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  • 1. SyncEvolution Patrick Ohly
  • 2. Overview
    • SyncEvolution
      • The Plan: the road to world domination
      • The Past: 3 years and counting
      • The Future: at crossroads
    • Life as an external contributor:
      • Patch handling
  • 3. Master Plan
    • Replace proprietary protocols & data formats with open ones: SyncML, vCard 2.1/3.0, iCalendar 2.0
    • Local SyncML Clients
    • SyncML server for desktops
  • 4. The Past: Milestones; Contributions
    • 10/2005 scratching an itch: Evolution; ported Funambol C++ lib to Linux
    • 03/2006 first release 0.1; compatibility with other servers, automatic testing
    • 07/2007 Nokia Internet Tablets
    • 12/2007 Mac OS X & iPhone
    • 09/2008 release 0.8 with consistent command line & config handling, client framework complete (file sync)
  • 5. The Future: At Crossroads
    • Will other developers use SyncEvolution and contribute to it?
      • Yes, Debian packager (docs).
      • Not as part of Code Sniper program (KDE).
    • How do we get a SyncML server onto desktops?
      • Funambol server deployment complex, not written for desktops.
      • Local server can and should interact with user (assistance during merging).
  • 6. Maintaining Patches
    • Reasons for separate patches: no commit rights, code review
    • Tools:
    • copy + diff
    • patcher/quilt: maintain patch series
    • git/bzr/hg/monotone: distributed revision control systems
  • 7. Git Repository of Funambol CPP SDK Source Code
    • git clone git://github.com/pohly/funambol-cpp-client-api.git
    • Complete history since January 2006
    • Contains stable release branch used for SyncEvolution
    • Updated from Subversion regularly
    • Can track Subversion directly
  • 8. Using git
    • Commit to local branch: git add, git commit
    • Merge regularly with trunk: git pull
    • Clean up local patches: git rebase –-interactive origin/trunk
    • Publish patches: git format-patch origin/trunk, git send-email *.patch
  • 9. Conclusions
    • Try out SyncEvolution as basis for new clients: http://www.estamos.de/blog/2008/08/04/syncml-client-do-it-yourself-style/
    • Use git-svn to track Funambol source: http://www.estamos.de/blog/2008/11/20/tracking-funambol-c-client-library-with-git/
  • 10. The End