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Presentation from our Fujitsu North America Technology Forum 2012, held in Santa Clara, CA on Jan. 25th 2012. Theme of the event was "From Sensor Networks to Human Networks: Turning Big Data into Actionable Wisdom"

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  • Story: Agri-cloud, food supply chain, intelligent societyThis is all about understanding how Fujitsu can help clients get a complete handle on the supply and demand sideof things, and working with them to influence demand and price-setting, all of which is enabled by cloud. We bring in Fujitsu IP and other offerings that make up the “agri-pack” (e.g., hog growers, meat packing, grocery packing, store scanners, etc.)There’s visibility to the entire chain.
  •  Employees are virtual and mobile now more than ever. Even if they work on a campus, they still move from building to building and city to city – some country to country. Being able to extend critical decision support systems, processes, workflows and core enterprise systems functionality to a myriad of devices is quickly becoming the go-to vehicle for improving and redefining productivity. What if we could provide the ability to review and approve critical items such as payroll, time and expenses, purchase orders for goods and services, stock levels for major stores and shipping routes and volumes for a region from virtually any mobile device, anywhere, anytime?What if we could provide this and more...in seconds…providing fast and efficient delivery of only the most pertinent information…giving people back precious time to spend growing their business. What if?
  • Fujitsu innovation historyR&D and innovations led to more than 94,000 patentsUS was #14 in 2010 with 1,296 patents (GE was #15)$2.8 billion in research and development in future technologiesFujitsu has never pulled back on this investment despite global economic challenges, challenges related to the Japanese tsunami, etc.Key message: Fujitsu has a long history of innovation…it’s part of our DNAInnovation CenterFAI desires to raise it’s profile as an innovative solution provider among its clients. It’s positioned itself as an innovation partner through Innovation Center to engage our clients and help them drive revenue Launched in Canada, the Fujitsu Innovation Center creates a forum for Fujitsu to engage with customers, partners, market thought leaders, and prospects … to help turn ideas into viable solutions to solve critical business issues … Innovation Days In conjunction with Fujitsu Labs, and FJ companies, these are focused activities targeted to prospects and clients, to explore opportunities to solve business issues built on Fujitsu thinking, technologies, capabilities … These sessions target topics where Fujitsu has demonstrated thought leadership and lend new or break through insights to the challenge …
  • What would it mean if we could make all of that happen?What would it look like?Open up for discussion:Ask individual participants what would it do for their business? Not sure you’ll be able to do this with the number of people attending…Segue into Fujitsu Americaoverview: Let’s get into what Fujitsu is doing to make these “what if’s” a reality.
  • Fujitsu Japan seeks to grow outside of Japan. To do so, they must provide more and focused strategic and operational alignment though the Global Business Group and provide :Common portfolioCommon practicesCommon goalsCommon outcomesInter-regional collaboration, learning, teaming, etcFujitsu America plays central role in the growth plans:It serves the largest IT marketPlenty of room for growth and to gain market shareWe are engaged with FJ Japan in a continuous review of IP and solutions for “goodness of fit” to deploy here (and other regions). Global reach. Local delivery.The net – global reach and excellence delivered with local intimacy and collaboration.Let’s take a look.
