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Ian Lawrence - Skills Tech

  1. 1. SkillsTech Australia SkillsTech Australia SkillsTech Australia An Introduction _ Presenter Ian Lawrence – Director Business Development SkillsTech Australia
  2. 2. SkillsTech Australia SkillsTech Australia • SkillsTech Australia is a new kind of trade and technical training institute operating in Australia • Formed in 2006 as part of the Queensland Governments “Skills Plan” – STA is now the largest trade and technical training institute in Australia – delivering over 140 different courses within Australia and overseas • Involved setting up a whole new institute through the merger of trade and technical training faculties from 5 other metropolitan institutes.
  3. 3. SkillsTech Australia SkillsTech Australia Introduction • Has and annual turnover of $100m with over 21,000 students, 830 staff – currently operating from 6 campuses. • Has broad responsibilities to create new purpose built training centres and to reform current delivery programs and resources to better meet industry skills demand. • Has experience in all aspects of vocational education and training including design and development of programs and delivery and facility management
  4. 4. SkillsTech Australia STA Introduction • Broad consultancy experience – including transition programs for large enterprise clients and competency – enterprise job model mapping • Broad international delivery experience • Strong curriculum and enterprise specific training credentials • Leading innovator in trade and technical training delivery design • Electro-technology, Engineering, Construction, Automotive and some niche skill areas as required.
  5. 5. SkillsTech Australia STA Introduction • Notable successes of the STA experience; • Strong increase in industry partnerships and contracts - examples • Toyota • Santos • Hastings Deering • ExxonMobil • Queensland Rail • Leighton • Bechtel • Energex ….
  6. 6. SkillsTech Australia STA Introduction Continued • Successful implementation of an Adult Apprenticeship Training Program (NAP) • Foundation Programs • Simulated assessment • Recognition of Prior Learning • Student Centred Learning • Enterprise specific programs • Existing worker strategies • Resource industries partnerships – off shore delivery programs
  7. 7. SkillsTech Australia SkillsTech Role in PNG-LNG Project • Providing consultancy services to EoS JV and ExxonMobil to supply training services for the PNG – LNG Project since December 2008 • Designed and Delivered the PNG National Trainer Program at Dalby for 16 PNG National Trainers • Currently contracted to deliver training at for EPC 3 at POM CTF and DTC • Designed and developed all training programs for EPC 3 and EPC 4
  8. 8. SkillsTech Australia Why the Australian Training System? • Firstly Australian Training System is “Industry Led” and has been designed and authorised by industry for industry in every training package • It is extremely adaptable to Industry and Enterprise requirements and its systems design allow for training quality to be maintained. • It allows Industry and enterprise to value add, to build unique training outcomes and protect their value proposition by building on the base training program as a foundation. • Lifts productivity – major factor in Australia improving overall productivity over the last 20 years.
  9. 9. SkillsTech Australia Australian Training System • It is very efficient – focuses on the required skills/knowledge requirements for that specific unit and provides an adaptable learning pathway for student and enterprise. • Assessment – compared to other systems – Australian System utilises a lot of assessment events • This allows for a clear demonstration that there has been knowledge transfer – from theory – to practical exercises and then to the worksite • The work site validation allows for a variety of outcomes – such as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – development of on site assessment training programs and on site delivery programs
  10. 10. SkillsTech Australia Australian Training System • Australian Qualifications are recognised internationally • Training pathways and training plans have been modelled on existing work systems in operation within Enterprises. • Uses a “core” and “elective” stream and was designed as a building block system and allows for easy cross skilling programs. • Very valuable for existing worker programs • Can be mapped against other “standards based programs”
  11. 11. SkillsTech Australia Summary: • Australian standards based training system has been in operation for nearly 20 years. • Now has a endorsed training package for every trade and nearly every occupation operating in Australia • Most are supported with robust training materials • Highly adaptable training system – efficient, effective and will lift productivity and prepare both new entrants and existing workers • STA very experienced in developing industry partnerships and adapting training system to your enterprise requirements. Thank you