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  • 1. Alfred Fuhr 07 August 1960 born in Giessen 1966 - 1970 Primary school 1970 - 1979 Secondary school May 1979 Abitur (A-Level) Goethe Schule Summer 1990 M.A. in Sociology, History, Psychology Work experience July 1999 Founded AvD Institute for Traffic Sociology Mission & Services: o sociological consultancy for the AvD mobility concept o collecting & evaluating data for studies on o traffic o technology o target group / customer behaviour o sociological services in all questions of mobility: o services for members – e.g. consumer research & protection o information agency for clients & partners, e.g. defining risk determination in the automobile society o investigating traffic culture in Germany – built on respect, communication & consideration over decades Since August 1998 PR Consultant at AvD Feb 1998 – July 1998 Probational period at AvD, Frankfurt Sept 1997 – Feb 1998 Public Relations Training Programme, daa, Marburg, Certificate: PR-Consultant
  • 2. Sept 1995 – Aug 1996 Sales, event manager & consultant for light & design 'Sphäre, Licht & Kunst' in Giessen Sept 1995 – Aug 1996 Self-employed consultant for EKS – Engpaß konzentrierte Strategie according to Wolfgang Mewes Oct 1994 – Aug 1995 Senior project manager at Giel, media agency July 1992 – Sept 994 Sales & acquisition at Giel, media agency, Frankfurt/ M, clients: Stern, Freundin, Bild am Sonntag, Focus, Der Spiegel June 1990 – June 1992 Partner in wife's enterprise, interior design, design and decoration for events & shop windows: administration, customer contacts etc. Oct 1989 – May 1990 Coordination, acquisition & author management for 'Arena', scientific magazine May 1988 – May 1990 Acquisition, distribution & editor for 'Giessener Magazin Express', newspaper July 1987 – July 1989 Traineeship as assistant to cinema director at 'Rex Kino Center', Wetzlar, Fa. Theile, Darmstadt: administration, advertisement & PR, technical processes, personnel responsibility Jan 1987 – Dec 1989 Founded & managed communal cinema – 'Kino4' July 1984 - Nov 1987 Public relations for 'Litfaßsäule', Wetzlar, magazine for umbrella organisation of youth associations & authorities Aug 1983 – Sept 1987 Teamer in a social youth project, trained young jobless people to gain money from recycling material Jan 1981 – July 1982 Social service (consciencious objector) – training as a paramedic in an ambulance service team 6 months work in a geriatric institution June 1979 – June 1980 Industry work at Wild-Leitz / Leica glass laboratory, development dptmt. – learned about industrial processes, experimented in the continuous improvement process of industrial glass fabrication with various chemical elements & substances, invention: improved the process to reduce the surflow and improve the glass quality 1976 - 1982 Newspaper boy - after 2 years started a successful publications distribution system in his village Experiences, leisure time activities, skills Aug 1982 – Aug 1983 Travelling across Europe – France, Spain, Berlin (West), and Germany (East & West), Occitania, took part in conferences, investigated artists' villages, alternative economy, work in social and political projects, self-administrated projects in press & publication sector
  • 3. Leisure time activities Painting, photography, young timers, relaxation methods, books Language skills English, French, Occitanian (basics) & Turkish (basics) Membership Berufsverband Deutscher Soziologinnen und Soziologen (German Sociologists’ Association) Since May 2001 Board of BDS PR consultant of BDS