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The Funambol Code Sniper program rewards the efforts of the open source community to help build the open source mobile cloud. The updated Code Sniper program is designed to make participation simpler and wider, even for non-developers, and to provide long term incentives.

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Funambol Code Sniper V2

  1. 1. Funambol Code Sniper v2 Building the Open Mobile Cloud Stefano Maffulli, Funambol Community Manager
  2. 2. Code Sniper v2 ● Reward development efforts by the open source community to build the open mobile cloud ● Funambol provides SDKs for development of server connectors and clients, in Java or C++ ● Based on the SyncML open industry standard ● v2: blend best of both open source + Agile development
  3. 3. How Code Sniper v2 Works 1. Funambol keeps a list of desired software 2. Community creates backlog of feature requests (i.e. user stories) • Each user story written receives $10 3. Developers (community) evaluate user stories • The bounty for completing a user story is decided, up to $500 4. Community members (developers or other) complete the user stories • An action is completed once approved by community • QA and feedback cycles are worth $10 5. Once a story is completed, all members that participated share the bounty • Developers, testers and those that created the story 6. Each completed story becomes part of a new release • And the cycle can start over
  4. 4. Code Sniper Process v2 Writes Feature Requests and Bugs Backlog Estimates ($) Requests/Bugs Approves Action plan Start again Action plan Picks Community an Action Developers Code Writers Delivers Repository Testers the Item Community Tests Product Owner The Action Active New actors Completes the Action release share the Releases the bounties bounty
  5. 5. Getting Started • Step 1: Target a project to work on from the list of Code Sniper Projects or suggest a new one. See • Step 2: Contribute. If it is a new project, make an action plan. If it is an existing project, join it o Develop new code or test features or provide feedback o If you develop code, sign the Funambol Contributor Agreement to make sure that the project is legally safe and it can be distributed to the community upon completion. Copyright will be co-owned by you and Funambol • Step 3: Collect the bounty. After each release, the most active members will be rewarded by Funambol
  6. 6. For More Info ● Code Sniper Program home page ● ● ● Funambol Discussion Forum ● ● Keep in touch with Funambol ● ●