Dynamic Collaborations II


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This presentation was originally given at the NAEA 2011 conference in Seattle by three elementary art teachers with dynamic ideas for creating collaborations; Samantha Melvin, Theresa McGee, and Tricia Fuglestad.

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Dynamic Collaborations II

  1. 1. Click here to see animation
  2. 2. Why Collaborate?
  3. 3. Why Collaborate?
  4. 4. Why Collaborate?
  5. 5. Collaborations in the Art Room Click to view learning and sharing in the fine arts studio
  6. 6. Collaborations in the Art Room Click to view The Art Institute Research Project
  7. 7. Collaborations in the Art Room Click to view our 20 minute animation challenge
  8. 8. Collaborations on Campus Watch Video make students think about the bigger picture.
  9. 9. Collaborations on Campus Bowls for Maasai
  10. 10. Collaborations on Campus View the movie Movie-making to teach concepts
  11. 11. Collaborations in the Community Download movie to view
  12. 12. Collaborations in the Community See video
  13. 13. Collaborations in the Community Watch video
  14. 14. Collaborations Engage View movie Collaborating with art supplier, Staedtler and School Arts Magazine, product-testing Fimo Air Natural Clay
  15. 15. Collaborations Engage View Video ...parents with Facebook
  16. 16. Collaborations Engage View Video Group project on the interactive board
  17. 17. Collaborations Support Student Learning I respect myself I respect others I respect our world I am important I care I am a contributing member of R.J. RICHEY’s Community of Respect in the art room and out
  18. 18. Collaborations Support Student Learning Information provided to parents . . . Necessary Details for Inclusion: 1.Photo Documentation: posed, candid, or other creative photo at or near artwork or architecture. (Please make sure artwork, architecture, or museum is visible in photo) 2. Family Last Name 3.Artwork/Artist Name and/or Art Museum Name 4. Map Location (please include specific location.  Name of architectural building or art museum, cross streets, city, etc) Online video tutorial found at 5.(optional) Date of Visit (approximate) 6.(optional) Details of Visit http:/ /goo.gl/ttbDK
  19. 19. Collaborations Support Student Learning Shark Dog- a brilliant mistake view movie learn more
  20. 20. Collaborations Among Art Educators View movie show us what else we can do to help every learner
  21. 21. Collaborations Among Art Educators View here The Teaching Palette
  22. 22. Collaborations Among Art Educators View movie ...can make amazing things happen.
  23. 23. Tools for Collaborating View Tutorial Wallwisher.com and Stixy.com
  24. 24. Tools for Collaborating http://doodle.com/
  25. 25. Tools for Collaborating YouSendIt https://www.yousendit.com/ online file sharing iRubric http://www.rcampus.com/ "Use rubrics like never before." PhotoPeach http://photopeach.com/ slideshows to share, great quiz-maker! My Studiyo http://www.mystudiyo.com/ create a quiz! Animoto http://animoto.com Voicethread http://voicethread.com Google Docs http://docs.google.com http://arted20.ning.com http://naeaelementarydivision.ning.com/
  26. 26. Tools for Collaborating Join us on Twitter: @smelvin @theresamcgee @fuglefun