BEA WebLogic or Oracle iAS to Oracle WebLogic Server


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  • Reference:Global Price List 17-Sep-2009, page 14 > US Oracle Technology Commercial Price List
  • BEA WebLogic or Oracle iAS to Oracle WebLogic Server

    1. 1. Performance & Config Mgmt / Forms ModernizationReasons to move from BEA WebLogic Server/iAS to Oracle WebLogic ServerFumiko YamashitaSafe Harbor StatementThe following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into anycontract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making a purchasing decision. Thedevelopment, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.
    2. 2. BEA WebLogic Server AE/PE SupportBEA Products Oracle 10gR3 -Oracle 11gR1 -
    3. 3. Support Comparison Premier (5 yrs) Extended (3 yrs) Sustaining Cost (% of license fee): 22% +10% (year 6) Speak to +20% (year 7 & 8) Support• Major product and technology releases• Technical support• Access to Support Portal• Updates, fixes, security alerts, and critical patch updates Pre-existing• Tax, legal, and regulatory updates Pre-existing• Upgrade scripts Pre-existing• Certification with existing third-party products/versions• Certification with most new Oracle products• Certification with most new third-party products/versions Need to pay a lot more with Extended Support. Much reduced support level of Sustaining Support for the cost of Premier Support. At the end of the price list > US Oracle Technology Commercial Price List
    4. 4. iAS SupportForms & Reports, Portal,iAS SE One Last 10g >version(EBS stays with this version) WebLogic Server Basic 11g > • Premier Support Ends • Check if the customer is considering to upgrade the environment > Could be moving to new servers and an additional license • Check if the support has expired > If for multiple years, could be a license opp • LMS Compliance • License opp to fill the gap to prevent auditing penalties • Free Upgrade to WebLogic Server Basic 11g • Support will be valid till Jun 2014, but could be moving to new servers and an additional license
    5. 5. iAS & WL AE/PE/SE/EE/Suite Comparison Matrix Migration Path S: Available Standalone, Opt: Available as Option, *: Not quite equivalent Exp Exp Benefit AE PE iAS SE EE Suite Base PremWebLogic Server • Industry’s #1 Java EE application server O O * (SE/EE AS) O O OTopLink / ADF / • Advanced Java persistence architecture / End-to-end Java EE O SE/EE O O OJDeveloper framework that simplifies dev / Java EE and Web services IDEEnt Pack for Eclipse • Certified plug-ins for Eclipse O O OWebLogic Clustering HP • Advanced application server clustering for load balancing, HA O O O SE/EE O ODiag Pack for MW • Extensible, browser-based mgmt and monitoring environment S S O OCoherence EE HP • In-memory caching and data grid solution for AS S S O This is only for aMgt Pack for Coherence • Provides comprehensive tools to simplify the management of your S S OPM entire Oracle Coherence Cluster reference. I’m still in aWebLogic Real Time – • Industry’s fastest JVM, JRockit, enabled with deterministic garbage process to refine it to OJRockit HP collection. JRockit Mission Control is included make it more accurate.WebLogic Operations • Policy-based automation of AS and application grid management OControl PM (only for 10gR3 (10.3). Superseded by VAB after 11g)Forms & Reports/ • Long-established technology to design and build enterprise O EE ODiscoverer applications and reports quickly and efficientlyPortal ref • Oracle’s long-established integrated framework for portals O SE/EE OStandard Features and • WebLogic JDBC features, JSP, Servlets, RMI, Web server O O O O O O O OAPIs functionality, Web Services (XML, SOAP, and JAX-RPC)Advanced Features and • EJB, JMS, J2EE CA, WebLogic Workshop. Two-phase commit O O O O O OAPIs protocol for transactions, apps developed in WebLogic Workshop IDEVirtual Assembly • Creates and configure entire multi-tier application topologies and O OBuilder V provision them onto virtualized resources (only after 11gR1)JRockit Flight • Automatically collects diagnostics information and try to guess by O ORecorder ref PM looking at the fallout (only after 11gR1) AE: Advantage Edition SE: Standard Edition Suite: WebLogic SuiteVirtualizationEdition V PE: Premium Option • Runs enterprise EE: Enterprise Edition Java applications without the need for a guest OS. iAS: Internet Application Server Opt Improves performance and decreases complexity (only after 11gR1)Benefits: | BEA | Oracle |HP: High Performance PM: Performance Management V: Virtualization/Consolidation/Private Cloud AE: Advantage Edition PE: Premium Edition
    6. 6. Forms Versions & Upgrade Path How to upgrade ? Client-server to Web or Web to Web 1985 1990 1995 2000 2009 1.0 2.0 2.3 3.0 4.0 4.5 5.0 6.0 6i 9i 10g 11gPL/SQL no PL/SQL 1.1 2 8 9 9VersionCharactermodeGUImodeClient-ServerDeploymentWebDeployment
    7. 7. Forms Versions & Upgrade Path How to upgrade ? Client-server to Web or Web to Web 1985 1990 1995 2000 1.0 2.0 2.3 3.0 4.0 4.5 5.0 6.0 6i 9i 10g 11g Upgrade this way is easy !!! Forms 6i can read any .fmb (.inp) format from SQL*Forms 3.0 to Forms 6.0 Forms 11g can read Forms 6.0 / 6i .fmb files Upgrade this way (Client-server to web deployment ) is easy !!! may require some work (if specific features in use)Client-ServerDeploymentWebDeployment
