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NewsMeade CFC exceeds goal, raises more than $500,000By Brandon Bieltz                                   ly watched the ca...
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SoundOff (Jan. 12, 2012)
SoundOff (Jan. 12, 2012)
SoundOff (Jan. 12, 2012)
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SoundOff (Jan. 12, 2012)


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SoundOff (Jan. 12, 2012)

  1. 1. Soundoff!vol. 64 no. 2 OVEr ThE TOP ´ Published in the interest of the Fort Meade community January 12, 2012 Meade’s CombinedFederal Campaign exceedsexpectations by $100,000 Weld page 3 Made SCIENTIFIC Unique classes Meade High School enhance skills science fair motivates students’ imaginations at Auto Center page 10 leonard Wilson UPCOMING EVENTS sharpens his skills with an arc welder TOday, 11:30 a.M.-1 P.M.: during a weldingMartin Luther King Jr. Observance - course at the McGill Training Center Automotive Skills Center held Sunday afternoon. Students FrIday-MONday: of the Basic WeldingKimbrough Ambulatory Care Center 101 Course acquired new skills through CLOSED hands-on practice and classroom WEdNESday, 10 a.M.: instruction. TheKACC Protected Health Information Automotive Skills Center offers severalTown Hall - McGill Training Center “do-it-yourself” courses throughout JaN. 19, 6-9 P.M.: the year including car maintenance and Karaoke Night - The Lanes air conditioning and heating systems. JaN. 27, 5-9 P.M.: For a schedule of classes, see Page 9.Mongolian Barbecue - Club Meade photo by phil grout
  2. 2. Commander’s Column Soundoff! Editorial Staff Garrison Commander Guaranteed circulation: 11,285 ´ Be cool, support your schools Col. Edward C. rothstein After (more than) a few years away, I went back to award recognizes Garrison Command school last month. the school’s efforts Sgt. Maj. Charles E. Smith No, not to Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania, in helping students Public affairs officer where I earned my degree in special education, but right be healthy and fit. Chad t. Jones here on Fort Meade, where we have some of the most Manor View outstanding schools you’ll find anywhere. Elementary and I Chief, Command information I had the honor of being led on my trip by Dr. Kevin are old friends as Philip H. Jones Maxwell, superintendent of Anne Arundel County I participated in Public Schools. the Read Across assistant Editor & Senior Writer For those of you who do not know, the schools of the America program rona S. Hirsch “Meade cluster” — Meade High School, and the post’s by reading a book Staff Writer lisa r. rhodes middle and elementary schools that feed into it — are to a third grade COL. Edward C. Staff Writer Brandon Bieltz not Department of Defense schools, but rather come class in my paja- rOthstEin design Coordinator timothy davis under Anne Arundel County and Dr. Maxwell. mas. Mrs. O’Shea Garrison Commander Supplemental photography provided Dr. Maxwell is strongly committed to supporting gave a tour, which ended in the recently renovated by Patuxent Publishing Co. Fort Meade and its military and civilian families, and media center completed by Heart of America and graciously agreed to go with me for the tour. I also Target stores. advErtiSinG brought Sarah Bonise, our schools liaison for Fort The new Pershing Hill Elementary is just as grand General inquiries 410-332-6300 Meade, who works out of our Directorate of Family as it was at the opening ceremony on Aug. 23, 2011 allison thompson and Morale, Welfare and Recreation. — though not as shaky. Mrs. Green and I shared our 410-332-6850 Sarah has established great relationships with our earthquake memories of that day. We saw children Michele Griesbauer schools and is my “go-to” staff member on school engaged in creating power point stories and visited the 410-332-6381 issues. It was nice to see a member of Team Meade Robotics Club. greeted by administrators and teachers as warmly as The newly configured West Meade Early Education If you would like information about receiving Soundoff! on Fort Meade or are Sarah was. Center showed off the classrooms for our youngest experiencing distribution issues, call 877-886-1206 or e-mail Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday through I also brought Lt. Col. Ed Barrett, my Headquarters children, complete with SMART Boards, rocking chairs Sunday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Battalion commander, who I have charged with building and a new playground. better partnerships between our tenant units on Fort At Meade Heights Elementary School, just outside Printed by offset method of reproduction as a civilian enterprise in the interest of the Meade and the area schools — especially our Meade the gate, Lt. Col. Barrett and Sarah were able to watch personnel at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, by the Patuxent Publishing Co., a subsidiary cluster schools. young students working with Lego Robotics create soc- of The Baltimore Sun Media Group, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21278, every Thursday I have to tell you that what I saw out there really cer kickers and goalies and scoring with a touch of a except the last Thursday of the year in conjunction with the Fort Meade Public Affairs Office. Requests for publication must reach the Public Affairs Office no later than Friday before the impressed me. My first stop was Meade High School. key on their laptops. desired publication date. Mailing address: Post Public Affairs Office, Soundoff! IMME-MEA-PA, Meade has the distinction of having two different spe- Each