Mist retail,villa,ofices call+91 995.895.9555


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Mist retail,villa,ofices call+91 995.895.9555

  2. 2.  Site Location: Plot1, Sector 143, Noida  Site Location
  3. 3. Site Context Site Sector- 143B Sector- 143A Sector- 143 Sector- 144
  4. 4. Site Plan
  5. 5. Site Plan 16M Central tree-lined avenue 45M road52 No. VillasOffice PodiumRetail Block 25M 94M 16M 9M260M99M 45M road 61M61M
  6. 6. View
  7. 7. Retail
  8. 8. Retail _Level 1 L1-52 L1-53 L1-54 L1-55 L1-56 L1-57 L1-58 L1-59 L1-60 L1-61 L1-62 L1-63 L1-64 L1-65 L1-66 L1-67 L1-68 L1-69 L1-70 L1-71 L1-72 L1-73 L1-74 L1-83 L1-80 L1-79 L1-78 L1-77 L1-76 L1-75 L1-82 L1-81 L1-89 L1-90 L1-99 L1-96 L1-95 L1-94 L1-93 L1-92 L1-91 L1-98 L1-97 L1-100 L1-113 L1-114 L1-111 L1-112 L1-109 L1-110 L1-107 L1-108 L1-105 L1-106 L1-103 L1-104 L1-101 L1-102 L1-115 L1-116
  9. 9. Retail _Level 2 L2-52 L2-53 L2-54 L2-55 L2-56 L2-57 L2-58 L2-59 L2-60 L2-61 L2-62 L2-63 L2-64 L2-65 L2-66 L2-67 L2-68 L2-69 L2-70 L2-71 L2-113 L2-114 L2-111 L2-112 L2-109 L2-110 L2-107 L2-108 L2-105 L2-106 L2-103 L2-104 L2-101 L2-102 L2-72 L2-73 L2-74 L2-83 L2-80 L2-79 L2-78 L2-77 L2-76 L2-75 L2-82 L2-81 L2-88 L2-89 L2-90 L2-99 L2-96 L2-95 L2-94 L2-93 L2-92 L2-91 L2-98 L2-97 L2-84 L2-85 L2-86 L2-87 L2-100 L2-115 L2-116
  10. 10. Retail _Level 3 L3-52 L3-53 L3-54 L3-55 L3-56 L3-57 L3-58 L3-59 L3-60 L3-61 L3-62 L3-63 L3-64 L3-65 L3-66 L3-67 L3-68 L3-69 L3-70 L3-71 L3-113 L3-114 L3-111 L3-112 L3-109 L3-110 L3-107 L3-108 L3-105 L3-106 L3-103 L3-104 L3-101 L3-102 L3-72 L3-73 L3-74 L3-83 L3-80 L3-79 L3-78 L3-77 L3-76 L3-75 L3-82 L3-81 L3-88 L3-89 L3-90 L3-99 L3-96 L3-95 L3-94 L3-93 L3-92 L3-91 L3-98 L3-97 L3-84 L3-85 L3-86 L3-87 L3-100 L3-115 L3-116
  11. 11. Offices
  12. 12. Tower 1
  13. 13. Office Tower 1_Level 1 T1-101 T1-102 T1-104 T1-106 T1-108 T1-109 T1-110 T1-111 T1-112 T1-113 T1-114 T1-115 T1-116 T1-117 T1-118 T1-119 T1-121 T1-123 T1-125 T1-127 T1-129 T1-131 T1-120 T1-122 T1-124 T1-126 T1-128 T1-130 T1-103 T1-105 T1-107 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  14. 14. Office Tower 1_Level 2 T1-201 T1-202 T1-204 T1-206 T1-208 T1-209 T1-210 T1-211 T1-212 T1-213 T1-214 T1-215 T1-216 T1-217 T1-218 T1-219 T1-221 T1-223 T1-225 T1-227 T1-229 T1-231 T1-220 T1-222 T1-224 T1-226 T1-228 T1-230 T1-203 T1-205 T1-207 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  15. 15. Office Tower 1_Level 3 T1-301 T1-302 T1-304 T1-306 T1-308 T1-309 T1-310 T1-311 T1-312 T1-313 T1-314 T1-315 T1-316 T1-317 T1-318 T1-319 T1-321 T1-323 T1-325 T1-327 T1-329 T1-331 T1-320 T1-322 T1-324 T1-326 T1-328 T1-330 T1-303 T1-305 T1-307 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  16. 16. Office Tower 1_Level 4 T1-401 T1-402 T1-404 T1-406 T1-408 T1-409 T1-410 T1-411 T1-412 T1-413 T1-414 T1-415 T1-416 T1-417 T1-418 T1-419 T1-421 T1-423 T1-420 T1-422 T1-424 T1-403 T1-405 T1-407 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  17. 17. Office Tower 1_Level 5 T1-501 T1-502 T1-504 T1-506 T1-508 T1-509 T1-510 T1-511 T1-512 T1-513 T1-514 T1-515 T1-516 T1-517 T1-518 T1-519 T1-521 T1-523 T1-520 T1-522 T1-524 T1-503 T1-505 T1-507 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  18. 18. Office Tower 1_Level 6 T1-601 T1-602 T1-604 T1-606 T1-608 T1-609 T1-610 T1-611 T1-612 T1-613 T1-614 T1-615 T1-616 T1-617 T1-618 T1-619 T1-621 T1-623 T1-620 T1-622 T1-624 T1-603 T1-605 T1-607 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  19. 19. Office Tower 1_Level 7 T1-701 T1-702 T1-704 T1-706 T1-708 T1-709 T1-710 T1-711 T1-712 T1-713 T1-714 T1-715 T1-716 T1-717 T1-718 T1-719 T1-721 T1-723 T1-725 T1-727 T1-729 T1-731 T1-720 T1-722 T1-724 T1-726 T1-728 T1-730 T1-703 T1-705 T1-707 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  20. 20. Office Tower 1_Level 8 T1-801 T1-802 T1-804 T1-806 T1-808 T1-809 T1-810 T1-811 T1-812 T1-813 T1-814 T1-815 T1-816 T1-817 T1-818 T1-819 T1-821 T1-823 T1-825 T1-827 T1-829 T1-831 T1-820 T1-822 T1-824 T1-826 T1-828 T1-830 T1-803 T1-805 T1-807 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  21. 