Social Dating: A Practical Guide, by Funfundate


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"Social Dating: A Practical Guide" brought to you by Funfundate! Originally available only to our members, we decided to share our e-book publicly for free! This book includes everything you need to know about online dating, with a special focus on social dating. A social dating is a relatively new concept and we would love to share our knowledge about it. Hope you will enjoy our book!
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Social Dating: A Practical Guide, by Funfundate

  1. 1. Social DatingA Practical GuideImage Caption: FlickrFunfundate
  2. 2. What is Online AND Social Dating?.....….…3Gear Up! Dating Checklist………………..5Common Myths about Online Dating………….....9Your Profile: How to look amazing……….13 What’s your type? The process of finding dates online….17Appendix: Ideal Date Spots to Boost Romance…21TABLE OF CONTENTS:Author: Funfundate TeamFunfundate is a social matching game. We send our members two matcheseveryday and they pick who’s hotter! An easy, fun way to find a date.All copyrights reserved @funfundate, 2013
  3. 3. •  Online dating is the type of dating thatinvolves the process of finding and meetingcompatible matches online. •  Originated in the United States, online datingservices are now easily found in manycountries, including Canada, Australia, and UK. CHAPTER 1:What’s Online & Social Dating?// Page 3Image caption: Flickr
  4. 4. •  You can find a variety ofold and new datingservices, ranging fromtraditional online datingsites like to themodern social datingservices •  “Social dating” is arelatively new concept. It’ssocial networking (i.e.,Facebook, Twitter) meetsonline dating!•  Social dating more closelyresembles real life datingthan traditional onlinedating because it adds“social” components to it(i.e., inviting your friend toplay with you).What’s Online and Social Dating?// Page 4“Social dating” isa relatively newconcept. It’ssocialnetworkingmeets onlinedating.
  5. 5. CHAPTER 2:Gear Up! Dating Checklist// Page 5Starting social dating for the first time can beoverwhelming.But if you clearly understand and learn how tomake the best experience out of social dating inthis guide, you will be on the right path to findingthe perfect matches for you!Image caption: Flickr
  6. 6. IMAGE caption: flickrGear Up! Dating Checklist// Page 6•  First, you need to set thepurpose of using socialdating services. Do youwant to find someone tomeet for casual dates? Doyou hope to get marriedin a few years? Do youwant to pursue a long-term, serious relationship? •  It will be helpful topublicly share your goalon your profile or let yourmatches know so thatpeople who have the samegoal in mind will be morelikely to approach you.Compatibility matters!Checklist #1: What’s your ultimategoal of social dating?
  7. 7. Are you prepared toexchange messages withyour matches, visit thesite often to see wholikes you, and mostimportantly, ready tomeet your date in personlater? People in social datingsites are usually lookingfor a date, not a friend,so it is important thatyou are just as preparedas, if not more than, theother online daters.Gear Up! Dating Checklist// Page 7Checklist #2: Are you ready to date?Before tryingsocial datingsites, be mentallyready to date!
  8. 8. •  Some social dating services let you browse yourown matches, and others like Funfundate do allof the works for you and send you compatibledaily matches. (In the latter case, all you have todo is to pick which one is closer to your type!)•  Whichever type of social dating you prefer, youstill have to invest some time into finding andtalking to the matches of your type.“Social dating saves you alot of time. No moreawkward social eventsto attend!// Page 8Checklist #3: Do you have time to findyour dates?Gear Up! Dating Checklist
  9. 9. CHAPTER 3:Common Myths about OnlineDatingThere are some misconceptions when it comes toonline dating (social dating included). In thissection, we’d like to explore some popular mythsabout online dating with you and tell you thetruth!// Page 9Image caption: Flickr
  10. 10. •  These days, online dating is muchsafer than you think. Meeting arandom person at a bar mayactually be riskier. At least whenyou are online dating, you can trya phone call or a video call withyour dates to ensure safety. •  Tired of meeting scammers? Thesedays, online and social dating sitesimplement various ways ofhandling scammers, such asreporting them as abuse or kickingthem out. For example, Funfundateonly allows new members to signup via their Facebook account, inorder to ensure each member’sauthenticity (profile picture, age,and so on).Common Myths about Online Dating// Page 10Since 2006,about 17% ofmarriedcouples havemet by usingan onlinedating site.MYTH 1: Online dating is not safeData caption:
  11. 11. •  There are about 40 millionAmericans who use or haveused online dating services.That’s about 40% of the adultAmerican single population!•  These 40 million people can’tall be desperate. People havedifferent reasons why theychoose to give online dating atry. Some people may be toobusy to find a date offline.Others may want a broaderpool of matches because theylive in a small town.•  In case of social dating, a lot ofpeople try because they wantto have a more exciting,fulfilling life. No sign ofdesperation. It’s just fun to finda date!Common Myths about Online Dating// Page 11MYTH 2: Online dating is full ofdesperate people1 in 5 singlesin a committedrelationshipwith someonethey met viaonline dating.Data caption:
  12. 12. •  In online dating services,algorithms help people findcompatible matches invarious ways. Your profileinformation will help thecomputer find the bestmatches for you.•  Although computers may notbe a perfect humanmatchmaker, it has a greatdeal of accuracy if yourprofile information is correct.Common Myths about Online Dating// Page 12AlgorithmsMeet HumanMatchmakersMYTH 3: Algorithms are not asgood as human matchmakers
  13. 13. Your profile is one of the most important factorsthat determine your SUCCESS in social dating. Ifyou write a crappy, insincere profile page,people will think that you are not a desirabledate. Let’s take a look at how to fill out anamazing profile!CHAPTER 4:Your profile: how to look amazing// Page 13Image caption:
  14. 14. IMAGE caption: FLICKRYour profile: how to look amazing// Page 14•  It’s important to upload aclear, decent picture ofyourself on your profile. Agood picture goes a longway! •  Whether you are a femaleor male, the first thingyou will see on yourmatch’s profile is yourprofile picture, and it doesinfluence your opinionsabout your match!•  Yes, showing a goodpersonality is critical, butyour profile picture is animportant way for yourmatches to determinewhether you are theirtype!TIP #1: Upload your picture (a goodone!)