    8. 8. Business Challenges• Version Upgrade/Hardware Refresh (Renewal) – Paying more just to stay on old versions > Upgrade and reduce the support cost > Additional licenses• Expired Support – No proper support provided when troubles happen > Spend many hours trying to resolve by themselves > better to obtain support, possibly new licenses instead of paying the unpaid support period• Compliancy Issues – Incompliance can cause expensive fines when audited > Additional licenses• Forms Modernization – Concerned with support ending Dec 2011, want to upgrade to the latest version 11g > WLSuite. If not convinced, Basic – Wondering how we can utilize the investment in Forms application when additional development is required. Forms & Reports customers wanting to develop additional modules in Java > iAS EE (12K) iAS EE customers wanting to integrate with other apps using SOA > WL Suite + SOA Suite to (10K +57.5K) iAS EE customers wanting to develop Java applications and integrate manually > WLSuite. If not convinced, then Basic – Have issues maintaining many client apps. Want to move from client/server apps to Web apps. Forms & Reports customers moving to Web > iAS EE (12K)• Performance Monitoring Difficulties & Performance Issues – Cost of losing revenue and business opportunities during the downtime or due to slow applications – Cost of troubleshooting by spending many hours of IT administrators• Configuration Management Difficulties – Time consuming and difficult to support many different platforms > Consolidate to WLSuite – Cost of losing revenue and business opportunities during the downtime caused by improper/inconsistent configurations – Cost of synchronizing development/test/production environments manually – Cost of migrating configurations from development to test, test to production environments manually• Virtualization/Consolidation/Application Grid/Private Cloud Computing – Too many apps servers with different platform. Hard to manage. No visibility to the health/service level of systems. – Too many servers not utilized.
    9. 9. Business Benefits• Version Upgrade/Hardware Refresh (Renewal) (on Extended/Sustaining Support? Will move to Extended/Sustaining Support soon?) – Reduce operating cost by upgrading the version and reducing the support fee – To WL Suite: Reduce operational cost by 50%. Reduce planned & unplanned downtime by at least 50%. Increase web application capacity by 4x on existing server investment. Innovate while reducing risk and complexity.• Expired Support – Ensure business continuity. Better SLA for business. Less cost to troubleshoot/upgrade/maintain by utilising Support• Compliancy Issues – Less risk of incompliancy fine. Better SLA for business. Less cost to troubleshoot/upgrade/maintain by utilising Support• Forms Modernization – Get the latest support with the latest version and get additional features (Diag Pk, mgmt features (Opn Ctl), and higher performance (JRockit, WL Real Time) by running critical apps on WLS 11g. – Easy to develop web applications using ADF/TopLink/JDeveloper. Developers don’t have to be expert Java programmers. – Enable web app integration and easy client maintenance by going from client/server to Web Forms or going SOA.• Performance Monitoring Difficulties & Performance Issues – Simplify and automate troubleshooting of any performance issues > Reduce operation cost and downtime – Superior performance and higher % to meet SLAs. Ensure business continuity. More business by higher availability. Higher end-user/customer satisfaction.• Configuration Management Difficulties – Reduce downtime and increase sales/availability by making the troubleshooting easier – Reduce system development/migration cost by automating the synchronization/maintenance of configuration• Virtualization/Consolidation/Application Grid/Private Cloud Computing – Utilise the hardware resource by virtualizing/consolidating – Manage consolidated infrasstructure from a single management portal
    10. 10. Questions to You• Version Upgrade/Hardware Refresh (Renewal) – Which version of WebLogic/iAS are you running now? > Check the support and recommend to upgrade and see if they are upgrading the infrastructures and servers. Do you have a plan to upgrade your HW this year?• Expired Support – Check the license report before calling. If licenses with expired support are found, check if the customers are still using the incompliant licenses. > Are you using these products now? Mission critical? 24 x 7? External app?• Compliancy Issues – Check the license report before calling. > How many WLS/iAS are you using? The spec of the servers? If compliancy issues are found, inform the customer and suggest proper licensing. When did you upgrade2. Uncovered Opportunities: your HW last time?• Forms Modernization – Are you running Forms apps? What are you planning to do with your Forms apps? Is it client-server app? – Is your Form app mission critical? 24 x 7? External app?• Performance Monitoring – How are you managing the performance of your system now? – What is the SLAs (service level agreements, hours till recover, etc.) for your systems? – How much are you meeting the SLAs (percentage? Average hours delay?)? How critical when no met? – 40% & Very Critical: High priority > Involve PSR immediately – 20% & Quite Critical: Medium priority > Inform PSR – 5% & Not Very Critical: Low priority > Keep track as leads• Configuration Management – How are you synchronizing the configurations between development, test, and production systems? – How are you comparing the differences of multiple environments? – How many manhours per week do you think you can save if we have a single portal to compare/synchronize configurations of multiple application servers? – 40 manhours per week: High priority > Involve PSR immediately – 20 manhours per week: Medium priority > Inform PSR Do you have a plan to consolidate or move – 5 manhours per week: Low priority > Keep track as leads to virtualization or Private Cloud?• Virtualization/Consolidation/Private Cloud Computing/Application Grid – How many kind of application servers are you running? How many of each kind? How are you managing them?