  • We are enjoying a heightened sense of collaboration across our business … the cross pollination of resources to contribute and make a positive difference on key strategic elements … We are also experiencing the shifts and changes, bumps and bruises of a complicated economic condition – more aggressive pricing considerations – Enterprises toeing the water – only to pull it back in at a later date – well into pursuit … And the ebb and flow of a multi billion $$ business – clients that love you – clients that don’t. Big wins and disappointing losses. FOCUS on cost management, focus on margin expansion …
  • Global FujitsuCutting-edge, high-performance products (servers, storage, PCs and notebooks, software, telecommunications, microelectronics)Solid, responsive services (consulting, applications, industry solutions, cloud computing)Fujitsu AmericaInnovative business and IT solutions that increase clients’ competitivenessResponsive to the new era of cloud computing , using the internet to provide resources, software and information any where, any time on any devicePutting the power in the hands of the business and usersSupported by datacenter in Texas, California, Ohio, Quebec and Trinidad
  • The Lifecycle of Innovation … begins at the core, built on our aim to “Shape tomorrow with our clients” … extends through our innovation and investments in IP …The lifecycle that encompasses this core could start with our efforts to “Engage” … Prototypes, R&D Roadmaps, Forums (like this one) and partnerships … that create conversations and enrich dialogues that help us frame and apply our thinking to and with our customers … This leads to direct delivery of value to our customers, through the solutions we enable, up and down the stack – hardware, software, services and the like …Which manifests itself in Fujitsu’s vision … Human centric – intelligent society … the way in which our solutions support this overall aim of betterment of people, betterment of the planet … Which in turn feeds our perspectives … and guides our thinking on where technology is heading , how it impacts the individual, business and society … which then engages the world and the cycle continues, all the while feeding and feeding off the core of our business …
  • Some examples of our innovation …. Some of which may be familiar to some of you …Gyohu - a solution that improves Cattle Farm/Diary Farm productivity – based on sensor technology that monitors the movement of cows, farmers can improve their ability to grow their herds and in the process improve dairy outputs at the same timeUsing Sensor technology and facial recognition tools, we’ve created an interactive solution to aid in recovery or care for the elderly – the bear can interpret different facial expressions, and then acts or respond in kind.With Boeing – we helped develop a solution – using RFID technology - to dramatically improve inspection processes --- the solution augments traditional visual inspections to aid in accuracy and timeliness … These examples reflect the aims to bring our Global IP, and apply in market …
  • According to Gartner’s view of Enterprise Mobility there will be a 30% growth of mobile deployments per year through 2012.This will lead to an explosion in terms of enterprise applications for all lines of business.That said, mobility and the consumerization of mobile devices today has become a veritable nightmare for IT organizations. Developers are going around CIOs and targeting department heads and business users to deploy, creating operational risks, poor governance, and the missed opportunity to leverage enterprise systems for greater efficiency and productivity.We are focusing on offering Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP):Applications can be built once and deployed to any device (value here is that many apps have to be developed repeatedly to suit different devices).They can be built very quickly (usually in 3-6 weeks).With this speed and repeatability, IT can keep up with business demands AND drive standards in security, data models, accessibility and industry and regulatory guidelines. And we can also manage and support all of these devices – and fix them – through a central command center.
  • Novus is a health and Nutritional Research company focusing on animal products. As part of their business, Novus manages the bidding and sale of methionine, an amino acid that aids in the health and well being of animals. The entire bid management process was handled by field salespeople through CRM, e-mail and Excel spreadsheets, which made the entire process very complicated, clumsy and slow. This led to lost revenue in many cases and poor use of Novus sales and support resources.Novus asked Fujitsu to help design and implement a Methionine Bid application using Sybase Unwired Platform, which could be hosted in the Fujitsu cloud. The application features Bidding history and Current Activity that can be used as a strategic advantage to “zero in” quickly on a competitive bid that meets the goals of the business unit and its customers. This informs decision making at all levels including availability, demand, price-setting, etc., generating invaluable information that drives a more efficient, profitable business.The entire project was completed in a period of two months and is currently being rolled out to the entire sales force. This project led Novus to go full throttle on their mobility vision, which generated a new Mobile Sales Implementation project for Fujitsu. As part of this project Fujitsu will deploy sales functionalities (leads, opportunities,etc.) on iPad, iPhone and a host of Android Devices.
  • Fujitsu America is thinking big: We want to break out of incrementalism and work to get to the next big thingWe’re focused on the greater good:Society over self: We’re thinking beyond ourselves and are focused on how we can create a better worldBig leaps over small steps: We want to take giant leaps instead of lots of small stepsWe’ve got the right elements:Comprehensive portfolio: We’ve got all the right pieces to create a myriad of quality solutions.Innovative spirit/R&D: we’re known for our innovations and have significant investments in research and developmentGlobal reach: We have an entire global network from which to pull IP, solutions and knowledgeJapanese culture and talented people: Japanese heritage includes a commitment to quality, genuine and long term relationships, and loyalty. This, coupled with our talented people locally who are well-connected with their global counterparts, make us a powerhouse team that can get things done.We’re connected:Relationship-driven: We’re in it for the long haul. We know our customers, their business and where they want to go.Expansive network (partners, clients, competitors): We’re looking to partner with as broad a network as possible – as big as it needs to be to make big things happen. Partners, clients and competitors welcome – whatever it takes to get greater minds at the table for greater investment.
