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Oracle Database Appliance is an engineered system that is geared towards Small and Medium businesses but has all the bells and whistles for enterprise deployments. This talk will focus on Oracle Database Appliance deployment as a consolidation platform as well as as a development platform for rapidly deploying databases. We will talk about the Deployment process , the patching process and the best practices built into The Oracle Database Appliance. We will also talk about the DBA's role for managing the ODA as well as security considerations

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  • Determine hardware placement zones. Submit a request to get network ip’sSubmit DNS and Firewall requests Work with datacenter team to determine rack space.Ensure cables and adapters are availableRead thru the ODA manualProvide datacenter team cabling specs Get the ODA connected to a KVM or access via Serial cable to ensure the hosts are powered on and ILOM is accessible.
  • Oracle Database Appliance RAC in a box Some Strings Attached

    1. 1. ORACLE DATABASE APPLIANCE RAC IN A BOX – SOME STRINGS ATTACHED Session ID#108 Fuad Arshad @fuadar #C13DEN #C13TCH #C13ODA Walgreens Company
    2. 2. Who am IMore than 15 years of Oracle Experiences Textiles, Currently Work For experience Telecom & Retail/Healthcare Walgreens in the Enterprise Sectors Shared Services Area Areas Of Interest : Backup & Recovery, High Availability, MAA, Performance tuning
    3. 3. The main conference Twitter hashtag is #C13DEN.#C13TCH is the general COLLABORATE hashtag for discussing technology content. IOUG’s Social Media Hub:
    4. 4. AgendaOverviewPre-deploymentDeploymentPatchingOne Button Database ApplianceODA X3-2
    5. 5. AgendaOverviewPre-deploymentDeploymentPatchingOne Button Database ApplianceODA X3-2
    6. 6. Overview• Entry Level Engineered System• 2 Node RAC with Storage included• V1 storage comes with triple mirrored as well as double mirrored options• Virtualization is an option
    7. 7. ODA Appliance – Original Model Power Bond 1 USB &Connector Bond 2 xbond0 SerMgt NetMgt Bond 0 Video Server Node 1 Server Node 0 Power Bond 1Connector xbond0 SerMgt NetMgt Bond 0 Bond 2 USB & Video
    8. 8. AgendaOverviewPre-deploymentDeploymentPatchingOne Button Database ApplianceODA X3-2
    9. 9. Pre-deploymentEnvironmental and Electricalguidelines check Rack Space 4U for install in Data center Network Design Role Separation and Management
    10. 10. Needed information Your InformationSystem Name: ie. sales TSODA1Database Deployment Type: RAC, RAC One or RACStandaloneInternal or External Backup via NFS device ExternalRoot Passwords: default for nodes is welcome1 Leave the default for nowDomain Name: Server(s): min 1 Dns.example.comNTP Server(s): optional but recommended Ntp.example.comNode 1 Name: ie. sales1 Tsoda11Node 1 Public IP AddressNode 1 VIP Name: ie. sales1-vip Tsoda11-vipNode 1 Public Virtual IP AddressNode 2 Name: ie. sales2 Tsoda12Node 2 Public IP AddressNode 2 VIP Name: ie. sales2-vip Tsoda12-vipNode 2 Public Virtual IP AddressSCAN Name: sales-scan Tsoda1-scanSCAN IP Addresses: min 2Netmask:Gateway IP:ILOM Names: ie. sales1-ilom Tsoda11-ilomILOM IP Address:ILOM Names: ie. sales2-ilom Tsoda12-ilomILOM IP Address:ILOM Passwords: default is changeme Leave the default for nowILOM Gateway:ILOM Netmask:Database Name: TsodadbDatabase class: very small, small, medium, large, very Smalllarge(optional) Proxy Server Name: for Auto ServiceRequestMetalink Login Information: User ID/Pwd
    11. 11. AgendaOverviewPre-deploymentDeploymentPatchingOne Button Database ApplianceODA X3-2
    12. 12. Deployment Each physical server has a Server node as well as an ILOMPre-deployment Work Hardware as well as Software Decisions need to be made before the deployment
    13. 13. Integrated Lights Out Management Can use any terminal emulator that support serial connection (Putty works well also) Configuration can be Can be accessed done via the oakcli remotely if you have a deployment process or KVM or locally via a for faster access ILOM serial connector can be preconfigured with a public IP Integrated Lights Out Set /SP/network can be Management used to set network IP’s (ILOM) – starting point for deployment NOTE: Remember 2 ILOM’s!