21. Office Tower 1_Level 9 T1-901 T1-902 T1-904 T1-906 T1-908 T1-909 T1-910 T1-911 T1-912 T1-913 T1-914 T1-915 T1-916 T1-917 T1-918 T1-919 T1-921 T1-923 T1-925 T1-927 T1-929 T1-931 T1-920 T1-922 T1-924 T1-926 T1-928 T1-930 T1-903 T1-905 T1-907 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  22. 22. Office Tower 1_Level 10 T1-1001 T1-1002 T1-1004 T1-1006 T1-1008 T1-1009 T1-1010 REFUGE T1-1013 T1-1014 T1-1015 T1-1016 T1-1017 T1-1018 T1-1019 T1-1021 T1-1023 T1-1025 T1-1027 T1-1029 T1-1031 T1-1020 T1-1022 T1-1024 T1-1026 T1-1028 T1-1030 T1-1003 T1-1005 T1-1007 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  23. 23. Office Tower 1_Level 11 T1-1101 T1-1102 T1-1104 T1-1106 T1-1108 T1-1109 T1-1110 T1-1113 T1-1114 T1-1115 T1-1116 T1-1117 T1-1118 T1-1119 T1-1121 T1-1123 T1-1125 T1-1127 T1-1129 T1-1131 T1-1120 T1-1122 T1-1124 T1-1126 T1-1128 T1-1130 T1-1103 T1-1105 T1-1107 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  24. 24. Office Tower 1_Level 12 T1-1201 T1-1202 T1-1204 T1-1206 T1-1208 T1-1209 T1-1210 T1-1213 T1-1214 T1-1215 T1-1216 T1-1217 T1-1218 T1-1219 T1-1221 T1-1223 T1-1225 T1-1227 T1-1229 T1-1231 T1-1220 T1-1222 T1-1224 T1-1226 T1-1228 T1-1230 T1-1203 T1-1205 T1-1207 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  25. 25. Office Tower 1_Level 13 T1-1301 T1-1302 T1-1304 T1-1306 T1-1308 T1-1309 T1-1310 T1-1311 T1-1312 T1-1313 T1-1314 T1-1315 T1-1316 T1-1317 T1-1318 T1-1319 T1-1321 T1-1323 T1-1325 T1-1327 T1-1329 T1-1331 T1-1320 T1-1322 T1-1324 T1-1326 T1-1328 T1-1330 T1-1303 T1-1305 T1-1307 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  26. 26. Office Tower 1_Level 14 T1-1401 T1-1402 T1-1404 T1-1406 T1-1408 T1-1409 T1-1410 T1-1411 T1-1412 T1-1413 T1-1414 T1-1415 T1-1416 T1-1417 T1-1418 T1-1419 T1-1421 T1-1423 T1-1425 T1-1427 T1-1429 T1-1431 T1-1420 T1-1422 T1-1424 T1-1426 T1-1428 T1-1430 T1-1403 T1-1405 T1-1407 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  27. 27. Office Tower 1_Level 15 T1-1501 T1-1502 T1-1504 T1-1506 T1-1508 T1-1509 T1-1510 T1-1511 T1-1512 T1-1513 T1-1514 T1-1515 T1-1516 T1-1517 T1-1518 T1-1519 T1-1521 T1-1523 T1-1525 T1-1527 T1-1529 T1-1531 T1-1520 T1-1522 T1-1524 T1-1526 T1-1528 T1-1530 T1-1503 T1-1505 T1-1507 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  28. 28. Office Tower 1_Level 16 T1-1601 T1-1602 T1-1604 T1-1606 T1-1608 T1-1609 T1-1610 T1-1611 T1-1612 T1-1613 T1-1614 T1-1615 T1-1616 T1-1617 T1-1618 T1-1619 T1-1621 T1-1623 T1-1620 T1-1622 T1-1624 T1-1603 T1-1605 T1-1607 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  29. 29. Office Tower 1_Level 17 T1-1701 T1-1702 T1-1704 T1-1706 T1-1708 T1-1709 T1-1710 T1-1711 T1-1712 T1-1713 T1-1714 T1-1715 T1-1716 T1-1717 T1-1718 T1-1719 T1-1721 T1-1723 T1-1720 T1-1722 T1-1724 T1-1703 T1-1705 T1-1707 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  30. 30. Office Tower 1_Level 18 T1-1801 T1-1802 T1-1804 T1-1806 T1-1808 T1-1809 T1-1810 T1-1811 T1-1812 T1-1813 T1-1814 T1-1815 T1-1816 T1-1817 T1-1818 T1-1819 T1-1821 T1-1823 T1-1820 T1-1822 T1-1824 T1-1803 T1-1805 T1-1807 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  31. 31. Office Tower 1_Level 19 T1-1901 T1-1902 T1-1904 T1-1906 T1-1908 T1-1909 T1-1910 T1-1911 T1-1912 T1-1913 T1-1914 T1-1915 T1-1916 T1-1917 T1-1918 T1-1919 T1-1921 T1-1923 T1-1925 T1-1927 T1-1929 T1-1931 T1-1920 T1-1922 T1-1924 T1-1926 T1-1928 T1-1930 T1-1903 T1-1905 T1-1907 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  32. 32. Office Tower 1_Level 20 T1-2001 T1-2002 T1-2004 T1-2006 T1-2008 T1-2009 T1-2010 T1-2011 T1-2012 T1-2013 T1-2014 T1-2015 T1-2016 T1-2017 T1-2018 T1-2019 T1-2021 T1-2023 T1-2025 T1-2027 T1-2029 T1-2031 T1-2020 T1-2022 T1-2024 T1-2026 T1-2028 T1-2030 T1-2003 T1-2005 T1-2007 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  33. 33. Office Tower 1_Level 21 T1-2101 T1-2102 T1-2104 T1-2106 T1-2108 T1-2109 T1-2110 T1-2111 T1-2112 T1-2113 T1-2114 T1-2115 T1-2116 T1-2117 T1-2118 T1-2119 T1-2121 T1-2123 T1-2125 T1-2127 T1-2129 T1-2131 T1-2120 T1-2122 T1-2124 T1-2126 T1-2128 T1-2130 T1-2103 T1-2105 T1-2107 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  34. 