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    1. 1. Fujitsu AmericaBuilding relationships for breakthrough resultsTony DoyePresident and CEOFujitsu America 1 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    2. 2. Whatif…? 2 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    3. 3. …we couldfeed theworld? 3 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    4. 4. …we could give people more time in every day?4 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    5. 5. …we knewwhere ourclients wantedto go beforethey did? 5 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    6. 6. …we couldtogetherchange theworld? We can.6 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    7. 7. Fujitsu America overview 7 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    8. 8. Fujitsu America Leadership Team Tony Doye President and CEO Business Units Corporate Functions Alex Attal Richard Deranleau Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer Enterprise Business Services Finance Joel O’Halloran Matt Goldman Executive Vice President Senior Vice President Information Technology Services and Retail Business Strategy Mervyn Eyre David Berry President Senior Vice President Fujitsu Caribbean and Central America Operations Bill King Tom Duffy Executive Vice President Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer Platform Products Group Legal Mark Vayda Ron Mitchell Executive Vice President Senior Vice President Sales Corporate Marketing André Pouliot Bipin Badani President Senior Vice President and CIO Fujitsu Canada Information Systems Solutions Rio Mori Andy Montrose Executive Vice President Senior Vice President Japanese Business Development Human Resources 8 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    9. 9. What we do Fujitsu delivers a balanced, end-to-end portfolio of information and communications technology offeringsGlobal Fujitsu… Fujitsu America…evolves a portfolio of products combines global resources,and services to meet present broad industry expertiseand future needs of customers and a portfolio of mature offerings with a Services commitment to local Business Application Managed responsiveness. Infrastructure Services Services Services Computing products Cloud Mobility Enabled Agility Vision Security Servers Storage POS Software Mobile Peripheral PCs Network Apps ePaaS Business Product Support Services Exchange eBPO ISV Services Application App- Solutions Data Data Center BYOPC Modern- ization lication Migration Enablement Center Service Services Virtual- Modernization Connect Cloud ization Systems Integration IaaS Managed End-User Application Industry Solutions Public Cloud Service Desk Management, Managed Services Private Cloud Mobility Services & Enterprise Mgmt Business and Technology Solutions Enterprise Systems: Servers, Storage, Mobility, Software 9 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    10. 10. How we do it: Our strategic pillars Grow Earn Increased market share Increased profitability Stand out Inspire Differentiated market position High performance culture 10 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    11. 11. SolutionCenter: Finding the right solutionWhy? Broad and diverse portfolio… need an easy way to explore Many unknown innovative solutions… need context based suggestions Centralized, single point-of-entry to information on key offerings Consistent look and feel of our current offeringsA company-wide commitment >120 documents: brochures, webinars, case studies, etc. Dynamic, interactive, contextual interface Giving you the tools… 1000s of man-hours of development, content, review and testing http://solutions.us.fujitsu.com/ …to find solutions 11 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    12. 12. What if we knew where our clients wanted togo before they did……by providing unique research, development and innovation when and where they needed it? 12 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    13. 13. Enhancing differentiation by innovatingTechnology Perspectives Engaging the world Shaping Fujitsu Societal Vision Tomorrow with you Delivering value to customers 13 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    14. 14. Fujitsu innovative technologiesFujitsu innovative technologies drive a human-centric, intelligent society and seek to improve the lives of people worldwide. 14 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    15. 15. “What if” in actionClient case studies 15 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    16. 16. What if we could feed the world……by delivering cloud-enabled, end-to-end supply chain management solutions? 16 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    17. 