and London 45-60min/ £8.50 Up to every 30 min Liverpool StreetTerravision A50 London Victoria Up to every 30 min 75 min/ £9Terravision A51 London Liverpool Street Up to every 30min 55 min/ £9Terravision A52 London Stratford Up to every 30 min 40 min/ From £6 13. You need to go to your hotel. What do you do? Have a look at the Tube map and according to the position of your hotel, find the best way! a) Fill with the missing words the following sentence: I. My hotel is near ________________ tube station, which is on the __________ line. a. After ____ stops I have b) Fill with the missing words the following sentences and use the sentence to change again at on the right to complete your description. ____________ station. II. If I take the train, I will arrive at Liverpool Street station. I have to take the ____________ line direction _______________. b. Then after ____ stops, III. If I take the bus, I will arrive at _____________ station. I will arrive at destination. I have to take the ____________ line direction _______________. c. After ____ stops I will arrive at destination
  7. 7. The Tube The London Underground (also colloquially called the Tube) is a rapid transit system that serves a large part of Greater London and some parts of Buckinghamshi- re, Hertfordshire and Essex. It incorporates the oldest section of underground railway in the world, which opened in 1863 and now forms part of the Circle,Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines; and the first line to operate electric trains, in 1890, now part of the Northern line. The Underground serves 270 stations and has 402 kilometres of track, 45 per cent of which is underground. It is the second largest metro system in the world in terms of route miles, after the Shanghai Metro. In 2007, more than one billion passenger journeys were recorded, making it the third busiest metro system in Europe, after Moscow and Paris. The tube is an international icon for London, with the tube map, considered a design clas- sic, having influenced many other transport maps worldwide. How to get the right tube. The names of the ending stations are very useful to understand in which direction you have to go. For instance, if you are in the Central Line (the red one), at Liverpool Street Station and you would like to go: to Notthing Hill Gate, you have to take the tube that goes direction West Ruislip or Ealing Brodway to Stratford, you have to take the tube that goes direction Woodford or Epping At Liverpool Street station you can change to the The Circle line. yellow, pink or purple line Very useful, in London is the Circle line, coloured yellow on the tube map. It has a circular route around the centre of London on the north side of the River Tha- mes linking the main line railway terminii.Pagina 7 A TRIP TO LONDON
  8. 8. LEZIONE 1 Pagina 8 The fare systemThe Underground uses a zonal fare system: London is divided into 6 zones; Zone 1 is the most central, with a boun-dary just beyond the Circle line, and Zone 6 is the outermost and includes London Heathrow Airport.Some ticket machines accept coins, notes and credit cards, some accept coins only, and some accept cards only.Since 2003 you can use the Oyster card, a smartcard with a contactless chip, which you can charge up with creditand use to pay for travel. It can also be loaded with Travelcards.It can be used on the Underground, the Overground, buses, trams, the Docklands Light Railway, and NationalRail services within London. As a visitor you have the possibility to buy one online at: http://visitorshop.tfl.gov.uk/oystercard/product/oyster-card.html Visitor Oyster card Select a type Price You mus t touch y £10 card + Activation fee £13.00 Oyster our card on Delivery countr the y: Italy yellow ca - Estimated 8 to £15 card + Activation fee £18.00 rd reade 12 days when tra rs velling. £20 card + Activation fee £23.00 £30 card + Activation fee £33.00How much credit do I need? Sample Tube fares: £40 card + Activation fee £43.00 £50 card + Activation fee £53.00 Zones 1 to 2 Unlimited journeys in one day in zones 1 and 2 *Peak Oyste Oyster £2.70 peak*, £2.00 off-peak r si 06:30-09:30 an ngle fares apply from Zones 1 to 6 £8.40 peak, £7.00 off-peak d from 16.00- day to Friday 19-00 Mon- Oyster £4.80 peak*, £2.90 off-peak Single bus journey £1.35 (except public holidays). Travelcards Which Travelcard? You can always buy a normal paper Travelcard… but you need to know which one! In fact there are many Travelcards. Some of them are only for a day, others for 7 days: Day Anytime Price Day Anytime - Can be used at any Adult Zones 1-2 £8.40 time on the day of validity and for any Adult Zones 1-4 £10.60 journey that starts before 04:30 the following day. Adult Zones 1-6 £15.80 Day Off-Peak Price Adult Zones 1-2 £7.00 Day Off-Peak - Can be used from 09:30 Mondays to Fridays, all day Adult Zones 1-4 £7.70 Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, on the day(s) of validity and Adult Zones 1-6 £ 8.50 for any journey that starts before 04:30 the following day. 7 Day - Can be used for 7 days during the period 7 Day Price of validity and for any journey that starts before Adult Zones 1-2 £29.20 04:30 on the day following the expiry date. Adult Zones 1-3 £34.20 Which card will you buy? Adult Zones 1-4 £41.80 I think that a/an ___________ is the best for us, because we Adult Zones 1-5 £49.80 will stay in London for ____ days. It is the cheapest solution Adult Zones 1-6 £53.40
  9. 9. London Map 2 3 4 1Pagina 9 A TRIP TO LONDON
  10. 10. LEZIONE 1 Pagina 10 London Tube Map