34. Office Tower 1_Level 22 T1-2201 T1-2202 T1-2204 T1-2206 T1-2208 T1-2209 T1-2210 T1-2213 T1-2214 T1-2215 T1-2216 T1-2217 T1-2218 T1-2219 T1-2221 T1-2223 T1-2225 T1-2227 T1-2229 T1-2231 T1-2220 T1-2222 T1-2224 T1-2226 T1-2228 T1-2230 T1-2203 T1-2205 T1-2207 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  35. 35. Office Tower 1_Level 23 T1-2301 T1-2302 T1-2304 T1-2306 T1-2308 T1-2309 T1-2310 T1-2313 T1-2314 T1-2315 T1-2316 T1-2317 T1-2318 T1-2319 T1-2321 T1-2323 T1-2325 T1-2327 T1-2329 T1-2331 T1-2320 T1-2322 T1-2324 T1-2326 T1-2328 T1-2330 T1-2303 T1-2305 T1-2307 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  36. 36. Office Tower 1_Level 24 T1-2401 T1-2402 T1-2404 T1-2406 T1-2408 T1-2409 T1-2410 T1-2413 T1-2414 T1-2415 T1-2416 T1-2417 T1-2418 T1-2419 T1-2421 T1-2423 T1-2425 T1-2427 T1-2429 T1-2431 T1-2420 T1-2422 T1-2424 T1-2426 T1-2428 T1-2430 T1-2403 T1-2405 T1-2407 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  37. 37. Office Tower 1_Level 25 T1-2501 T1-2502 T1-2504 T1-2506 T1-2508 T1-2509 T1-2510 T1-2511 T1-2512 T1-2513 T1-2514 T1-2515 T1-2516 T1-2517 T1-2518 T1-2519 T1-2521 T1-2523 T1-2525 T1-2527 T1-2529 T1-2531 T1-2520 T1-2522 T1-2524 T1-2526 T1-2528 T1-2530 T1-2503 T1-2505 T1-2507 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  38. 38. Office Tower 1_Level 26 T1-2601 T1-2602 T1-2604 T1-2606 T1-2608 T1-2609 T1-2610 T1-2611 T1-2612 T1-2613 T1-2614 T1-2615 T1-2616 T1-2617 T1-2618 T1-2619 T1-2621 T1-2623 T1-2625 T1-2627 T1-2629 T1-2631 T1-2620 T1-2622 T1-2624 T1-2626 T1-2628 T1-2630 T1-2603 T1-2605 T1-2607 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  39. 39. Office Tower 1_Level 27 T1-2701 T1-2702 T1-2704 T1-2706 T1-2708 T1-2709 T1-2710 T1-2711 T1-2712 T1-2713 T1-2714 T1-2715 T1-2716 T1-2717 T1-2718 T1-2719 T1-2721 T1-2723 T1-2725 T1-2727 T1-2729 T1-2731 T1-2720 T1-2722 T1-2724 T1-2726 T1-2728 T1-2730 T1-2703 T1-2705 T1-2707 Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  40. 40. Office Tower 1_Level 28 T1-2801 T1-2802 T1-2804 T1-2806 T1-2808 T1-2809 T1-2810 T1-2811 T1-2812 T1-2813 T1-2814 T1-2815 T1-2816 T1-2817 T1-2818 T1-2819 T1-2821 T1-2823 T1-2820 T1-2822 T1-2824 T1-2803 T1-2805 T1-2807 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  41. 41. Office Tower 1_Level 29 T1-2901 T1-2902 T1-2904 T1-2906 T1-2908 T1-2909 T1-2910 T1-2911 T1-2912 T1-2913 T1-2914 T1-2915 T1-2916 T1-2917 T1-2918 T1-2919 T1-2921 T1-2923 T1-2920 T1-2922 T1-2924 T1-2903 T1-2905 T1-2907 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  42. 42. Office Tower 1_Level 30 T1-3001 T1-3002 T1-3004 T1-3006 T1-3008 T1-3009 T1-3010 T1-3011 T1-3012 T1-3013 T1-3014 T1-3015 T1-3016 T1-3017 T1-3018 T1-3019 T1-3021 T1-3023 T1-3020 T1-3022 T1-3024 T1-3003 T1-3005 T1-3007 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  43. 43. Office Tower 1_Level 31 T1-3101 T1-3102 T1-3104 T1-3106 T1-3108 T1-3109 T1-3110 T1-3111 T1-3112 T1-3113 T1-3114 T1-3115 T1-3116 T1-3117 T1-3118 T1-3119 T1-3121 T1-3123 T1-3120 T1-3122 T1-3124 T1-3103 T1-3105 T1-3107 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  44. 44. Office Tower 1_Level 32 T1-3201 T1-3202 T1-3204 T1-3206 T1-3208 T1-3209 T1-3210 T1-3211 T1-3212 T1-3213 T1-3214 T1-3215 T1-3216 T1-3217 T1-3218 T1-3219 T1-3221 T1-3223 T1-3220 T1-3222 T1-3224 T1-3203 T1-3205 T1-3207 REFUGE Tower 1 KEY PLAN
  45. 45. Tower 2
  46. 46. Office Tower 2_Level 1 Tower 2 KEY PLAN T2-101 T2-102 T2-104 T2-106 T2-108 T2-109 T2-110 T2-111 T2-103 T2-105 T2-107 T2-112T2-113T2-114T2-115T2-116T2-117T2-118T2-119T2-121T2-123T2-125T2-127T2-129T2-131 T2-120T2-122T2-124T2-126T2-128T2-130
  47. 47. Office Tower 2_Level 2 T2-201 T2-202 T2-204 T2-206 T2-208 T2-209 T2-210 T2-211 T2-203 T2-205 T2-207 T2-212T2-213T2-214T2-215T2-216T2-217T2-218T2-219T2-221T2-223T2-225T2-227T2-229T2-231 T2-220T2-222T2-224T2-226T2-228T2-230 KEY PLAN Tower 2
  48. 48. Office Tower 2_Level 3 T2-301 T2-302 T2-304 T2-306 T2-308 T2-309 T2-310 T2-311 T2-303 T2-305 T2-307 T2-312T2-313T2-314T2-315T2-316T2-317T2-318T2-319T2-321T2-323T2-325T2-327T2-329T2-331 T2-320T2-322T2-324T2-326T2-328T2-330 KEY PLAN Tower 2