    14. 14. Deployment After a remote session Servers can be The Remote Control is established, theaccessed via each ILOM Tab can open a remote hosts will need to be using the web or ssh session into the server IP’ed using oakcli command set It is important to ensure that software Patch or Bare metal Allow for VNC server installed meets Prior to Deploy setup requirements Execute deployment process
    15. 15. Deployment Process Create a database Install the Install andCreate OS Create the 3 and setup Database & configure users Diskgroups ACFS GI Software ASR filesystem if selected Deployment takes approximately 40mins-60mins
    16. 16. AgendaOverviewPre-deploymentDeploymentPatchingOne Button Database ApplianceODA X3-2
    17. 17. Patching ODA 2.4.0 ODA 2.5.0 ODA 2.2.0 ODA 2.3.0ODA ODA Introduced Prerequisite of Normal redundancy Virtualization as an Base Release and ODA 2.2 option for new option provides means to deployment of Added ASR ILOM upgrade from DATA and Multiple Database External ASR option configuration RECO(existing Homes now deployments supported require ILOM/BIOS and Upgraded the redeployment) Firmware fixes kernel to UEK 5.8 and Trace File analyzer supported in a patches a Odachk introduced multi home critical disk flaw to do a health check environment Grid Infrastructure of the ODA and Database patching is rolling Oakcli command set upgradable. enhanced to create databases and database homes
    18. 18. Patching Infrastructure GridInfrastructure Database Patches come in an all inclusive bundle
    19. 19. Patching Integrated Lights Out Management (ILOM)/ BIOS Oracle Storage Appliance Kit Firmware (OAK) Infrastructure Patches Include HardwareOS Management Pack (HMP) Intelligent Automatic Protocol Service Management Request Interface (ASR) (IPMI)
    20. 20. PatchingCan add new functionalityCannot/does not change existing state• not convert a disk group from HIGH to normal redundancy• Not change from non virtual to virtual• allow for database upgrade but as an independent option
    21. 21. AgendaOverviewPre-deploymentDeploymentPatchingOne Button Database ApplianceODA X3-2
    22. 22. One Button Deployment Has GUI as well as aSimple Deployment text based options to utility to deploy a be able to deploy aDatabase Appliance system An Offline Configuration utility to allow for faster deployment
    23. 23. One Button Deployment • Allows for validation of the system. Validate • Hardware, Software as well as Storage • Allows for collections of Diagnostic diagnostic information as Collection well package them up for Oracle Support Database • Allows for creation as well asOne Button Deployment deletion of database and database homes # oakcli create database -db testdb -version – will create a database and a new database home #oakcli create database -db testdb –oh OraDb11203_home2 – will create a new database in an existing dbhome.
    24. 24. AgendaOverviewPre-deploymentDeploymentPatchingOne Button Database ApplianceODA X3-2
    25. 25. ODA Appliance – Virtualization (Version 2.5)
    26. 26. ODA Appliance – New Model
    27. 27. ODA Old Vs New Resource ODA - V1 ODA – X3-2 Cores 24 32 (& 50% faster) Memory 192G (96G per 512G (256G per server) server) Storage 3 – 6T 6 – 9T IOPS 4K 7K SSD (redo logs 292G 800G only) Storage expansion N/A 6 – 9T and another 7K IOPS 35
    28. 28. Summary• Oracle Database Appliance Provides a simple way to Deploy a 2 node RAC Cluster• Pre-deployment steps are important to ensure a successful deployment• Patching of a Database Appliance is simple and integrated• Database Appliance comes with a lot of diagnostic tools built in• ODA 2.5 Introduces Virtualization• ODA X3-2 next generation of Database Appliance
    29. 29. RAC SIG Events #C13RAC• Oracle Database Appliance Customer Panel - 154 Tues, April 9, 2013 10:45 am - 11:45 am. Mile High Ballroom 4F• RAC SIG Birds of a Feather – 200 Wed, April 10, 2013 11:00 am - 12:00 pm. Mile High Ballroom 4F• RAC Attack Hands on lab Mon April 8, 9:45 am - 12:45pm and 2:30pm - 5:30pm Tues April 9, 10:45am - 1:45 pm
    30. 30. Contact Information @fuadar
    31. 31. Please be part of this presentation text #C13ODA on twitter Timo Elliott Timo Elliott from ^
    32. 32. THANK YOUFuad Arshad – @fuadar