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HeadSpace Efford09
HeadSpace Efford09
HeadSpace Efford09
HeadSpace Efford09
HeadSpace Efford09
HeadSpace Efford09
HeadSpace Efford09
HeadSpace Efford09
HeadSpace Efford09
HeadSpace Efford09
HeadSpace Efford09
HeadSpace Efford09
HeadSpace Efford09
HeadSpace Efford09
HeadSpace Efford09
HeadSpace Efford09
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HeadSpace Efford09


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Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Efford Plymouth
  • 2. What is HeadSpace?
    • HeadSpace is a place where you can read, listen, surf, talk, meet friends, enjoy a drink or a snack and generally chill, to your heart’s and head’s content.
    • One of 20 innovative pilot projects in libraries across England
  • 3. Opportunities for 11-19s:
    • Choose activities and projects
    • Host events
    • Create online content
    • Photograph events and activities
    • Choose books, consoles and games
    • Use technology
    • Organise and attend promotional events
    • Read and review books
    • Volunteer at HeadSpace
    • Use a wide range of library services
  • 4. What’s happening at HeadSpace?
    • Manga drawing workshops
    • Nintendo Wii tournaments
    • Blogging
    • Author visits:
    • Chris Higgins at the library, Darren Shan at Waterstones & Joanna Nadin at the University of Plymouth
    • Guitar hero tuition
    • HeadSpace got talent and X factor
    • Songwriting & beatboxing
    • Local projects:
    • Efford Library Mural design, Happy Valley Day
  • 5. HeadSpace: the movie
    • HeadSpace 11-14s made a promotional movie in 2008
    • The film was shown on the BBC Big Screen in Plymouth’s City Centre
  • 6. HeadSpace: the movie II
    • HeadSpace 15-18s group created a film entry for the Public Library Building Awards 2009 in partnership with the Youth Offending Prevention team
    • The library was entered under the category Innovation as the design was developed in response to the needs of HeadSpace and other user groups
  • 7. Online…
    • HeadSpace Efford launched their own blog following International Youth Day 2008
    • http://
    • 350 views to date
    • HeadSpace Efford also twitter – the application is embedded on the blog
    • HeadSpace Efford 15-19s have created their own Facebook group
  • 8.  
  • 9.  
  • 10.  
  • 11. Where did we start?
    • Summer 2006 consultations took place for National Lottery and The Reading Agency HeadSpace project funding bid
    • Created partnerships
    • Design consultations
    • Outreach with local youth groups
    • Stock buy at Waterstones
    • Choosing furniture
    • Planning the launch event
  • 12. Our aims
    • To increase the number of 11-19s visiting the library
    • To increase the library membership of 11-19s
    • To increase the number of 11-19s getting accreditation through volunteering at HeadSpace
  • 13. National HeadSpace targets
    • By 2010:
    • 205 young people engaged in HeadSpace activities (117)
    • 30 young people involved in designing and planning the HeadSpace site (40)
    • 2 young people undertaking work placements or securing employment with the library service or partners (2 planned work placements)
    • 35 young people have improved knowledge, understanding or skills (40)
    • 25 young people have improved awareness of their own feelings (36)
    • 30 young people experience personal development and social progress (33)
    • 140 young people discover opportunities for enjoyment, inspiration and creativity as a result of their involvement (36)
    Using HeadSpace Efford figures and records; The Reading Agency HeadSpace evaluation tools
  • 14. 18 months on…
    • Due to an expanding group size we divided HeadSpace into two age groups 11-14s and 15-19s
    • HeadSpace 11-14s providing volunteer support to local events
    • HeadSpace 15-19s entered a national competition on behalf of their library
    • HeadSpace continues to host innovative young people’s events at the library
  • 15. What the young people say…
    • “It’s fun!!!!!!”
    • “I have new friends”
    • “It stops me reading too much”
    • “I have new friends (the volunteers) Pete and Sam!!!”
    • “We have parties and we are allowed to make noise in the library”
    • Using National Youth Agency Participation tool “What’s Changed?”
  • 16.
    • Any questions?
    • Email:
    • [email_address]
    • or call 01752 306791