  49. 49. Office Tower 2_Level 4 KEY PLAN T2-401 T2-402 T2-404 T2-406 T2-408 T2-409 T2-410 T2-403 T2-405 T2-407 REFUGET2-413T2-414T2-415T2-416T2-417T2-418T2-419T2-421T2-423T2-425T2-427T2-429T2-431 T2-420T2-422T2-424T2-426T2-428T2-430 Tower 2
  50. 50. T2-501 T2-502 T2-504 T2-506 T2-508 T2-509 T2-510 T2-503 T2-505 T2-507 REFUGET2-513T2-514T2-515T2-516T2-517T2-518T2-519T2-521T2-523T2-525T2-527T2-529T2-531 T2-520T2-522T2-524T2-526T2-528T2-530 Office Tower 2_Level 5 KEY PLAN Tower 2
  51. 51. T2-601 T2-602 T2-604 T2-606 T2-608 T2-609 T2-610 T2-603 T2-605 T2-607 REFUGET2-613T2-614T2-615T2-616T2-617T2-618T2-619T2-621T2-623T2-625T2-627T2-629T2-631 T2-620T2-622T2-624T2-626T2-628T2-630 Office Tower 2_Level 6 KEY PLAN Tower 2
  52. 52. T2-701 T2-702 T2-704 T2-706 T2-708 T2-709 T2-710 T2-711 T2-703 T2-705 T2-707 T2-712T2-713T2-714T2-715T2-716T2-717T2-718T2-719T2-721T2-723T2-725T2-727T2-729T2-731 T2-720T2-722T2-724T2-726T2-728T2-730 Office Tower 2_Level 7 KEY PLAN Tower 2
  53. 53. T2-801 T2-802 T2-804 T2-806 T2-808 T2-809 T2-810 T2-811 T2-803 T2-805 T2-807 T2-812T2-813T2-814T2-815T2-816T2-817T2-818T2-819T2-821T2-823T2-825T2-827T2-829T2-831 T2-820T2-822T2-824T2-826T2-828T2-830 Office Tower 2_Level 8 KEY PLAN Tower 2
  54. 54. T2-901 T2-902 T2-904 T2-906 T2-908 T2-909 T2-910 T2-911 T2-903 T2-905 T2-907 T2-912T2-913T2-914T2-915T2-916T2-917T2-918T2-919T2-921T2-923T2-925T2-927T2-929T2-931 T2-920T2-922T2-924T2-926T2-928T2-930 Office Tower 2_Level 9 KEY PLAN Tower 2
  55. 55. T2-1001 T2-1002 T2-1004 T2-1006 T2-1008 T2-1009 T2-1010 T2-1011 T2-1003 T2-1005 T2-1007 T2-1012T2-1013T2-1014T2-1015T2-1016T2-1017T2-1018T2-1019T2-1021T2-1023 T2-1020T2-1022T2-1024 Office Tower 2_Level 10 KEY PLAN REFUGE Tower 2
  56. 56. Office Tower 2_Level 11 KEY PLAN T2-1101 T2-1102 T2-1104 T2-1106 T2-1108 T2-1109 T2-1110 T2-1111 T2-1103 T2-1105 T2-1107 T2-1112T2-1113T2-1114T2-1115T2-1116T2-1117T2-1118T2-1119T2-1121T2-1123 T2-1120T2-1122T2-1124 REFUGE Tower 2
  57. 57. Office Tower 2_Level 12 KEY PLAN T2-1201 T2-1202 T2-1204 T2-1206 T2-1208 T2-1209 T2-1210 T2-1211 T2-1203 T2-1205 T2-1207 T2-1212T2-1213T2-1214T2-1215T2-1216T2-1217T2-1218T2-1219T2-1221T2-1223 T2-1220T2-1222T2-1224 REFUGE Tower 2
  58. 58. Office Tower 2_Level 13 KEY PLAN T2-1301 T2-1302 T2-1304 T2-1306 T2-1308 T2-1309 T2-1310 T2-1311 T2-1303 T2-1305 T2-1307 T2-1312T2-1313T2-1314T2-1315T2-1316T2-1317T2-1318T2-1319T2-1321T2-1323T2-1325T2-1327T2-1329T2-1331 T2-1320T2-1322T2-1324T2-1326T2-1328T2-1330 Tower 2
  59. 59. Office Tower 2_Level 14 KEY PLAN T2-1401 T2-1402 T2-1404 T2-1406 T2-1408 T2-1409 T2-1410 T2-1411 T2-1403 T2-1405 T2-1407 T2-1412T2-1413T2-1414T2-1415T2-1416T2-1417T2-1418T2-1419T2-1421T2-1423T2-1425T2-1427T2-1429T2-1431 T2-1420T2-1422T2-1424T2-1426T2-1428T2-1430 Tower 2
  60. 60. T2-1501 T2-1502 T2-1504 T2-1506 T2-1508 T2-1509 T2-1510 T2-1511 T2-1503 T2-1505 T2-1507 T2-1512T2-1513T2-1514T2-1515T2-1516T2-1517T2-1518T2-1519T2-1521T2-1523T2-1525T2-1527T2-1529T2-1531 T2-1520T2-1522T2-1524T2-1526T2-1528T2-1530 Office Tower 2_Level 15 KEY PLAN Tower 2
  61. 61. T2-1601 T2-1602 T2-1604 T2-1606 T2-1608 T2-1609 T2-1610 T2-1603 T2-1605 T2-1607 REFUGET2-1613T2-1614T2-1615T2-1616T2-1617T2-1618T2-1619T2-1621T2-1623T2-1625T2-1627T2-1629T2-1631 T2-1620T2-1622T2-1624T2-1626T2-1628T2-1630 Office Tower 2_Level 16 KEY PLAN Tower 2
  62. 62. Office Tower 2_Level 17 KEY PLAN T2-1706 T2-1701 T2-1702 T2-1704 T2-1708 T2-1709 T2-1710 T2-1703 T2-1705 T2-1707 REFUGET2-1713T2-1714T2-1715T2-1716T2-1717T2-1718T2-1719T2-1721T2-1723T2-1725T2-1727T2-1729T2-1731 T2-1720T2-1722T2-1724T2-1726T2-1728T2-1730 Tower 2
  63. 63. Office Tower 2_Level 18 KEY PLAN T2-1801 T2-1802 T2-1804 T2-1808 T2-1809 T2-1810 T2-1803 T2-1805 T2-1807 REFUGET2-1813T2-1814T2-1815T2-1816T2-1817T2-1818T2-1819T2-1821T2-1823T2-1825T2-1827T2-1829T2-1831 T2-1820T2-1822T2-1824T2-1826T2-1828T2-1830 T2-1804 Tower 2
  64. 64. T2-1901 T2-1902 T2-1904 T2-1906 T2-1908 T2-1909 T2-1910 T2-1911 T2-1903 T2-1905 T2-1907 T2-1912T2-1913T2-1914T2-1915T2-1916T2-1917T2-1918T2-1919T2-1921T2-1923 T2-1920T2-1922T2-1924 REFUGE Office Tower 2_Level 19 KEY PLAN Tower 2
  65. 65. Office Tower 2_Level 20 KEY PLAN T2-2001 T2-2002 T2-2004 T2-2006 T2-2008 T2-2009 T2-2010 T2-2011 T2-2003 T2-2005 T2-2007 T2-2012T2-2013T2-2014T2-2015T2-2016T2-2017T2-2018T2-2019T2-2021T2-2023 T2-2020T2-2022T2-2024 REFUGE Tower 2
