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Hacking Movable Type Open Source
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Hacking Movable Type Open Source


Published on

This talk was presented at YAPC::Asia 2008

This talk was presented at YAPC::Asia 2008

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. Hacking Movable Type Open Source Fumiaki Yoshimatsu Movable Type Engineering, Six Apart K.K.
  • 2. Agenda
    • Movable Type and Movable Type Open Source
    • Introduction to Movable Type
    • MT as an web application framework
  • 3. Movable Type Open Source and MT
    • “ The Movable Type Open Source Project is a community effort, led by Six Apart, devoted to creating an open source version of Movable Type.”
    • “ This open source version (or MTOS for short) will be free for anyone to modify, redistribute and use for any purpose that they choose.”
    • In short, there is no difference except you can redistribute under the license of GPL v2.
  • 4. Movable Type "Powerful publishing platform The perfect platform for building easy-to-maintain blog, web, and social media sites." "Movable Type はブログだけでなくウェブページやファイル管理も可能な、ウェブサイト全体を管理するコンテンツ管理システム (CMS) です。 "
  • 5. So, what is Movable Type, exactly?
    • Web Application Framework
      • Fully extensible, fully customizable, er, framework.
      • So heavy weight that you don’t really want to use it for “your application” however.
    "If there is a place you can't extend, it is a bug." Brad Choate Movable Type Engineering Manager, Six Apart Ltd.
  • 6. Extensibility
    • MT has been made better through community effort
      • Plugins are the key
    • Cool hacks encouraged, enabled and embraced
      • BigPAPI
      • Custom Fields
    • Inevitable to grow to become a “framework”
    MT is all about extensibility to help developers
  • 7. Extensibility
    • Inheritance ( as in OOP )
    • Callbacks
    • Application methods (modes)
    • MT Registry is the key
      • Giant hash of metadata
      • Plugins register themselves to extend MT
  • 8. MT::Object - Model
    • Inherit MT::Object to add new model
    • OR mapper support built-in
      • Runs on five different DBMS
      • DDL and DML support
    • “ object_types” registry key
  • 9. MTML – View, sort of
    • MT’s own markup language
      • Not really a markup language, but domain (MT) specific programming language
  • 10. MT::App – Dispatcher/Controller
    • based
    • Add application methods to existing app through registry
      • __mode to method
    • Inherit MT::App to create completely new app
      • Although not recommended
    • “ applications” registry key
  • 11. Summary
    • Movable Type is more than just a blogging software
    • You can easily extend and customize Movable Type to for your specific needs through Perl plugin
    • MTOS welcomes Perl developers – check it out from our Subversion branch now!
  • 12. List of resources
    • Subversion repository
    • Trac
    • Mailing lists
    • Feedback