school has much to brag about with com- Bldg. 4409, Fort Meade, MD 20755-5025. Telephone: 301-677-1361; DSN: 622-1361. cial programs. It is one of three schools in the county to puter labs, iPads, SMART Boards, Lego Robotics clubs, offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program media centers, Signature Program and wellness initia- Everything advertised in this publication must be made available for purchase, use or patronage course of instruction, or IB. tives, and especially teams of dedicated leadership in without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, handicap or sex of purchaser, user or patron. A confirmed violation or rejection of this policy of equal opportunity by an advertiser As Dr. Maxwell explained, the IB course is set to an our principals and administrators, along with engaged will result in the refusal to print advertising from that source. international curriculum, with academically challeng- teachers and school staff. ing international standards. The curriculum is not any In all, the schools we visited each has a component Printed by Patuxent Publishing Co., a private firm, in no way connected with the Department different than would be taught in a top-flight school in to support and mentor students who are struggling to of the Army. Opinions expressed by the publisher and writers herein are their own and are a European system. It is a very popular program that meet educational goals. not to be considered an official expression by the Department of the Army. The appearance draws from all over the county. In the near future, I will meet with all the principals of advertisers in the publication does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of the Army of the products or services advertised. At Meade, we are very lucky to also have the middle of the Meade feeder system to further explore our part- years IB program at MacArthur Middle School and nership both inside and outside our fence line. new this year, the primary years IB program at Manor So what can we do to help our students, to help our View Elementary School. neighborhood schools? That was the question I asked Another highlight at Meade High is the Homeland at each visit. Security Signature program, which features a course of Can we be part of the mentoring efforts to assist You can also keep track of Fort Meade on twitter at study aimed at preparing students for careers in intel- struggling students? Can we provide support for the and view the Fort Meade Blog at ligence, security and emergency preparedness. A team many service projects each school undertakes each year of business and community members volunteer to such as mitten-, coat- and food drives? Can we support support this program with strategic planning, resources the student and staff efforts to redesign school web- and field trips. sites? Can we provide tutoring help? Can we share Fort Co n t e n t s MacArthur Middle and Meade Middle schools are developing pipeline programming to support this Meade as an extension of each school campus? Can we support the schools with guest speakers, field trips Homeland Security initiative. and resources to support STEM (science, technology, News ............................. 3 News to Use ......................... 7 While we were at Meade Middle School, Principal engineering and math) initiatives? Bill Goodman and Beth Shakan, the Adequate Yearly Each school principal enthusiastically welcomed my Trouble Ticket ............... 4 Sports .................................. 14 Progress School Performance coach and the school’s offer to partner. My charge to all of you is to actively health and wellness coordinator, were presented with the participate in your own children’s education and extend a Community ................. 12 Movies ................................. 16 Anne Arundel County Wellness Schools of Distinction hand of service in support of our schools and volunteer. Award, one of only three presented in the county. This I know you will be welcomed in our schools. SOUNDOFF! January 12, 2012
  3. 3. NewsMeade CFC exceeds goal, raises more than $500,000By Brandon Bieltz ly watched the cards to play out right. events to raise funds and awareness ofStaff Writer Around the middle of December I knew the campaign. DMA held a chili cook- After three months of campaigning, that Sergeant First Class Maude was off to raise more than $600 while theFort Meade’s Combined Federal Cam- going to deliver on his goal,” Bahel said. leaders of the Defense Security Servicepaign coordinators can boast a success- “He was going to prove me wrong.” raced on tricycles to raise more thenful year of fundraising for the world’s With the campaign over but final $400.largest workplace-giving campaign. donations still coming in, Maude said Installation CFC coordinators also With donations still trickling in, around 1,700 people donated to the 2011 sponsored a bowling tournament and ainstallation coordinator Sgt. 1st Class CFC, with pledges ranging from $1 to pumpkin carving contest.Bryant Maude said the final count will thousands. “From a money perspective, it isn’t abe around $525,000 — achieving 131 Maude credits the campaign’s success lot of money but it builds excitement,”percent of its goal determined at the to the motivation of the units and their Maude said. “Every one will ultimatelycampaign’s launch in October. coordinators. With the exception of the walk away and say, ‘Hey, that pledge slip Through the annual campaign, fed- new Defense Media Activity, Maude is on my desk. I better get that done.’ ”eral employees and service members can said, all 90 units who participated this Bahel attributed Fort Meade’s successdonate to more than 4,000 international, year also contributed last year. But this to Maude; Capt. David Blumenthal, ‘Good economy, badnational and local charities through one- year, several units drastically increased Headquarters Command Battalion CFCtime donations and payroll deductions. their donations, including Navy Infor- representative; and Team Meade for economy, the needs don’t While Fort Meade’s stated goal was$400,000 — $50,000 more than last mation Operations Command Mary- land, which donated $40,000 after con- their commitment and “for having the courage to run crazy events like tricycle stop. In fact, they’re greateryear — Maude expected to exceed that tributing $8,900 in 2010. races and pumpkin carving contests, than ever.’amount from the start. “Our goal from the onset was to and for making the campaign personal “I believed that Fort Meade should do engage as many individual units as we and fun.” Sgt. 1st Class Bryant Maudemore than that,” he said “On my tracker, could and to train them in a way to Fort Meade’s CFC contribution will Fort Meade CFC coordinatorI was always tracking half a million dol- expect to increase numbers,” Maude be combined with several other govern-lars ... I always believed we could.” said. ment agencies in the CBACFC territory. Amy Bahel, Fort Meade’s loaned During this year’s campaign, Maude For the past five years, the CBACFC hasexecutive from the Chesapeake Bay heavily pushed the use of online pledges, raised more than $6 million annually.Area CFC, said she initially didn’t think which he said could have had an impact So far this year, the organization has lion goal.$500,000 was attainable, but Maude’s on the increase in contributions. An aver- raised a total of $6,591,755, or 98 per- “Good economy, bad economy, the“energy, enthusiasm and passion for the age paper pledge is around $167, he said, cent of its goal. Bahel said the campaign needs don’t stop. In fact, they’re greaterCFC” spurred the outpouring of dona- while online pledges are typically more has never been this close to its goal at than ever,” Maude said. “There’s a lot oftions. than $400. this point in the campaign and predicts charities that will be happy next year to “Over the past four months, I patient- In addition, units sponsored creative the CBACFC will surpass its $6.7 mil- receive that extra money.”Animal Control Office works to reduce strays on postBy Lisa R. Rhodes reproduce in the wild, usually in close associa- Arundel County Animal Shelter in Millersville. injured or sick, so it can be treated to preventStaff Writer tion with humans. The animal is placed in the shelter’s kennel for the spread of potential diseases. John Butterfield, the installation’s Animal Cats that have not been spayed or neutered up to five days to allow the owner to pick it The installation requires residents to micro-Control Officer with the Fort Meade Police, can have two to three litters per year, with four up, unless the stray is extremely aggressive, chip their pets, a procedure that provides asaid stray cats “are one of those problems you to eight kittens per litter, which can cause an seriously injured or suffering. The animal is permanent tracking system for lost pets. Petsnever seem to catch overpopulation problem. also tested for disease. can be microchipped at the Fort Meade Vet-up with.” Butterfield is responsible for enforc- Feral cats can harbor and transmit a variety erinary Treatment Facility for a $20 fee. The Strays, also ing the installation’s animal control of fatal and nonfatal diseases to domestic cats microchip is injected with a sterile applicatorknown as feral cats, regulations as well as federal and state and other pets. In addition to rabies, outdoor under the skin between the animal’s shouldercan often be found laws in this area. He also captures and cats risk exposure to fatal diseases such as blades. Each chip has an alphanumeric codearound the golf removes all stray animals on post. feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency unique to each animal.course, and most All stray animals are captured using virus, or FIV. While vaccines are available for If the pet is lost, a veterinarian or animalrecently have been humane traps, Butterfield said. some diseases, they are not 100 percent effec- shelter can scan the pet to see the number,concentrated in Stray cats and dogs are taken to the tive. A vaccine for FIV is not available. which is stored in a database with contactresidential housing kennel at the Directorate of Emergen- Butterfield said people should never try information that can be updated.areas such as Heri- cy Services, where they are scanned to pet or feed any animal they do not know. Butterfield said he strives to do what is besttage Park and Meuse for microchips to identify a possible People who encounter a stray or see any for the animal.Forest. owner. The animals are kept at the unusual or unnatural activities involving ani- “We will do everything we can do to help According to the kennel for up to two days to allow mals should contact the police desk at 301- out,” he said.Fort Meade Envi- CourteSy photo owners to retrieve them. 677-6622. Editor’s note: Some information for thisronmental Management Office, feral cats are If there is no microchip or an owner can- People should also call the police desk if article was taken from the May 20, 2004 andno longer under human control, but live and not be located, the stray is taken to the Anne a domestic animal is missing or if a stray is Oct. 18, 2007 issues of Soundoff! January 12, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  4. 