  66. 66. Office Tower 2_Level 21 KEY PLAN T2-2101 T2-2102 T2-2104 T2-2106 T2-2108 T2-2109 T2-2110 T2-2111 T2-2103 T2-2105 T2-2107 T2-2112T2-2113T2-2114T2-2115T2-2116T2-2117T2-2118T2-2119T2-2121T2-2123 T2-2120T2-2122T2-2124 REFUGE Tower 2
  67. 67. T2-2201 T2-2202 T2-2204 T2-2206 T2-2208 T2-2209 T2-2210 T2-2211 T2-2203 T2-2205 T2-2207 T2-2212T2-2213T2-2214T2-2215T2-2216T2-2217T2-2218T2-2219T2-2221T2-2223 T2-2220T2-2222T2-2224 REFUGE Office Tower 2_Level 22 KEY PLAN Tower 2
  68. 68. T2-2301 T2-2302 T2-2304 T2-2306 T2-2308 T2-2309 T2-2310 T2-2311 T2-2303 T2-2305 T2-2307 T2-2312T2-2313T2-2314T2-2315T2-2316T2-2317T2-2318T2-2319T2-2321T2-2323 T2-2320T2-2322T2-2324 REFUGE Office Tower 2_Level 23 KEY PLAN Tower 2
  69. 69. Tower 3
  70. 70. Office Tower 3_Level 1 T3-106 T3-108 T3-109 T3-110 T3-111 T3-107 T3-112 T3-113 T3-114 T3-115 T3-116 T3-117 T3-118 T3-119 T3-121 T3-123 T3-125 T3-127 T3-129 T3-131 T3-120 T3-122 T3-124 T3-126 T3-128 T3-130 T3-101 T3-102 T3-104 T3-103 T3-105 KEY PLAN TOWER 3
  71. 71. Office Tower 3_Level 2 T3-206 T3-208 T3-209 T3-210 T3-211 T3-207 T3-212 T3-213 T3-214 T3-215 T3-216 T3-217 T3-218 T3-219 T3-221 T3-223 T3-225 T3-227 T3-229 T3-231 T3-220 T3-222 T3-224 T3-226 T3-228 T3-230 T3-201 T3-202 T3-204 T3-203 T3-205 KEY PLAN TOWER 3
  72. 72. Office Tower 3_Level 3 T3-301 T3-302 T3-304 T3-306 T3-308 T3-309 T3-310 T3-311 T3-303 T3-305 T3-307 T3-312 T3-313 T3-314 T3-315 T3-316 T3-317 T3-318 T3-319 T3-321 T3-323 T3-325 T3-327 T3-329 T3-331 T3-320 T3-322 T3-324 T3-326 T3-328 T3-330 KEY PLAN TOWER 3
  73. 73. Office Tower 3_Level 4 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN T3-401 T3-402 T3-404 T3-406 T3-408 T3-409 T3-410 T3-411 T3-403 T3-405 T3-407 T3-412 T3-413 T3-414 T3-415 T3-416 T3-417 T3-418 T3-419 T3-421 T3-423 T3-420 T3-422 T3-424 REFUGE
  74. 74. Office Tower 3_Level 5 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN T3-501 T3-502 T3-504 T3-506 T3-508 T3-509 T3-510 T3-511 T3-503 T3-505 T3-507 T3-512 T3-513 T3-514 T3-515 T3-516 T3-517 T3-518 T3-519 T3-521 T3-523 T3-520 T3-522 T3-524 REFUGE
  75. 75. Office Tower 3_Level 6 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN T3-601 T3-602 T3-604 T3-606 T3-608 T3-609 T3-610 T3-611 T3-603 T3-605 T3-607 T3-612 T3-613 T3-614 T3-615 T3-616 T3-617 T3-618 T3-619 T3-621 T3-623 T3-620 T3-622 T3-624 REFUGE
  76. 76. Office Tower 3_Level 7 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN T3-706 T3-708 T3-709 T3-710 T3-711 T3-707 T3-712 T3-713 T3-714 T3-715 T3-716 T3-717 T3-718 T3-719 T3-721 T3-723 T3-725 T3-727 T3-729 T3-731 T3-720 T3-722 T3-724 T3-726 T3-728 T3-730 T3-701 T3-702 T3-704 T3-703 T3-705
  77. 77. Office Tower 3_Level 8 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN T3-806 T3-808 T3-809 T3-810 T3-811 T3-807 T3-812 T3-813 T3-814 T3-815 T3-816 T3-817 T3-818 T3-819 T3-821 T3-823 T3-825 T3-827 T3-829 T3-831 T3-820 T3-822 T3-824 T3-826 T3-828 T3-830 T3-801 T3-802 T3-804 T3-803 T3-805
  78. 78. Office Tower 3_Level 9 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN T3-906 T3-908 T3-909 T3-910 T3-911 T3-907 T3-912 T3-913 T3-914 T3-915 T3-916 T3-917 T3-918 T3-919 T3-921 T3-923 T3-925 T3-927 T3-929 T3-931 T3-920 T3-922 T3-924 T3-926 T3-928 T3-930 T3-901 T3-902 T3-904 T3-903 T3-905
  79. 79. Office Tower 3_Level 10 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN T3-1006 T3-1008 T3-1009 T3-1010 REFUGE T3-1007 T3-1013 T3-1014 T3-1015 T3-1016 T3-1017 T3-1018 T3-1019 T3-1021 T3-1023 T3-1025 T3-1027 T3-1029 T3-1031 T3-1020 T3-1022 T3-1024 T3-1026 T3-1028 T3-1030 T3-1001 T3-1002 T3-1004 T3-1003 T3-1005
  80. 80. Office Tower 3_Level 11 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN T3-1106 T3-1108 T3-1109 T3-1110 REFUGE T3-1107 T3-1113 T3-1114 T3-1115 T3-1116 T3-1117 T3-1118 T3-1119 T3-1121 T3-1123 T3-1125 T3-1127 T3-1129 T3-1131 T3-1120 T3-1122 T3-1124 T3-1126 T3-1128 T3-1130 T3-1101 T3-1102 T3-1104 T3-1103 T3-1105
