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Opp Pres

  1. 1. l u F c r i C l m o H e l p s n I e t c e o i s n !
  2. 2. F u OPPORTUNITY l l C A BETTER TOMORROW i r c l e H WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO IMPROVE IN YOUR LIFE? o m e I n s p e c t i o n s PERSONAL? FINANCIAL? PROFESSIONAL? Spend More Time with Earn Extra Income Be Recognized for My Family Achievements Own My Own Home Take More Vacations / Free to Make My Own Pay Off Debt Experience the World Choices Create an Income for Improve Myself Feel Like I’m Doing Retirement Years Help Others Something That Matters Become Financially Protect Our Planet Be My Own Boss Independent Enjoy a Healthier Life Enjoy My Work
  3. 3. F u OPPORTUNITY l l C OUR COMPANY i r c l e H o A 50-YEAR HERITAGE OF SUCCESS m Products e Unconditionally Founded by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee in 1956 I n GUARANTEED! Sold over 500 million products s p e #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S.! c t i One of the first biodegradable nontoxic o cleaners – Basic-H® n s CLIMATE NEUTRAL™ First company in the world to be Climate Neutral™ certified to fully offset its C02 emissions, so as to leave no footprint on the earth. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners
  4. 4. F u OPPORTUNITY l l C AN UNLIMITED FUTURE i r c l e H o Entrepreneurial family with holdings in excess of $2 billion m Extensive business education (Harvard & Yale degrees) e and proven successes I n Invested $20 million researching industry before buying s p Shaklee in 2004 e c t “Shaklee has all of the upside of a start-up, plus a i o 50-year track record and an infrastructure of a n half-billion-dollar company.” s Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO SHAKLEE CORPORATION SINCE ROGER: New EXCLUSIVE Products INCREASED EARNINGS PROGRAMS INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION National MEDIA Exposure UPDATED PACKAGING EXCITEMENT and NEW GROWTH Comprehensive NEW TRAINING Programs INCREDIBLE TRIP INCENTIVES
  5. 5. F u PRODUCT l l C SHAKLEE PRODUCTS i r c l e H o HEALTHY HEALTHY m WEIGHT NUTRITION e Revolutionary Feel Better I CINCH™ n in 30 Days or Your s Money Back Inch Loss Plan! p e c t i o HEALTHY BEAUTY HEALTHY HOME n Natural-Based s Safe for you, PERSONAL your home, CARE & Beauty and your planet™ GET CLEAN™ Products LOYALTY THROUGH AIR AND WATER QUALITY! TREATMENT
  6. 6. F u l l C THE SHAKLEE DIFFERENCE i r c l e H o m BEST OF SCIENCE e Over 50 • $250 million invested in Research & Development I years • 90 published clinical studies n • 75 Shaklee scientists s of proven • 53 patents p • 50th Anniversary Landmark e success Study proves Shaklee c supplement users have t markedly better health. i o n s BEST OF NATURE PURITY AND QUALITY • Natural ingredients GUARANTEED • No artificial flavors • 83,000 annual quality control tests • No artificial sweeteners • Guaranteed potency – third-party • No hidden fillers verification of botanical ingredients • No hazards to humans when • Guaranteed purity – 358 contami- used as directed nant tests conducted by third-party • No ingredients that are labs on EACH new botanical harmful to the planet ingredient • No animal testing • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  7. 7. F u l l C WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? i r c l e H Be Part of a Great Growth Industry OPPORTUNITY o m Unlimited income e potential I n Time Freedom s Health & p Green Travel e Wellness c Independence t i o Leverage n s Make a Difference Home-based Nutrition Shaklee is a pioneer Business of four of the largest growth industries that are projected to Beauty grow by nearly $1 trillion dollars over the next 10 years.
  9. 9. F u BUILD YOUR BUSINESS BUILD YOUR l l C HOME-BASED BUSINESS i r c l e H NO Inventory o m NO Deliveries e I n NO Collections s p NO Customer Risk e c t i NO Employees o n s NO Employers NO Experience Needed Total Corporate & Personal Support YOU CAN BUILD A DYNAMIC BUSINESS BY SIMPLY SHARING YOUR SHAKLEE EXPERIENCE WITH OTHERS!
  10. 10. F u BUILD YOUR BUSINESS l l FOUR WAYS C i r TO GENERATE INCOME c l e H o m e 1. UP TO 50% Profit on Sale of Products I n s p e c UP TO $125 GOLD Ambassador Program t 2. i o Bonuses, UNLIMITED DEPTH! PER PROGRAM UNLIMITED DEPTH n s Personal and Group Bonus 3. UP TO 34% Commissions, UNLIMITED LEVELS! Leadership Bonuses 4. UP TO 7% up to FOUR GENERATIONS!
  11. 11. F u l l C GOLD AMBASSADOR PROGRAM i r c l e H o YOU m e I n PHASE 2 PHASE 1 PHASE 3 PHASE 4 s p $75 PER EA. PAK $50 PER EA. PAK $100 PER EA. PAK $125 PER EA. PAK YOU SELL YOU SELL YOU SELL YOU SELL e c t i o n s UP TO UP TO 3 PERSONAL UP TO 3 PERSONAL 3 PERSONAL $75 12 TOTAL 12 TOTAL $50 12 TOTAL+E.C. $25 You can earn bonuses up to $125 on each UNLIMITED DEPTH! GOLD Ambassador Mission PAK sold!!