4. N ews Have you noticed an issue on post Community Trouble and wondered if anything is being done to fix it? Email concerns and issues to chad.t.jones.civ@mail. Crime Watch Ticket mil. Each week, Soundoff! will Compiled by the Fort Meade Directorate of Emergency Services address issues identified on post Jan. 4, Larceny of private proper- Services was notified by a unit and describe what is being done to ty: The victim stated that while at of a disabled vehicle, which the solve them. work, her BlackBerry cell phone officer stopped to assist. The unit was taken from her desk, which observed a flat tire and a strong was unsecured and unattended. odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the driver. The unit Jan. 7, Driving while under the administered standardized field influence of alcohol, driving while sobriety tests, which the driver impaired by alcohol, driver with prohibited failed. The driver rendered a breath test, open container in passenger area of motor with results of .19 percent blood alcohol vehicle: The Directorate of Emergency content. Construction Zone Ongoing construction and renovations on Fort Meade Four scheduled projects will require will be closed Feb. 3 for asphalt work. the closure of several installation • The right-turn lane on MacArthur roads: Road onto westbound Mapes Road • The side-entrance drive to the will be closed Feb. 4. commissary will be closed Jan. 19 for Drivers should plan ahead and use pipe crossing and asphalt work on alternative routes. All roads are sched- Feb. 2. uled to reopen by 3 p.m. on the day of • Both lanes of Rose Street will be the closures. file photo closed Jan. 25 for pipe crossing and on The schedule is subject to change Play equipment near the Boundless Playground is currently undergoing repairs. Feb. 2 for asphalt work. due to weather or other circumstanc- • Both center lanes of MacArthur es. Changes will be posted on Fort Road will be closed Jan. 28 and 29 for Meade’s Facebook page and official pipeline construction. The lanes also website. Issue: Plan: Status: The 2012 Fort Meade The Installation Safety Office Repair the play equipment Repairs are under way Welcome Guide is now has deemed and marked so that it is functional online at some play equipment at mil/guide. It can be viewed Burba Lake as unsafe online or downloaded from the website. Community members Maintain a minimum of Golf operations are It is also available for have concerns about golf 18 holes at current site; unchanged through distribution at the Fort Meade course service availability in restoring golf operations March Public Affairs Office at 4409 light of Base Closure and on a site south of the Llewellyn Ave. Realignment installation is also proposed Organizations that need just a few post guides may stop Renovate the Youth Services by the Public Affairs Office. Youth Services Sports Actual use of fields will be Sports Complex For more than 50 copies, a Complex is in need of this fall to allow scheduled pickup is required. renovations grass to mature For more information or to schedule a pickup, call 301-677-1109. SOUNDOFF! January 12, 2012
  5. 5. N ewsNew acting principal takes reins of Meade HighStory and photo by Lisa R. Rhodes disproportionately.Staff Writer Meade High is restructuring its school Yolanda Clark, the new acting principal improvement plan to assess the data andat Meade High School, greets visitors with a work as a team to devise strategies to addresswarm smile and firm handshake. the problems. Clark said those strategies will Clark, who replaced Daryl E. Kennedy, include increasing the school’s cultural-pro-began her tenure Dec. 22 and is enthusiastic ficiency professional development, analyzingabout her new position. referral data on a weekly basis and restruc- “I am excited about all the possibilities turing an existing program to be an in-schoolthat exist here at Meade High School,” Clark suspension program.said. “It is my intention to maintain our cur- “I am a facilitative leader,” Clark success while we elevate ourselves to new “I believe that in order to reach our schoollevels of success.” improvement goals and eliminate the achieve- After serving four years as an assistant ment gap, it’s going to take all hands on deck.principal under Kennedy, Clark will serve as So I encourage everyone in the Meade familyacting principal until the end of the school to take part in its success.”year. It is her hope that she will become A native of Annapolis, Clark graduatedthe principal for the next school year and from Annapolis High School. She earned abeyond. Bachelor of Arts degree in English education Kennedy, who was Meade High’s principal at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore,for a little more than four years, left last month Yolanda Clark, the new acting principal of Meade High School since Dec. 22, 2011, a master’s degree in counseling at Bowie Stateto serve as executive director of principal sup- plans to maintain the school’s academic programs and has started “Talkalatte,” a University and a certificate in administrationport for the Baltimore City Public Schools. monthly informal meeting with parents and community members over coffee. from McDaniel College. “It has been a seamless transition,” Clark Clark said that early on, her mother toldsaid of her first week of school after the lum to support Meade’s Homeland Security “Talkalatte” is Clark’s version of “Coffee her that teaching was her break. “The teachers and students Signature Program. with the Principal,” a monthly event in which “Even as a child, I made family and friendshaven’t skipped a beat. I have received a lot Two