  81. 81. Office Tower 3_Level 12 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN T3-1206 T3-1208 T3-1209 T3-1210 REFUGE T3-1207 T3-1213 T3-1214 T3-1215 T3-1216 T3-1217 T3-1218 T3-1219 T3-1221 T3-1223 T3-1225 T3-1227 T3-1229 T3-1231 T3-1220 T3-1222 T3-1224 T3-1226 T3-1228 T3-1230 T3-1201 T3-1202 T3-1204 T3-1203 T3-1205
  82. 82. Office Tower 3_Level 13 T3-1306 T3-1308 T3-1309 T3-1310 T3-1311 T3-1307 T3-1312 T3-1313 T3-1314 T3-1315 T3-1316 T3-1317 T3-1318 T3-1319 T3-1321 T3-1323 T3-1325 T3-1327 T3-1329 T3-1331 T3-1320 T3-1322 T3-1324 T3-1326 T3-1328 T3-1330 T3-1301 T3-1302 T3-1304 T3-1303 T3-1305 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN
  83. 83. Office Tower 3_Level 14 T3-1406 T3-1408 T3-1409 T3-1410 T3-1411 T3-1407 T3-1412 T3-1413 T3-1414 T3-1415 T3-1416 T3-1417 T3-1418 T3-1419 T3-1421 T3-1423 T3-1425 T3-1427 T3-1429 T3-1431 T3-1420 T3-1422 T3-1424 T3-1426 T3-1428 T3-1430 T3-1401 T3-1402 T3-1404 T3-1403 T3-1405 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN
  84. 84. Office Tower 3_Level 15 T3-1506 T3-1508 T3-1509 T3-1510 T3-1511 T3-1507 T3-1512 T3-1513 T3-1514 T3-1515 T3-1516 T3-1517 T3-1518 T3-1519 T3-1521 T3-1523 T3-1525 T3-1527 T3-1529 T3-1531 T3-1520 T3-1522 T3-1524 T3-1526 T3-1528 T3-1530 T3-1501 T3-1502 T3-1504 T3-1503 T3-1505 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN
  85. 85. Office Tower 3_Level 16 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN T3-1601 T3-1602 T3-1604 T3-1606 T3-1608 T3-1609 T3-1610 T3-1611 T3-1603 T3-1605 T3-1607 T3-1612 T3-1613 T3-1614 T3-1615 T3-1616 T3-1617 T3-1618 T3-1619 T3-1621 T3-1623 T3-1620 T3-1622 T3-1624 REFUGE
  86. 86. Office Tower 3_Level 17 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN T3-1701 T3-1702 T3-1704 T3-1706 T3-1708 T3-1709 T3-1710 T3-1711 T3-1703 T3-1705 T3-1707 T3-1712 T3-1713 T3-1714 T3-1715 T3-1716 T3-1717 T3-1718 T3-1719 T3-1721 T3-1723 T3-1720 T3-1722 T3-1724 REFUGE
  87. 87. Office Tower 3_Level 18 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN T3-1801 T3-1802 T3-1804 T3-1806 T3-1808 T3-1809 T3-1810 T3-1811 T3-1803 T3-1805 T3-1807 T3-1812 T3-1813 T3-1814 T3-1815 T3-1816 T3-1817 T3-1818 T3-1819 T3-1821 T3-1823 T3-1820 T3-1822 T3-1824 REFUGE
  88. 88. Office Tower 3_Level 19 T3-1906 T3-1908 T3-1909 T3-1910 T3-1911 T3-1907 T3-1912 T3-1913 T3-1914 T3-1915 T3-1916 T3-1917 T3-1918 T3-1919 T3-1921 T3-1923 T3-1925 T3-1927 T3-1929 T3-1931 T3-1920 T3-1922 T3-1924 T3-1926 T3-1928 T3-1930 T3-1901 T3-1902 T3-1904 T3-1903 T3-1905 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN
  89. 89. Office Tower 3_Level 20 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN T3-2006 T3-2008 T3-2009 T3-2010 T3-2011 T3-2007 T3-2012 T3-2013 T3-2014 T3-2015 T3-2016 T3-2017 T3-2018 T3-2019 T3-2021 T3-2023 T3-2025 T3-2027 T3-2029 T3-2031 T3-2020 T3-2022 T3-2024 T3-2026 T3-2028 T3-2030 T3-2001 T3-2002 T3-2004 T3-2003 T3-2005
  90. 90. Office Tower 3_Level 21 T3-2106 T3-2108 T3-2109 T3-2110 T3-2111 T3-2107 T3-2112 T3-2113 T3-2114 T3-2115 T3-2116 T3-2117 T3-2118 T3-2119 T3-2121 T3-2123 T3-2125 T3-2127 T3-2129 T3-2131 T3-2120 T3-2122 T3-2124 T3-2126 T3-2128 T3-2130 T3-2101 T3-2102 T3-2104 T3-2103 T3-2105 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN
  91. 91. Office Tower 3_Level 22 T3-2206 T3-2208 T3-2209 T3-2210 REFUGE T3-2207 T3-2213 T3-2214 T3-2215 T3-2216 T3-2217 T3-2218 T3-2219 T3-2221 T3-2223 T3-2225 T3-2227 T3-2229 T3-2231 T3-2220 T3-2222 T3-2224 T3-2226 T3-2228 T3-2230 T3-2201 T3-2202 T3-2204 T3-2203 T3-2205 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN
  92. 92. Office Tower 3_Level 23 T3-2306 T3-2308 T3-2309 T3-2310 REFUGE T3-2307 T3-2313 T3-2314 T3-2315 T3-2316 T3-2317 T3-2318 T3-2319 T3-2321 T3-2323 T3-2325 T3-2327 T3-2329 T3-2331 T3-2320 T3-2322 T3-2324 T3-2326 T3-2328 T3-2330 T3-2301 T3-2302 T3-2304 T3-2303 T3-2305 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN
  93. 93. Office Tower 3_Level 24 T3-2406 T3-2408 T3-2409 T3-2410 REFUGE T3-2407 T3-2413 T3-2414 T3-2415 T3-2416 T3-2417 T3-2418 T3-2419 T3-2421 T3-2423 T3-2425 T3-2427 T3-2429 T3-2431 T3-2420 T3-2422 T3-2424 T3-2426 T3-2428 T3-2430 T3-2401 T3-2402 T3-2404 T3-2403 T3-2405 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN
  94. 94. Office Tower 3_Level 25 T3-2501 T3-2502 T3-2504 T3-2506 T3-2508 T3-2509 T3-2510 T3-2511 T3-2503 T3-2505 T3-2507 T3-2512 T3-2513 T3-2514 T3-2515 T3-2525 T3-2517 T3-2518 T3-2519 T3-2521 T3-2523 T3-2520 T3-2522 T3-2524 REFUGE TOWER 3 KEY PLAN
  95. 95. Office Tower 3_Level 26 T3-2601 T3-2602 T3-2604 T3-2606 T3-2608 T3-2609 T3-2610 T3-2611 T3-2603 T3-2605 T3-2607 T3-2612 T3-2613 T3-2614 T3-2615 T3-2626 T3-2617 T3-2618 T3-2619 T3-2621 T3-2623 T3-2620 T3-2622 T3-2624 REFUGE TOWER 3 KEY PLAN
  96. 96. Office Tower 3_Level 27 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN T3-2701 T3-2702 T3-2704 T3-2706 T3-2708 T3-2709 T3-2710 T3-2711 T3-2703 T3-2705 T3-2707 T3-2712 T3-2713 T3-2714 T3-2715 T3-2727 T3-2717 T3-2718 T3-2719 T3-2721 T3-2723 T3-2720 T3-2722 T3-2724 REFUGE
  97. 97. Office Tower 3_Level 28 TOWER 3 KEY PLAN T3-2801 T3-2802 T3-2804 T3-2806 T3-2808 T3-2809 T3-2810 T3-2811 T3-2803 T3-2805 T3-2807 T3-2812 T3-2813 T3-2814 T3-2815 T3-2828 T3-2817 T3-2818 T3-2819 T3-2821 T3-2823 T3-2820 T3-2822 T3-2824 REFUGE
  98. 98. Tower 4
  99. 99. Office Tower 4_Level 1 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-111T4-112T4-113T4-114T4-115T4-116T4-117T4-118T4-119T4-121T4-123T4-125T4-127T4-129T4-131 T4-120T4-122T4-124T4-126T4-128T4-130 T4-101 T4-102 T4-104 T4-106 T4-108 T4-109 T4-110 T4-103 T4-105 T4-107
  100. 100. Office Tower 4_Level 2 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-211T4-212T4-213T4-214T4-215T4-216T4-217T4-218T4-219T4-221T4-223T4-225T4-227T4-229T4-231 T4-220T4-222T4-224T4-226T4-228T4-230 T4-201 T4-202 T4-204 T4-206 T4-208 T4-209 T4-210 T4-203 T4-205 T4-207
  101. 101. Office Tower 4_Level 3 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-311T4-312T4-313T4-314T4-315T4-316T4-317T4-318T4-319T4-321T4-323T4-325T4-327T4-329T4-331 T4-320T4-322T4-324T4-326T4-328T4-330 T4-301 T4-302 T4-304 T4-306 T4-308 T4-309 T4-310 T4-303 T4-305 T4-307
  102. 102. Office Tower 4_Level 4 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN REFUGET4-413T4-414T4-415T4-416T4-417T4-418T4-419T4-421T4-423T4-425T4-427T4-429T4-431 T4-420T4-422T4-424T4-426T4-428T4-430 T4-401 T4-402 T4-404 T4-406 T4-408 T4-409 T4-410 T4-403 T4-405 T4-407
  103. 103. Office Tower 4_Level 5 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN REFUGET4-513T4-514T4-515T4-516T4-517T4-518T4-519T4-521T4-523T4-525T4-527T4-529T4-531 T4-520T4-522T4-524T4-526T4-528T4-530 T4-501 T4-502 T4-504 T4-506 T4-508 T4-509 T4-510 T4-503 T4-505 T4-507
  104. 104. Office Tower 4_Level 6 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN REFUGET4-613T4-614T4-615T4-616T4-617T4-618T4-619T4-621T4-623T4-625T4-627T4-629T4-631 T4-620T4-622T4-624T4-626T4-628T4-630 T4-601 T4-602 T4-604 T4-606 T4-608 T4-609 T4-610 T4-603 T4-605 T4-607
  105. 105. Office Tower 4_Level 7 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-711T4-712T4-713T4-714T4-715T4-716T4-717T4-718T4-719T4-721T4-723T4-725T4-727T4-729T4-731 T4-720T4-722T4-724T4-726T4-728T4-730 T4-701 T4-702 T4-704 T4-706 T4-708 T4-709 T4-710 T4-703 T4-705 T4-707
  106. 106. Office Tower 4_Level 8 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-811T4-812T4-813T4-814T4-815T4-816T4-817T4-818T4-819T4-821T4-823T4-825T4-827T4-829T4-831 T4-820T4-822T4-824T4-826T4-828T4-830 T4-801 T4-802 T4-804 T4-806 T4-808 T4-809 T4-810 T4-803 T4-805 T4-807
  107. 107. Office Tower 4_Level 9 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-911T4-912T4-913T4-914T4-915T4-916T4-917T4-918T4-919T4-921T4-923T4-925T4-927T4-929T4-931 T4-920T4-922T4-924T4-926T4-928T4-930 T4-901 T4-902 T4-904 T4-906 T4-908 T4-909 T4-910 T4-903 T4-905 T4-907
  108. 108. Office Tower 4_Level 10 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-1011T4-1012T4-1013T4-1014T4-1015T4-1016T4-1017T4-1018T4-1019T4-1021T4-1023 REFUGE T4-1020T4-1022T4-1024 T4-1001 T4-1002 T4-1004 T4-1006 T4-1008 T4-1009 T4-1010 T4-1003 T4-1005 T4-1007
  109. 109. Office Tower 4_Level 11 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-1111T4-1112T4-1113T4-1114T4-1115T4-1116T4-1117T4-1118T4-1119T4-1121T4-1123 REFUGE T4-1120T4-1122T4-1124 T4-1101 T4-1102 T4-1104 T4-1106 T4-1108 T4-1109 T4-1110 T4-1103 T4-1105 T4-1107
