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  • 1. Journey of a Grain of Sand Im Samantha Sandstone, but I was Molly Marble. This is the story of the stages I went through to become sandstone. (believe me it took a while).
  • 2. Part 1:It all started on a stormy day. I was sitting on another rock minding my own buissness when the rain made me slip into a river.
  • 3. Part 2:Grinding against the river I got broken up into littlebits until I was only a centimeter wide! I tried to grabhold of the rivers ledge, but it was as slippery as abar of soap and I had to let go. I kept going down thesnaky river. Then I noticed I was a tiny grain of sand! Iwas sitting feeling sorry for myself when the riverdropped me into a delta.
  • 4. Part 3:I got whirled around like cotton candy getting twirled onto its stick. I got whooshed through meanders. Some times it was a smooth ride until I would hit a bumpy fragment where the river had dropped rocks that were to heavy.
  • 5. Part 4:I was beginning to enjoy this ride when all of the sudden the delta deposited me into the ocean.
  • 6. Part 5:I plopped into the oceans deep water until the forceful waves pushed me to shore. I got blown under a boulder with other sand for hundreds of years.
  • 7. Part 6:When I came out I was sandstone! I was renamed Samantha. That was the end of my journey of changing from marble to sandstone!