new programs at the high school are parents and community members meet with sit while I taught them,” Clark said. “I believeof good response about the positive energy in the Radical Hospitality Initiative launched her to receive updates on the school’s progress in empowering students to cultivate theirthe building.” by Anne Arundel County Public Schools and voice support or concerns while enjoying best.” Clark said her priorities are to maintain the Superintendent Dr. Kevin Maxwell and “Tal- coffee and light refreshments. In her spare time, the mother of two enjoysschool’s current academic programs, particu- kalatte.” The first “Talkalatte” will be held today at 3 reading, singing and dancing.larly the International Baccalaureate Program The Radical Hospitality Initiative is “our and 6 p.m. in the school’s media center. “Any form of the arts is right up my alley,”and the Middle Years Program, Project Lead mission to make sure students, parents, faculty, Clark said she is working to eliminate the she said.The Way and AVID. staff and guests to Meade High School receive achievement gap at Meade. The high school Clark said she wanted to take over the She said Meade High is also working to an overwhelming display of professionalism, did not make its 2011 Adequate Yearly Prog- leadership of the school because of her lovedevelop a kindergarten through eighth-grade helpfulness and warmth by every faculty and ress requirements under the federal Leave No for its students, faculty and staff.program that focuses on preparing elementary staff member in the building,” Clark said. “I Child Behind Act for students with limited “I am excited about being the leader thatand middle school students for career oppor- do not believe in the idea that you have to proficiency in English and special education takes Meade to the next level. ... My admin-tunities in homeland security. give respect to get respect. I believe that you students. istrative team is committed and focused, and Both MacArthur Middle and Meade Mid- give respect freely and abundantly and that The school also has a “great disparity,” the teachers are on board and ready to go,”dle schools are currently working on curricu- everyone deserves radical hospitality.” she said, with black males being disciplined she said.Kimbrough Corner: Practice self-care for a healthy lifeBy Megan Hayden, RN when possible and practice saying “no” them or whether they are out of yourKimbrough Ambulatory Care Center • Forming healthy friendships to added responsibilities that can cause control. Last year I focused on weight loss • Caring for your own needs stress. • Laugh daily by watching a comedy orthrough exercise and healthy eating. This Managing stress can be accomplished • Practice relaxation techniques such as sharing jokes.year I will focus on two other important in many ways. Here are a few to consider; deep breathing. Inhale through your nose • Start a hobby or make time for leisurehealthy self components: self-care and most take a bit of practice before they and focus on your abdomen rising (not just activities that you enjoy.managing stress in a healthy manner. become truly helpful: your chest). As you exhale through your • Ask for help from a friend or family Self-care includes: • Exercise regularly to reduce and pre- mouth, focus on your abdomen falling. member if you need it. You should also • Keeping appointments and partnering vent the effects of stress. Aim for 30 min- It may help to count as you breathe in speak with your provider if you believewith your primary care provider utes, five days a week. and out. Practice this exercise a few min- your stress is causing depression. • Taking medications as prescribed to • Get enough sleep by aiming for seven- utes, several times a day. Other relaxation • Don’t invite negative or self-defeatingcontrol health conditions to eight hours a night. Fatigue can cause techniques you can practice include medita- thoughts in, and don’t allow them to stay. • Being an informed and prepared health you to think irrationally. tion, guided imagery, yoga and massage. You can aim for your best quality ofcare consumer. Reputable health informa- • Make a list of necessary tasks to • Write down a daily list of joys and/or life by being a responsible participant intion can be obtained by visiting http://www. accomplish, prioritize them and cross them stressors in your life. When writing about your health and responding to your body’ and http://www. off as you finish. Reduce your obligations stressors, make a list of ways to overcome needs. A healthy lifestyle is your key. SOUNDOFF! January 12, 2012
  6. 6. N ewsNews To Use Do I look like a grown-up to you?Rules restrict political NOW OPEN I need a specialist.activity by DoD personnel A Children’s Consignment Store For Children 0 -10 Selling and consigning children’s clothing, maternity apparel and baby gear (strollers, high chairs, etc.) 700 South Hammonds Ferry Road, Second Floor,By Donna Miles political meetings Linthicum, Md 21090American Forces Press Service or rallies only as (410) 993-1558 • With election activity steadily picking up, spectators anddefense officials are in the process of issu- not in regular election-year guidance to remind They’re not per- Our board-certifiedmilitary and Defense Department civilians that mitted to make pediatric specialiststhey’re subject to rules regulating their involve- public political and kid-friendlyment in political activities. speeches, serve office put everyone This issue — one the department regularly in any official at ease and we offeraddresses during election periods — came to capacity in par- financial