Oracle GoldenGate, Streams, and Data Integrator


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  • Oracle Data Intergrator Tutorial (Videos and Books)$14
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  • Statement of Direction:
  • (no longer available from the link)
  • SPARC M5000 32-cores, divided up to different Zones (need to be capped). Sybase on x86 w/ 4 dual-core CPUs (8 cores).
  • Oracle GoldenGate, Streams, and Data Integrator

    1. 1. Oracle GoldenGate, Streams, &Oracle Data Integrator<br />FumikoYamashita<br />Solution Architect<br />Safe Harbor Statement<br />The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making a purchasing decision. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.<br />
    2. 2. 2<br />Oracle Streams<br />Oracle GoldenGate<br /><ul><li>Requires API based stored DB packages
    3. 3. Works with Oracle Database
    4. 4. Few large references
    5. 5. Problem scaling in high-throughput environments
    6. 6. Out-of-the-box flexible solutions
    7. 7. Broad heterogeneous support
    8. 8. Excellent reference base
    9. 9. High performance in high transactional environment
    10. 10. Reliable architecture</li></ul>Comparing GoldenGate & Streams<br />GoldenGate is Oracle’s strategic replication solution<br />Streams continues to be a supported Oracle Database feature<br />GoldenGate’s Advantage:<br /><ul><li>Better ROI overall: GoldenGate is lower cost to implement and maintain
    11. 11. Enterprise-wide solution: GoldenGate easily expands to new use cases
    12. 12. Reliability, flexibility, high performance: GoldenGate surpasses other technologies</li></ul>Internal Only<br />
    13. 13. Comparing GoldenGate, Data Guard & StreamsGoldenGate: Upgrading or Migrating from Oracle Database 8i/9i to 10g/11g<br />3<br />3.1 GoldenGate’s Technology for Transactional Data Management<br />….<br />Aside from the differentiating ability of GoldenGate to handle heterogeneous database environments, readers familiar with Oracle data movement technologies may ruminate on the perceived resemblance between Oracle Streams and GoldenGate. This collation, however, is purely conceptual. The underlying architectures are significantly different. For example, Streams in Oracle 9i has problems scaling in high-throughput environments. In addition, it is limited in its support for data types (e.g. LONG) and for certain kernel functionality (e.g. log_parallelism). These issues are not present in GoldenGate’s platform.<br />….<br />6.6 Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Streams<br />The above two solutions do not support a rolling upgrade from 8i or 9i to 10g or 11g. <br />For 10g to 11g upgrades you can use a physical standby configuration but you have to use transient logical standby during the upgrade process. In addition, during the upgrade process the standby system will not be available for failover. Please note that there are some limitations with using logical standby particularly with data types.<br />GoldenGate_WhitePaper_Oracle8i9ito10g11g.pdf<br />
    14. 14. Oracle GoldenGate/ODI Use Cases & Demo CoverageEnterprise-wide Solution for Real Time Data Needs<br />Disaster Recovery, Data Protection<br />Standby<br />(Open & Active)<br />1<br />3<br />Zero Downtime Migration and Upgrades<br />Continuous Availability<br />(OGG)<br />Log Based, Real-Time Change Data Capture<br />Operational Reporting<br />Reporting<br />Database<br />OGG<br />ODI/ETL<br />EDW<br />ODS<br />2<br />ODI/ETL<br />Real-time OR/BI <br />(ODI/OGG)<br />Heterogeneous Source Systems<br />EDW<br />Real-time BI<br />Query Offloading<br />Data Distribution<br />Lower IT Cost<br />(OGG)<br />SOA Integration /Web Services (ODI/OGG)<br />OGG: Oracle GoldenGate ODS: Operational Data Store TCO: Total cost of ownership BI: Business Intelligence<br />ODI: Oracle Data Integrator EDW: Enterprise Data Warehouse ROI: Return of investment ETL: Extract-Transform-Load Tool<br />
    15. 15. 5<br />Oracle Real Time Data Integration<br />Oracle’s Unique Offering for Real Time Business Intelligence<br />2<br />1<br />ODI - ETL Tool<br /><ul><li>Periodic mini-batches
    16. 16. Transform in the Database
    17. 17. Never go back to sources</li></ul>Oracle GoldenGate<br /><ul><li>Real time CDC extracts from transactional systems
    18. 18. Non-invasive on sources
    19. 19. Continuous streaming load into ODS Schema of target
    20. 20. Latency in seconds
    21. 21. Maintains transactional integrity
    22. 22. Ensures data integrity and reliability</li></ul>EMP<br />EMP<br />DEPT<br />DIM<br />FACT<br />DIM<br />DIM<br />DIM<br />EMP<br />DEPT<br />DEPT<br />Source 1<br />ODI<br />Data Warehouse on Sybase<br /> On-Disk Logs<br />Oracle<br />GoldenGate<br />Source 2<br />Oracle<br />GoldenGate<br /> On-Disk Logs<br />ODS Schema<br />DW Schema<br />Operational Financial Billing System on Oracle DB<br />Benefit<br /><ul><li>Improves business insight
    23. 23. Combines intelligence on current business status with historical context
    24. 24. Eliminates load on source systems
    25. 25. Reduces latencies and batch windows</li></li></ul><li>Oracle Data Movement & Transformation Products per Solution<br />Any DB <br />Oracle <br />Hetero-geneous<br />Oracle<br />to Oracle<br />Any DB<br />6<br />
    26. 26. Oracle Data IntegratorBased on Technology Foundation from <br /> Data Movement and Transformation from Multiple Sources to Heterogeneous Targets<br />
    27. 27. Use Cases for Oracle Data Integrator<br />
    28. 28. Customer Data Quality<br />St. James BBQ & Pool Svc<br />John St. James III<br />42 Ridge St, #5<br />St. Louis<br />5551234<br />Saint James Barbequeand Pool Service<br />Jonathan St. James III<br />42 Ridge Street. NW, #5<br />St. Louis,MO 63119<br />314-555-1234<br />CLEANSE<br />Product Data Quality<br />WG IK 113 OHM .15W1%<br />RESWG ik 113OHM1/8W<br />1/8WATT IK @113O 1%ikwidg 113Ohm @.15-1<br />Widget ik – 113O<br />Max 113o 1/8w-1%RES<br />6 Matching Products, each record is identical:<br /> Product: Widget IK Power: .15 Watt<br /> Resistance: 113 Ohm<br /> Tolerance: 1%<br />CLEANSE<br />BENEFITS FOR THE BUSINESS USERS<br /><ul><li>Supply Chain - Accurate inventory data & improved collaboration with third-parties
    29. 29. Customers Service - Improved CS with complete and accurate CRM information
    30. 30. Marketing / Sales - Better understanding of customer behavior, Accurate insight into sales efficiency, New cross-selling opportunities enablement
    31. 31. Decision Makers - Take decisions on trustworthy data and accurate KPI, Discover new business opportunities</li></ul>Oracle Data Quality and ProfilingJoint Development with Trillium<br />DATA QUALITY PROVIDES<br /><ul><li>Profiling - Discover and assess data quality
    32. 32. Cleansing – Common Data Typos
    33. 33. Matching – Eliminate Duplicates
    34. 34. Parsing – Unstructured Tokens
    35. 35. Standardization – Common Formats </li></li></ul><li>Oracle Data Integrator Customers<br />Media<br />Services<br />Communications<br />Finance / Banking<br />Other<br />Energy/Industrial<br />Insurance / Health<br />Retail<br />