  110. 110. Office Tower 4_Level 12 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-1211T4-1212T4-1213T4-1214T4-1215T4-1216T4-1217T4-1218T4-1219T4-1221T4-1223 REFUGE T4-1220T4-1222T4-1224 T4-1201 T4-1202 T4-1204 T4-1206 T4-1208 T4-1209 T4-1210 T4-1203 T4-1205 T4-1207
  111. 111. Office Tower 4_Level 13 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-1311T4-1312T4-1313T4-1314T4-1315T4-1316T4-1317T4-1318T4-1319T4-1321T4-1323T4-1325T4-1327T4-1329T4-1331 T4-1320T4-1322T4-1324T4-1326T4-1328T4-1330 T4-1301 T4-1302 T4-1304 T4-1306 T4-1308 T4-1309 T4-1310 T4-1303 T4-1305 T4-1307
  112. 112. Office Tower 4_Level 14 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-1411T4-1412T4-1413T4-1414T4-1415T4-1416T4-1417T4-1418T4-1419T4-1421T4-1423T4-1425T4-1427T4-1429T4-1431 T4-1420T4-1422T4-1424T4-1426T4-1428T4-1430 T4-1401 T4-1402 T4-1404 T4-1406 T4-1408 T4-1409 T4-1410 T4-1403 T4-1405 T4-1407
  113. 113. Office Tower 4_Level 15 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-1511T4-1512T4-1513T4-1514T4-1515T4-1516T4-1517T4-1518T4-1519T4-1521T4-1523T4-1525T4-1527T4-1529T4-1531 T4-1520T4-1522T4-1524T4-1526T4-1528T4-1530 T4-1501 T4-1502 T4-1504 T4-1506 T4-1508 T4-1509 T4-1510 T4-1503 T4-1505 T4-1507
  114. 114. Office Tower 4_Level 16 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN REFUGET4-1613T4-1614T4-1615T4-1616T4-1617T4-1618T4-1619T4-1621T4-1623T4-1625T4-1627T4-1629T4-1631 T4-1620T4-1622T4-1624T4-1626T4-1628T4-1630 T4-1601 T4-1602 T4-1604 T4-1606 T4-1608 T4-1609 T4-1610 T4-1603 T4-1605 T4-1607
  115. 115. Office Tower 4_Level 17 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN REFUGET4-1713T4-1714T4-1715T4-1716T4-1717T4-1718T4-1719T4-1721T4-1723T4-1725T4-1727T4-1729T4-1731 T4-1720T4-1722T4-1724T4-1726T4-1728T4-1730 T4-1701 T4-1702 T4-1704 T4-1706 T4-1708 T4-1709 T4-1710 T4-1703 T4-1705 T4-1707
  116. 116. Office Tower 4_Level 18 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN REFUGET4-1813T4-1814T4-1815T4-1816T4-1817T4-1818T4-1819T4-1821T4-1823T4-1825T4-1827T4-1829T4-1831 T4-1820T4-1822T4-1824T4-1826T4-1828T4-1830 T4-1801 T4-1802 T4-1804 T4-1806 T4-1808 T4-1809 T4-1810 T4-1803 T4-1805 T4-1807
  117. 117. Office Tower 4_Level 19 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-1911T4-1912T4-1913T4-1914T4-1915T4-1916T4-1917T4-1918T4-1919T4-1921T4-1923T4-1925T4-1927T4-1929T4-1931 T4-1920T4-1922T4-1924T4-1926T4-1928T4-1930 T4-1901 T4-1902 T4-1904 T4-1906 T4-1908 T4-1909 T4-1910 T4-1903 T4-1905 T4-1907
  118. 118. Office Tower 4_Level 20 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-2011T4-2012T4-2013T4-2014T4-2015T4-2016T4-2017T4-2018T4-2019T4-2021T4-2023T4-2025T4-2027T4-2029T4-2031 T4-2020T4-2022T4-2024T4-2026T4-2028T4-2030 T4-2001 T4-2002 T4-2004 T4-2006 T4-2008 T4-2009 T4-2010 T4-2003 T4-2005 T4-2007
  119. 119. Office Tower 4_Level 21 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-2111T4-2112T4-2113T4-2114T4-2115T4-2116T4-2117T4-2118T4-2119T4-2121T4-2123T4-2125T4-2127T4-2129T4-2131 T4-2120T4-2122T4-2124T4-2126T4-2128T4-2130 T4-2101 T4-2102 T4-2104 T4-2106 T4-2108 T4-2109 T4-2110 T4-2103 T4-2105 T4-2107
  120. 120. Office Tower 4_Level 22 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-2211T4-2212T4-2213T4-2214T4-2215T4-2216T4-2217T4-2218T4-2219T4-2221T4-2223 REFUGE T4-2220T4-2222T4-2224 T4-2201 T4-2202 T4-2204 T4-2206 T4-2208 T4-2209 T4-2210 T4-2203 T4-2205 T4-2207
  121. 121. Office Tower 4_Level 23 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-2311T4-2312T4-2313T4-2314T4-2315T4-2316T4-2317T4-2318T4-2319T4-2321T4-2323 REFUGE T4-2320T4-2322T4-2324 T4-2301 T4-2302 T4-2304 T4-2306 T4-2308 T4-2309 T4-2310 T4-2303 T4-2305 T4-2307
  122. 122. Office Tower 4_Level 24 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-2411T4-2412T4-2413T4-2414T4-2415T4-2416T4-2417T4-2418T4-2419T4-2421T4-2423 REFUGE T4-2420T4-2422T4-2424 T4-2401 T4-2402 T4-2404 T4-2406 T4-2408 T4-2409 T4-2410 T4-2403 T4-2405 T4-2407
  123. 123. Office Tower 4_Level 25 TOWER 4 KEY PLAN T4-2511T4-2512T4-2513T4-2514T4-2515T4-2516T4-2517T4-2518T4-2519T4-2521T4-2523 REFUGE T4-2520T4-2522T4-2524 T4-2501 T4-2502 T4-2504 T4-2506 T4-2508 T4-2509 T4-2510 T4-2503 T4-2505 T4-2507