solutionslight earlier this week after an Army Reserve tisan groups, or for every budget.Soldier in uniform appeared endorsing a politi- participate incal candidate. partisan political 401-760-1212 Several sets of rules help to protect the campaigns or conventions. pdom.netintegrity of the political process, DoD officials They also are barred from engaging in any Find Fort Meade Barry D. Lyon,said. DoD Directive 1344.10 applies to mem- political activities while in uniform.bers of the armed forces, whether they serve A combat engineer assigned to the 416th on Facebook at DDS Associates Pediatric Specialistson active duty, as members of the Reserve Theater Engineer Company potentially vio- 7704 Quarterfield Roadcomponents not on active duty, as National lated these rules Jan. 3 when he stepped onto Glen Burnie, MD 21061Guard members in a nonfederal status, and a stage at Ron Paul’s headquarters in Ankeny, ftmeademilitary retirees. Iowa, during the Iowa Caucus to offer a per- In addition, the Hatch Act applies to federal sonal endorsement. Although he was wearingcivilian employees. And employees also are his uniform, the Soldier was not in an activesubject to widely published DoD guidance thatdiscusses participation in political campaignsand elections. status at the time, Maj. Angela Wallace, an Army Reserve spokeswoman, confirmed. Wallace emphasized that the Soldier “stands Proud to serve These rules are designed to prevent the alone in his opinions regarding his politicalparticipation of military members and federal affiliation and beliefs, and his statements andcivilian employees in political activities that beliefs in no way reflect that of the Army you.imply — or even appear to imply — official Reserve.”sponsorship, approval or endorsement, offi- His chain of command is aware of the issuecials said. The concern, they explained, is that and is considering appropriate disciplinaryactual or perceived partisanship could under- action to take, she said.mine the legitimacy of the military profession Most civilian DoD employees, whose politi- 50% discount for militaryand department. cal activities are governed by the Hatch Act, personnel and their families.* That’s not to imply, however, that military are permitted to be active in and speak beforemembers and civilian employees can’t partici- political gatherings and serve as officers ofpate in politics. In fact, DoD has a long-stand- political parties or partisan groups, officials Of all the sacrifices you and your family make, your health shouldn’t be one of policy of encouraging members to carry said. These activities, however, cannot involve That’s why the Medifast Center personalized weight loss program is designed to helpout the obligations of citizenship, officials said. fundraising. you take the weight off and learn how to keep it off, long-term. Recommended by overDoD encourages its military and civilian mem- Civilian employees also are permitted to 20,000 doctors since 1980, Medifast is simple, safe, effective, sustainable, and proven tobers to register to vote and vote as they choose, manage campaigns, distribute literature, write help you lose weight. So stop sacrificing and start saving at a center near you.they said. Both groups can sign nominating political articles or serve as a spokesperson for Get your 50% Military discount off program fees when you enroll.*petitions for candidates and express their per- a party or candidate.sonal opinions about candidates and issues. There are, however, exceptions to this, Schedule your FREE personal weight-loss profile online at However, officials emphasized, they can do including but not limited to Senior Executive or call 888-621-8746so only if they don’t act as, or aren’t perceived, representatives of the armed forces in car- While the do’s and dont’s concerning politi-rying out these activities. cal activity may vary, the basic tenets hold true Beyond that, the list of do’s and dont’s for all DoD employees.differs depending on whether the employee is The bottom line, officials said, is that they 10 CENTERS IN THE MARYLAND, DC AREAa member of the armed forces, a career civil should steer clear of any activity that may Annapolis | Bel Air | Bethesda | Bowie | Columbia | Gaithersburgservice employee, a political appointee or a be reasonably viewed as directly or indirectly Glen Burnie | Pikesville | Rockville | Silver Spring Or scan this.member of the career Senior Executive Service, associating DoD or the military with a partisan *Offer valid for all active and inactive members of the U.S. Military. Must show Military ID.officials said. political activity, or that “is otherwise contrary Cannot be combined with any other offers or dicounts. Military members, for example, may attend to the spirit or intent” of the rules described. January 12, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  7. 