What makes a great spoof, or parody commercial?


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Why create spoof commercials? Who makes parody ads? This slide gives examples of some of the best parody commercials and shows why they are so effective. This presentation is brought to you by www.funnyfakeads.com, the world's largest collection of spoof or parody ads and commercials. We feature spoof commercials from brands such as McDonalds, Shell, DeBeers, Coke, and many more.

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What makes a great spoof, or parody commercial?

  1. 1. Parody or Spoof Commercials by www.funnyfakeads.com • What makes a great spoof or parody ad? • Why create them?
  2. 2. Why make spoof commercials? • Give people an reality check • Allow viewers to have an alternative perspective on large brands • Have fun at the expense of brands
  3. 3. What makes a great spoof commercial? • • • • • An element of truth Use the same terminology as they do Use the same imagery, fonts Make it fun, but be honest! Recreate their own taglines
  4. 4. Spoof Print Commercials Playing on the DeBeers brand tagline, a Diamond is Forever, this ad hints that while diamonds may last forever, marriages sometimes don’t.
  5. 5. So fake, it’s almost real When 4 rings is all you need. A great spoof about the failed Sochi Olympics opening ceremony.
  6. 6. Guinness, smooth head. A great ad, released on St. Valentine’s day by some art students.
  7. 7. Shell A brilliant piece of work from @arcticready spoofing Shell
  8. 8. Diebold Voting Machines. (We guarantee the outcome) Larry Flint had a bone to pick with certain politicans and companies, and used spoof ads to target companies he didn’t like.
  9. 9. Louis CK Fragrance
  10. 10. Chipotle Nothing sinister here, but just a fun play on how big burritos are.
  11. 11. Kiss my ass
  12. 12. Great spoof commercials, video A brilliantly done commercial, mocking Pepto Bismol
  13. 13. Skittles – taste the rainbow A brilliant parody of Skittles. Tasting the rainbow, not so tasteful, but funny!
  14. 14. Microsoft having fun with Google Chrome. http://www.funnyfakeads.com/pins/googlechrome-google-is-making-lots-of-money-fromyou Microsoft having fun at Chrome’s expense. They copied a Google ad, and turned it against Chrome. Brilliantly done.
  15. 15. Cadbury’s Crème Egg A great, fun, and very explicit spoof of Cadbury’s Crème Eggs.
  16. 16. WTF Blanket A great spoof infomercial about a snuggie blanket.
  17. 17. Carl’s JR Instead of hot girls, this parody ad shows large guys.
  18. 18. For much more, go to www.funnyfakeads.com and upload your work!