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Presentation china town Presentation china town Presentation Transcript

  • Fumiya Shigematsu
    Morgan Ashley
    China Town
  • To know the relationship between China and Thailand
    Interesting place to visit
    Significance of china town
    Why we chose this topic?
  • Located on Yaowarat Road in Samphanthawang district.
    Largest in the world.
    Main centre for trading.
    Gold shops and Pawn shops are popular.
    About China Town
  • Set up by Chinese traders during the Rattanakosin period (about 1700’s).
    King Rama I decided to establish capital.
    During King Rama V’s rein, Samphanthawang Road was divided in to many roads.
    Path of Yaowarat Road – dragon’s curvy body
    History of China Town
  • China Town’s Main Street
    Selling mostly inexpensive household items.
    Infamous for gang fighting and murder.
    Sampaeng Lane
  • Temple of Golden Buddha.
    Example of Sukhothai style.
    King Rama III moved it to Bangkok.
    Discovered by accident in 1955.
    It was covered with plaster.
  • Bangkok’s most important and largest Chinese-Buddhist temple.
    Built in 1871.
    Chinese new years and the vegetarian festival.
  • Oldest shrine in Thailand.
    It was built in 1658.
    Chinese architectural style.
    LengBuaiIa Shrine
  • Why did you choose this job?
    “I like this job because I have always enjoyed things about jewelry.”
    How do you feel about this job?
    “I feel that this is a good job for me”
    What do you do basically?
    “I sell jewelry to the customers.”
  • Any techniques to make the customers buy things?
    “I put the jewelry out on display so that people can see it.”
    Do you get enough money to live?
    “I make enough to get by.”
    Do you think the working hours are fine?
    “yes, I believe that they are fine”
    What do you think about the customers?
    “It depends on if I like them or not.”
  • Fumiya - From this cultural adventure, I felt the Thai culture is very deep and interesting especially the China town. This was my first time to go to China town and it affected me a lot by the way the China town was and the shops, things that were sold, and the decoration of China town. From now I would like go there with my family or friends to show the beauty of China Town.
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