7. N ews Do-it-yourself classes Upcoming courses offered at the Automotive Skills Center: • “How to replace brake pads and shoes,” Jan. 22 • “How to change transmission fluid and filter,” Feb. 5 • “How to change oil and maintain your vehicle,” March 11 • “How to change wheel bearings,” March 25 • “Proper procedures for replacing timing belts,” April 22 • “How to replace drive belts and antifreeze,” April 8 • “How to replace brake pads and shoes,” May 6 • “How to change constant velocity boots/axles,” June 3 • “Understanding air conditioning and heating systems,” June 17 Classes are held from 1 to 3 p.m. at 6530 Taylor Ave. The cost for each course is $10. For more information, call 301-677-5542. ABOVE LEFT: Instructor Steve Oreutt (right) shows Harley Clinton how to adjust the flame on the oxy-acetelene torch before making his first weld Sunday afternoon at the Automotive Skills Center’s Basic Weld- ing 101 Course. During the two-hour course, students learned the fundamentals of weld- ing including using the welding torch, metal inert gas welding and arc welding. The hands of Mitchell Gordon guide the arc-welding torch during the Basic Welding 101 Course that was offered Sunday at the Automotive Skills Center. photos by phil grout Nomore worries. With TWSB Premium Checking you also receive FREE: • On-Line Banking with Bill Pay** • Surcharge Free Access to Over 1,500 ATMs “We switched to The Washington Savings Bank – they offer a totally • Debit Card • Premium Mobile Banking FREE Premium Checking Account with no monthly service charges that pays us interest!* • Text Message Banking And we opened a Maximum Money Market Account. • Finance Works – a free banking tool that puts TM money management at your fingertips and your We couldn’t believe the interest rate.” financial goals within reach! FIVE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU! BOWIE CROFTON ODENTON MILLERSVILLE WALDORF 301-352-3100 410-721-8867 410-551-8800 410-987-1515 301-843-7200 4201 Mitchellville Rd. 1669 Crofton Centre 1161 Annapolis Rd. 676 Old Mill Road 3225 Crain Highway *APY (ANNUAL PERCENTAGE YIELD). PREMIUM CHECKING EARNS 0.50% APY ON BALANCES OF $500.00 OR MORE. EFFECTIVE DATE 01/01/12. PENALTIES AND/OR OTHER FEES MEMBER FDIC MAY APPLY, RATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE, ANY TIME. ** PAY ONE BILL THROUGH ON-LINE BANKING PER STATEMENT CYCLE TO AVOID A $2.95 MONTHLY BILL PAY FEE. For more information on these or any of our innovative banking products, visit us @ www.twsb.com January 12, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  8. 8. N ews Meade High science projects advance to county competition By Lisa R. Rhodes Regional Science and Engineering Fair Staff Writer on March 3. For two years, Vanessa Cox has been The first-place students were among using a hydroponic system in her home more than 300 other teens to participate to grow vegetables. in the science fair, which was judged by When her son, Hunter, a junior at teachers from the high school’s science Meade High School, needed a project department, military personnel from idea for the school’s annual science fair, the Air Force and Coast Guard, and the 16-year-old decided to use a hydro- personnel from the National Security ponic system to prove his hypothesis. Agency, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Hunter’s project, “Soil Optional,” Grumman, the University of Maryland was among the three first-place winners University College, Praxis Engineering, in this year’s science fair held Jan. 5 and Booz Allen Hamilton and Johns Hop- photo by lisa r. rhodes 6 in the school’s media center. kins Applied Physics Laboratory.Melody Zuniga, 16; McKenna Thomas-Franz, 14; and Hunter Cox, 16, are the three Hunter, as well as McKenna Thomas- “I was surprised,” said Hunter of thefirst-place winners in Meade High School’s annual science fair held Jan. 5 and 6. They Franz and Melody Zuniga, are invited win. “I did a science fair when I wasare invited to represent Meade High in the Anne Arundel County Public Schools 2012 to represent Meade High at the Anne in my freshman year and didn’t win. IRegional Science and Engineering Fair on March 3. Arundel County Public Schools 2012 wasn’t expecting to win.” Twenty students — including five second-place finishers, seven third- place finishers and five honorable men- tions — were judged the best among the entries. They will receive a gift bag with prizes donated by many of the organi- zations that sent the 45 judges to the event. Prizes include gift cards, savings bonds, electronics and T-shirts. “The purpose of the fair is to teach students how scientists work,” said Don- ald Ziegler, chair of the high school’s science department and event orga- nizer. “It exposes them to all the steps in the scientific method, experiment design and writing research reports.” Entries must follow the rules and guidelines established by the Interna- tional Science and Engineering Fair. All projects included a purpose, hypothesis, observation, overview, conclusion and research references. Students could develop their own ideas or tie the project to the sci- ence curriculum. Projects ranged from Lisa Natale, a Department of Defense volunteer judge, makes notes as she judges a project about solar-powered salt removal during Meade High School’s annual science fair. More than 300 students participated in the two-day event. photo by brian krista10 SOUNDOFF! January 12, 2012
  9. 9. N ews“Testing the Iron Content in DifferentCereals” and “Gaming Addiction” to“Indoor vs. Outdoor Air Quality” and“Robotics in the Military.” Hunter used a hydrophonic system toprove his hypothesis that plants grownin the system would generate fasterthan plants grown with Miracle-Gro,a commercial plant food. Hydroponicsis a method of growing plants usingmineral nutrient solutions in waterwithout soil. In his experiment, Hunter plantedbeans both in the system and with Mir-acle-Gro and watched their progressfor 16 days. He found that the beans inthe hydroponic system did grow faster.Nutrients in a hydroponic system aremixed with the water and sent directlyto the root system. The plant does nothave to search in the soil for the nutri-ents that it requires. Hunter said the system is efficient. “I did a lot of research and I wasn’treally surprised by the results,” hesaid. Melody, a junior, said her project“Gel Electrophoresis” was an ama-teur attempt to replicate the