High Performance Computing: Luxury, Vanity or Essential?


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David Smith's recent presentation about the relevance of High Performance Computing

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  • I’d like to take the opportunity in talking with you this morning… to tell you a little bit about where Fujitsu is today – and where we’re taking our company using the recent announcements on our K supercomputer solution.From our beginnings more than 75 years ago – we’ve grown to become a leading global ICT player, firmly focused on building enduring relationships with you, our customers and partners.. Today we are a team of more than 172,000 operating in 100 plus countries with annual revenues of over US$55 billion.  The Fujitsu portfolio is both broad and deep. We offer global end to end solutions, services and products underpinned by extensive research and development delivered from around the world, in particular Japan and here in Germany. As I have been travelling the world, meeting and listening to our customers it has become clear there is further opportunity for us to bring unique and innovative solutions to the global stage.2010 saw us launch our brand promise - Shaping Tomorrow With You. We recognize… to deliver on this promise…. we require that our people have customers at the very center of every decision we make. This is a promise that is written into our corporate DNA. And this was never more evident than in Japan earlier this year. When the catastrophic tsunami/earthquake struck, our engineers immediately mobilized and made their way en route to the devastated areas in northern Japan. This was before we asked them to do so – and indeed before our customers were able to react to make that request. Within 24 hours we had transferred our PC product production from Japan to here in Germany to ensure we could continue to service our customers around the world. Shaping Tomorrow With You is about putting our customers at the center of our actions and decisions. It’s also about working collaboratively to deliver business value.Behind this promise stands a dedicated Fujitsu team and more than 5000 partners around the world.
  • The world is facing difficult challenges hard to solve immediately, such as the environment, energy sustainability, and food issues. However, we need to promptly and properly solve these issues in order to bring about an ideal future for the Earth and its inhabitants.To enable continuous economic development, while solving these challenges, it will be essential to create innovations based on the wisdom in the world and leading-edge technologies.Supercomputers can compute tremendous amounts of information at ultra-high speeds to support the analyses and choices that will create such innovations. This will more quickly and objectively enable us to discover ways to deliver that future world, that as yet we have been unable to perceive.Fujitsu continues to work on realizing such an ideal world through supercomputer development and its applications; shaping tomorrow with you.
  • High Performance Computing: Luxury, Vanity or Essential?

    1. 1. High Performance ComputingLuxury, Vanity or Essential?David SmithGlobal Chief Innovation & Technology Officerdavid.smith@uk.fujitsu.com@SmithDavidMuk.fujitsu.com/blogs/cto © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Services Limited
    2. 2. Fujitsu the ICT company 1 © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Services Limited
    3. 3. What is driving change? Technology Society Lifestyle Borderless business 2 © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Services Limited
    4. 4. Technology - the old way Experts only Tailor-made Static, separate, inflexible Stateful 3 © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Services Limited
    5. 5. Technology - the new way Accessible to all Commoditised On-demand Stateless 4 © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Services Limited
    6. 6. Physical & Digital Worlds Colliding 5 © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Services Limited
    7. 7. Human Centric Intelligent Society 6 © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Services Limited
    8. 8. The K Supercomputer Linpack: 10.51 Petaflops Computing efficiency ratio: 93.2% 7 © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Services Limited
    9. 9. Potential Applications – option 2 Car safety testing & design Heart modelling Drug research & testing Disaster forecasting 8 © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Services Limited
    10. 10. Solutions we have deployed today 9 © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Services Limited
    11. 11. Enabling Human Centric Intelligent Society 10 © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Services Limited
    12. 12. High Performance Computing key after all! 11 © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Services Limited