  15. 15. Be honest about your profile information! Be yourself, and restrain yourself from postingany fake photos or incorrect information aboutyourself. Honesty is beautiful!Your profile: how to look amazing“For all that is a lie willeventually be broughtinto the open.// Page 15TIP #2: Be honest. Never lie!
  16. 16. •  Yes, humility is a virtue,but it doesn’t workreally well when youare online dating, sincepeople do not know youor your background. •  It works far better toshow off your skills andstrengths online, ratherthan hiding them shyly.The more you revealyour strengths andamazingness, the morepeople will be attractedto you!Your profile: how to look amazing// Page 16Show off yourstrengthsconfidently!TIP #3: Boast your strengths!
  17. 17. Now that you are done with filling out yourprofile, you’re ready to bump into some hottiesonline!In this section, we will go through the processof finding and meeting a date online briefly. (It’smuch easier than offline dating!)CHAPTER 5:What’s your type? The 3-Stepprocess of finding a date online// Page 17Image caption:
  18. 18. •  Whether it’s their look, personality, or senseof humor that wins you over, if a personseems to be your type, approach the personfirst, or at least “show” that you areinterested. First come, first served!•  At Funfundate, we curate two compatiblematches for you daily, so you can just goahead and pick who’s closer to your type.So, everything is pretty much set up foryou already.What’s your type? The 3-Step process of finding a date online// Page 18Step 1: Select the person(s) youare interested in datingIMAGE caption: FLICKR
  19. 19. •  After you select your potential matches, you can startexchanging messages or chat with them in real time.This is a perfect chance for you to get to know yourmatches more, figuring out whether your match hassomething in common with you. •  Caveat: Responding too late to your match’s messagesmay delay the dating process, which decreases yourchance of success. So, if you like the person, respond asquickly as you can, and engage in a conversationactively so that you could go to the third step!// Page 19Step 2: Communicate with yourmatchesImage caption: Funfundate.comWhat’s your type? The 3-Step process of finding a date online
  20. 20. •  If you like your date, then exchange phonenumbers with him or her, and make a phonecall to get to know the person even better. •  If your date lives nearby, meet him or heroffline! Our tip for the first date is to meet yourdate at a nearby café to grab a coffee. If you don’tlike the person, you can just have a nice coffeechat and then leave. If you like the person, youcan set up another meeting later or on the sameday.“Tip for the first date:grab a coffee first!// Page 20Step 3: Phone call, then Meetoffline!What’s your type? The 3-Step process of finding a date online
  21. 21. Appendix:Ideal Date Spots to BoostRomance// Page 21In Step 3, we briefly recommended a coffee chat asan ideal first date plan. If you like your date, whatshould be on your next date agenda?Well, it depends, but in this section, we willrecommend you a few great second date ideas!Image caption: Flickr
  22. 22. Take a roller coaster ridetogether! Or, how aboutromantic merry-go-round at night? Dating atan amusement park willnever be boring andmakes you and your datelaugh, shout, and forgetabout work or schoolaltogether! Ideal Date Spots to Boost Romance// Page 221. Amusement ParkTIP: Why not share some fun memories about yourchildhood with your date?
  23. 23. Watching and touching cute animals, and taking awalk or tour around the zoo are perfect activitiesfor a couple to have fun and feel as if they areback to childhood!TIP: Dress naturally, and make sure to sit down atsome point and spend some time to share yourfavorite activities with your date!Ideal Date Spots to Boost Romance// Page 232. Fun at the Zoo
  24. 24. If you’ve volunteered before, why don’t you takeyour date to the same place and volunteertogether? By supporting a cause together, you canfeel closer to your date, check whether your datecares about others and not just him or herself,and give back to the community at the same time! Caveat: Ask your date in advance if he or she likesto volunteer. Some people prefer donating tovolunteering.Ideal Date Spots to Boost Romance// Page 243. VolunteeringImage caption: UNICEF
  25. 25. •  Why not going out to aromantic dinner? Or, ifyou are a good cook,you can prepare aromantic dinner andinvite your date to yourplace!•  Have some wine, talk,laugh, and get to knoweach other better. Bringout the real you. Aromantic light or musiccan make the moodeven better. Ideal Date Spots to Boost Romance// Page 254. Romantic DinnerTIP: Do not dominate the conversation all thetime; it can make your date feel bored andintimidated!
  26. 26. Congratulations! You learnedall the basics you need toknow about social dating. For more tips on onlinedating, stay attuned to ourFacebook page at you!JCopyrights reserved @funfundate, 2013