  12. 12. F u l l C HOW YOU GET PAID i r c l e H “SHAKLEE-IZE” YOUR HOME! AND FIND OTHERS TO DO THE SAME o m e Receive up to 34% on all volume Key to Success: I from your entire personal group, n Develop as many unlimited levels, plus profit on YOU s Stars as you can! p sales of products e c t i o n 7% s Up to 6% Up to 5% Up to 4% RECEIVE UP TO 7% BONUSES ON UP TO 4 GENERATIONS OF LEADERS
  13. 13. F u BUILD YOUR BUSINESS l l C REAL PEOPLE MAKING REAL MONEY i r c l e H o m SHAKLEE STAIRWAY e $286,800 OF SUCCESS $111,600 I n s Figures based on 2006 Form 1099-MISC* MASTER $62,200 p KEY COORDINATOR e COORDINATOR c t EXECUTIVE $40,400 i o COORDINATOR n s $22,800 SENIOR $10,500 COORDINATOR COORDINATOR DIRECTOR Computer Programmer Marketing/ General Surgeon Teachers Dietician/ Advertising/ Sales Manager CEO Customer Assistant Nutritionist Promotions Lawyer $250 Million Service Hairstylist Accountant Manager (First 5 years) Company Telemarketer *Based on total 1099 compensation, the average annual income in 2006 for the Business Leader ranks ranged from $10,500 for Directors to $286,800 for Master Coordinators. (The GOLD Ambassador Program is a newly launched enhancement to the Shaklee Compensation Plan and GOLD bonuses are not included in the numbers above because there is no earnings history yet for this additional income opportunity.) Results will vary with effort. Shaklee Corporation does not guarantee that any particular income level will be achieved.
  14. 14. F u BUILD YOUR BUSINESS Real People. Real Success. l l C CREATING A FUTURE i r c AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE l e H o m e I n s p e c t Executive Key Coordinators Master Master i o Coordinators Daniel & Jennifer Coordinators Coordinators n Cathleen & Mark Glacken Herminia & Augusto Carol & Al s Pondell Medrano Hegerman “Though we have been quot;There is not another career “Our Shaklee business has “You never really retire in Shaklee users our entire we could have that would not only meant so much for Shaklee because you want lives, we decided to take give us the income and time our family, but we have to continue to build a group; advantage of the income but after 42 years in freedom we currently been able to help countless opportunity also. Shaklee is Shaklee and $21,000,000 enjoy. We want others to others live better lives and an amazing source of in income, I am making experience the gift of achieve their dreams.” secondary income.” income at the rate of Shaklee as we have.quot; $3,000 a day. It began with a $4 investment Shaklee is the greatest plan for income in retirement years!” $1,245,377 $65,800 $113,256 $205,051 Figures based on 2006 Form 1099-MISC
  15. 15. F u BUILD YOUR BUSINESS l l C GETTING STARTED IS EASY i r c l e H JOIN US TODAY! o m Sign an Application and e “Welcome to the team!” I n s EXPERIENCE THE PRODUCTS p e “SHAKLEE-IZE” your home c t Place your first order i o n s SCHEDULE A FIRST STEP TRAINING SESSION with your Sponsor or Upline WELCOME TO THE SHAKLEE FAMILY!
  16. 16. F u l l C BUSINESS INCENTIVES! i r c l e H o m Earn exciting e incentive trips, I n recognition, s p e AND MORE! c t i o n s
  17. 17. F u BUILD YOUR BUSINESS l l C BEST WAY TO GET STARTED i r c l e $500 Free Product! H Valu + Free Web Site! $299 o GOLD Ambassador Program !e m Everything you need to start, own, e and operate your business I n s INCLUDES EVERYTHING IN THE DISTRIBUTOR p WELCOME KIT, PLUS e c 15% discount of SRP on products t Free product with next order of 100 PV i o Select 1 of 5 Product Action Kits (PAKs) n Allows you to build a Global Organization s 3 months of your own Personal Web Site Paid on unlimited depth Healthy You, Healthy Home, Healthy PlanetTM GOLD Premiere Mission PAK Mission PAK Nutrition Therapy Skin Care Mission PAK GOLD CinchTM Mission PAK
  18. 18. F u BUILD YOUR BUSINESS OTHER OPTIONS l l C New Distributor and Member Packs i r c l e H o m e I n s p e c t i o n s Save Up to a $100 15% $39.95 $19.95 New Member Pack Value New Distributor Welcome Kit ! Enjoy products at a discount with the option of starting Basic tools needed to start your your own business. Shaklee business! 15% discount on SRP, plus other discounts and offers A success manual FREE access to MyShaklee.com The “Join Us” Opportunity presentation and DVD Informative health and product information Product and business tools
  19. 19. F u l l C i r c l e H o m e I n s p e c t i o “The best way to predict the n s future is to create it.” — DR. FORREST C. SHAKLEE
  20. 20. l u F c r i C l m o H e l p s n I e t c e o i s n !