17. How big data improves agricultureFujitsu delivers greater efficiency, customer satisfaction and profitability across theentire food supply chain. Farmers, Feed Suppliers, etc. Accurate Prod. Planning: Accurate calc. of  Yield weight:  Overstock  Freight costs  Efficiencies  Reloading/Unloading Relevant Unit/Quantity- Suppliers Feedlots based planning:  Overstock Transport  Sell-off need Actual weight-based Service/Maintenance Invoicing & Payments:  Efficiency Authorities Inventory visibility in Parallel Quantities:  Out-of-stock situations  Re-measuring 3rd Party Warehouse Prod. Costing on Distributors dedicated valuation unit:  Accounting impact on Co-Packers manufacturing  Control & profitability info Consumers  Correction of books Communication of CPG shipped goods in Manufacturers Retailers parallel quantities including packing:  Customer Satisfaction  Re-weighing effort Actual weight-based billing: Industry Customers  Efficiencies  Customer disputes = lower costs  Customer satisfaction  Give-away = more profitability 17 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    18. 18. Cloud: Changing the farming landscape Challenge  Transfer of farming knowledge to subsequent generations  Standardization of work practices  Visualization of operating costs Solution  Data accumulation, analysis and scenario planning  Farming data is gathered automatically from sensors on farms, by manual input through smartphones, and activities captured through GPS Business benefits  Knowledge transfer  Production increase Existing trials in Japan have shown that cloud enables the easy transfer of veteran farmer’s know-how and provides more efficient farming practices, increasing production. 18 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    19. 19. Smithfield Foods: Case study Their business problem Industry:  Improve forecasting, planning, manufacturing, selling, Global Food Company shipping and utilization of resources  Improve product traceability  Improve inventory management Profile:  Greater flexibility for complex pricing and billing Headquartered in  Improve data access for strategic reporting as well as Smithfield, Virginia forecasting, budgeting and auditing The solution Sales:  Optimization of business processes using ERP solutions $11.7 Billion including: • Production planning, materials management, inventory management Ownership: • Order to cash, procure to pay, finance, controlling and profitability analysis Public  Business Intelligence (BI) analytics and reporting Results  Reduced product loss, improved supply chain product processes and accounting  Increased operational efficiencies leading to greater profitability  Faster response to market trends  Real time visibility to information (production costs, P&L to SKU and customer level, inventory position, etc.) 19 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    20. 20. What if we could give people more time inevery day……by delivering critical tasks directly to their devices? 20 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    21. 21. Enterprise mobility trendsCEO Employee VP DEVICE APPLICATIONS NETWORK (any and all) (ever increasing) (any connection to enterprise)Security Challenge: Anytime, Anywhere; Not by AnyoneApplication Platform Challenge: Single Platform to deploy ApplicationsVirtualization Challenge: Managing Mobile Devices and Apps through Cloud 21 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    22. 22. Novus: Enterprise Mobility case study Their business problem  Manual and lengthy bid process Industry:  Time delays due to lengthy approval process Health and Nutritional  No real time visibility of product bids for senior management Research  Lost revenue due to inability to respond to competitive bids The solution Profile:  Design, implementation and support of a smartphone (iPhone, Headquartered in iPad, Android) solution using SAP Sybase Mobile Enterprise St. Charles, Missouri Application ,which enabled : • Real-time bid management for field sales and operations Sales: • Bid administrative dashboard for senior management to help $1 Billion win/close sales efficiently and with greater customer satisfaction Ownership:  Mobile device management and security provisioning using Afaria hosted in Fujitsu’s cloud Private  Total solution delivered as a Mobile Managed Service Results  Reduced approval time from weeks to hours  Real time visibility of bids across multiple regions enabling operations to zero-in on the right bids.  Increased operational efficiencies leading to greater profitability  Faster response to market trends 22 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    23. 23. In summary We’re focused on the greater good:  Society over self Fujitsu  Big leaps over small steps America is We have the right elements:  Comprehensive portfolio thinking big.  Innovative spirit/R&D  Global reach  Strong corporate culture and talented people We’re connected:  Relationship-driven  Expansive, collaborative network (partners, clients and competitors) 23 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    24. 24. Your thoughts? Thank you! 24 Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.
    25. 25. 25 Copyright 2010 Fujitsu America, Inc.