Summary the challenges of Social TV


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Introduce the trends on how to develop Social TV

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Summary the challenges of Social TV

  1. 1. Discussion:the Challenge of Social TV past -> present -> future TV Social Chen Jing Fung @ III 2011/10/20
  2. 2. The history - Social TV MIT Top 10 (2010): Social TV• Social TV – 2001 Aveiro, university in Europe: the prototype for friends connection while viewing TV (no sharing function) – 2004 Aclatel - AmigoTV for IPTV: user can invite friends and talk with them in the same show (pop up dialog to interfere other viewer’s emotion) – 2011 wikipedia: social television is a general term for technology that supports communication and interaction in the context of watching television, or related to TV content. It also includes the study of television-related social behavior.
  3. 3. Content selection, sharing, updating• The revolution of content • Close tie with content selection sharing and recommendation syncTV list EPG STB Web + TV Schedule for Web watching Search pattern Status update Real-time broadcasting service STB AT&T lab
  4. 4. Social TV - problems Domain QuestionDevice/network 1. What is the “device” & “network” in use? 2. Some solutions focus on Web in the TV environment. 3. “Mobile devices” & “secondary screen” are becoming popularModality 1. How are they directly communicating btw different users? • The options: text, audio, and videoPresence 1. How many users represented? • Options: traditional buddy lists, ambient solutions, and more extended buddy lists as other social networks (e.g. Facebook or Twitter-like)Synchronization While watching, does the social interaction run synchronously or asynchronously?Strength tie 1. What is the network reach of the shared activity? • Case 1: Close network usually includes friends or family • Case 2: Open network allows strangers talking with each other
  5. 5. Social TV – majorly interactive activities (1/4) Content selection Community Communication Status update & sharing building Activities Illustrations FeaturesContent 1. Can reference 1. Most of the content selection and streamingselection & for other solutions lack social features -> what’s good?sharing decisions on • social features have useful info. includes ratings, what to watch comments, recommendations 2. May send to • Insight from the social network can be used by friends his/her a viewer or a recommender system favorite 2. Content sharing i.e. the video or a link to it content for full • Sharing functionality directly: recommend by programs/edit Close tie their interesting parts of video (sync.) ed versions (means: fast edit & enrich the relative info.)Communication Direct 1. Direct communication btw its users(1) communication via • Voice chat (AmigoTV & Motorola’s Social TV) chat, audio, or • Text chat (CollaboraTV, 2BeOn, Joost) video with others • During TV show, only CollaboraTV included asynchronous communication (people can leave at specific moments) • Buddy list: users can easily see who is available for chatting. (if they are watching the same show or not)
  6. 6. Social TV – majorly interactive activities (2/4) Content selection Community Communication Status update & sharing building Activities Illustrations FeaturesCommunication “Water-cooler Effect” 2. Offer direct communication possibilities(2) • Limited to (smaller) group of family & friends 3. Social TV allows users (at different locations) to (re)create a social co-watching experience sync. • Joost: allow strangers to interact on a channel Non-sync. (Should let strangers ease to focus on the same topic) example • Sharing which program someone is watching sync. Physical room -> 4. Optimally support the communication Process Virtual TV chatting • Diff. level: emotions, text chat and voice chat zoneCommunity Commenting about a 1. Community building refers to the activity of sharingbuilding (1) TV program with a thoughts, comments, & impressions about TV show with a large community large community (also include with followers) • Game: e.g. NBA Real Time Fantasy (immersive activities) is provided by the TV channel or by individual followers of the show (activity: deciding the result of show) • Use of telephone calls • Specific web pages with Facebook & Twitter updates
  7. 7. Social TV – majorly interactive activities (3/4) Content selection Community Communication Status update & sharing building Activities Illustrations FeaturesCommunity 2. TV Chatter & starling TV run the community, wherebuilding (2) comments related to a TV show are gathered Feedback • Aggregation is from an external channel without to affect the effort on the show result of the • Comments of the viewers were used for show interactively affecting the storyline of a drama series Invite more • Ex: Debate show (Current TV’s ‘Hack the strangers -> Debate” novices 3. More devices: mobile phone and laptop • More convenient to use than a TV remote join controller Gather the • When large audiences of strangers see a TV avid fans program together, • Text model become a good approach (comments are synchronized with the show) • Time-shifting can let people add/read Avid fans comment whenever they want Non-sync. example
  8. 8. Social TV – majorly interactive activities (4/4) Content selection Community Communication Status update & sharing building Activities Illustrations FeaturesStatus update Making 1. Many applications offer the status sharing available to • “I’m watching Breaking News on CNN” others what 2. ‘checking in’ to that program you are • TV check-in: Miso & Tunerfish allow users to indicate watching the TV show • LBS: Foursqure & Gowalla provide location-based Avid fans application for check-in Friends -><- Followers • Incentive: check into more TV show and then (competition) earn badges badges • Status update: These applications offer users to write something in a shot (ex. Twitter-like) for sharing more info. • Sync? (mobile counterpart) status update on time • Mobile (text based): easy to change status + TV: sync. with connected TV widget mobile & TV (link to FB or twitter-like structure) • Asynchronous? create a sense of commonality • After communicating with short status updates => next day they will talk (post) more words which is based on the same show
  9. 9. What Future of Social TV (1/2)• Predict the future of social TV – Build on currently existing or emerging applications – Google TV brings web media content to TV & integrates social media applications as FB and Twitter – Look at trends in related areas (e.g. content creation, communication technology, & social network) • 3 different interesting directions: – Mash-up & connected TV – Other activities in the living room – New Social TV program formats
  10. 10. What Future of Social TV (2/2) • New Social TV program • Mash-up & connected TV formats (Ex. UGC) Web + TV • E.g. quiz shows or soap Search material opera broadcasting Social features … • Other activities in the living room Share yourlearning location Be a singingsporting camera dancing playing share Edit your show smule
  11. 11. Reference• P. Cesar and D. Geerts, "Past, Present, • CollaboraTV : Asynchronous Social and Future of Social TV: A Categorization," Television in Proceedings of the IEEE Consumer ex.php/Research/CollaboraTV Communications and Networking • Chris Harrison - Ph.D. Conference (IEEE CCNC 2011), Las Research Vegas (NV), USA, January 9-12, 2011, pp. x.php/Research/Welcome 347-351 • Social TV• J. Abreu, P. Almeida and V., forum "Branco2BeOn - Interactive television mod=viewthread&tid=216032 supporting interpersonal communication", • CollaboraTV: AT&T Labs (Youtube in proceedings of EGMM, 2001 video)• Coppens, L. Trappeniers, and M. Godon, I8lwz4wI 2004. “AmigoTV: Towards a social TV • AT&T Labs Research — Leading experience,” Proceedings of EuroITV 2004 Invention, Driving (Brighton, U.K.), accessed 14 February Innovation 2011 ects/CollaboraTV/index.html?fbid=rI5tj2Ey• MIT TOP 10 Social CE6 TV • Current TV’s "Hack the munications/25084/ Debate”• IMTC 2025 – Social Tv Keynote by Marie debate/89467100_hack-the-debate-sizzle- Jose Montpetit. excerpt.htm hp/2010/05/20/imtc-2025-social-tv-keynote/ • Joost• What’s So Social About TV • boxxee Anyway /05/26/whats-so-social-about-tv-anyway/ • Current TV• Social television • starling TV (wikipedia) • TV chatter al_television • Foursquare