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This interactive PPT game has 25 questions (perhaps one per student). Use it with the whole class to review art concepts. Level: 5th grade. …

This interactive PPT game has 25 questions (perhaps one per student). Use it with the whole class to review art concepts. Level: 5th grade.
Hint: there are no answers, the teacher must know them.

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  • 1. Exit Review Game50401020305040102030504010203050401020305040102030ElementsColor Misc. Styles Concepts
  • 2. Red, Yellow, and Blue are called…INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 3. The three secondary colors are…INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 4. Red mixed with blue makes…INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 5. Red mixed with yellow makes…INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 6. Name a complementary color set…INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 7. The way something feels when youtouch it is called…INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 8. The dominant element is this pieceof art is…INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 9. Did the artist use geometric ororganic shapes?INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 10. Does this show deep or shallow space?INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 11. INCORRECTCORRECTDoes this show deep or shallow space?
  • 12. Name one reason cultures make art.INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 13. Value refers to the _____ of a color.INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 14. A one-color painting is called…INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 15. A picture of a full body is called…INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 16. This picture is called a …INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 17. A sculpture is a piece of artworkthat is…INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 18. A picture of something you seeoutside is called a……INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 19. G___D___ is the use of images and text.INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 20. When lines converge to onevanishing point we call it…..INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 21. When there are two vanishing pointsit is called…..INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 22. When something is the same on bothsides it is called…INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 23. Where the sky and ground meet in alandscape is called the…INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 24. In a picture, objects close to you arein the…INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 25. What is the center of interest in thispiece of art?INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 26. The composition of a painting refers to its…INCORRECTCORRECT
  • 27. Instructions for Using this Game TemplateAll of the slides you will need for a twenty-five question review game are included in this PowerPoint template and all ofthe navigational hyperlinks that allow the user to move between the main game screen and the individual questionscreens are pre-defined as well. To make a customized game, do the following:1. While working in the “Normal” or “Slide” view, you may edit the main game slide and each of the slides that contain theindividual questions and answers. On the first slide, you may edit the names of the individual categories and the headingat the top of the screen. On each question slide, replace the sample question text placeholders with the specific questionyou wish to pose and type the proper answer in the corresponding answer box near the bottom of each slide.2. An open space has purposely been created below the “question” portion of each slide to allow for the insertion of a videoclip from the unitedstreaming™ video library or a digital image from the unitedstreaming™ Image Library. Rememberto save all such video and image files to your game project folder before you insert them into your slides—this will insurethat all resources will display properly when you play the game.3. It is recommended that you set video clips to play automatically when you insert them into the individual question/answerslides. Remember that during the game, you can click within the confines of the movie clip at any time to pause the clipand wait for a student response.4. In order to “reset” the game and restore the appearance of the main game slide, just close the file and re-open it again tobegin a new game.Marchessault2003