scientificprinciples used in forensics to deter-mine whether DNA from a crime scenematches the DNA of a suspect. Gel electrophoresis is a method usedin clinical chemistry to separate pro-teins and is used in forensics. Melody’shypothesis was that different colorshave an effect on proteins during gelelectrophoresis. To prove that, the 16-year-old needed to determine whichfood colorings have the most proteins. For her experiment, Melody used aplastic soap box, Chinese guard gel,baking soda, water and the electriccharge from batteries to create an ama-teur gel electrophoresis apparatus toseparate the proteins in dark and lightfood coloring. She discovered that darkfood coloring, specifically red and blue, photo by brian kristahave more proteins than light food col-oring such as green and yellow. Michael Walsh of the U.S. Coast Guard represents one of many organizations that sent 45 volunteer judges to Meade High “I thought they would be the same,” School’s annual two-day science fair. Judges also participated from the National Security Agency, Air Force, Coast Guard andMelody said. “I was surprised.” numerous businesses. McKenna, a freshman, used herinterest in social science to prove herhypothesis that age affects how people agement from my mother, I decided to Those age 45 and older, however, because they use Facebook as a tool touse privacy settings on Facebook. collect data that could measure specific are less likely to check their privacy find jobs and are subject to scrutiny by For her project, “Facebook Privacy responses.” settings when Facebook changes them, employers.Preferences,” the 14-year-old created McKenna found that her hypothesis McKenna said. As a result, their per- After the judging, Jeffrey Kubik, aa questionnaire about privacy settings was correct. sonal information is just as likely to be project manager with Praxis Engineer-and distributed it to about 200 friends “People age 18 to 25 are most lenient exposed as that of a younger user. ing in Annapolis Junction, said he wasand associates who are Facebook users. about individual privacy,” she said, Facebook users who are more cau- impressed with the winning entries.The age range of the experiment pool noting that her survey showed that tious about their privacy settings range “It was a positive experience,” saidwas under age 15 to over 50. young adults were most likely to post in age from 26 to 35. McKenna said Kubik, who judged the fair for the first “I know how important Facebook their address and telephone number on her experiment found that people in time. “It gave me the opportunity tois,” McKenna said. “And with encour- Facebook. this age group use more discretion give back to the next generation.” January 12, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 11
  10. 10. C ommunity n ews n otes The deadline for Soundoff! community“News and Notes” is Friday at noon. All Saturday hours at ID Cardsubmissions are posted at the editor’s dis- Sectioncretion and may be edited for space and The Identification Card Section isgrammar. Look for additional community now open the first Saturday of everyevents on the Fort Meade website at www. month from 8 a.m. to noon on a and the Meade TV Blog basis only at the Max J. Beilke Humanat Resource Center at 2234 Huber Road For more information or to submit an For more information, call 301-677-announcement, email philip.h. jones.civ@ or call 301-677-5602. Vet clinic renovations NEWS EVENTS The Fort Meade Veterinary Treatment Facility is undergoing renovations this month. The clinic’s regular weekday hours of 8Kimbrough closure a.m. to 3 p.m. will be maintained, with the Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center exception of unexpected closings due towill be closed Friday through Monday for construction. file photothe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday For more information, call 301-677-1300. KING DAY OBSERVANCEweekend. The installation’s annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Observance will be Karaoke Night held today from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at McGill Training Center, 8452Protected Health Info The 11th Frame Lounge at the Lanes Zimborski Ave. The event, offered by the installation command and Equal Opportunity Office, is sponsored by the 902nd Military Intelligencebriefing is hosting a free Karaoke Night on the Group. The free event will feature food samplings. third Thursday of the month. The Army Implementation of The theme is “A Day On, Not A Day Off!” The keynote speaker is the The next Karaoke Night will be Jan.Protected Health Information Town Rev. Walter E. Fauntroy, a minister and civil rights activist. In 1971, he 19 from 7 to 10 p.m. The general publicHall will be held Wednesday at 10 was elected to Congress as the first representative from the District of is invited.a.m. at McGill Training Center, 8452 Columbia in 100 years and served for nearly two decades. For more information, call 301-677-Zimborski Ave. 5541. Fauntroy also was the Washington, D.C., coordinator of the historic Commanders are required to promoteand safeguard the health and well- 1963 March on Washington and was a founding member of the Con-being of their Soldiers. They must have EDUCATION gressional Black Caucus.sufficient information to make informed All Fort Meade service members and civilians are encouraged to attenddecisions about their Soldiers’ fitness with supervisory approval and without charge to annual leave. Admin-and duty limitations. istrative leave is authorized. For more information, call Sgt. 1st Class Therefore, Kimbrough Ambulatory Fleet Center classes Lukowski at 301-677-2162 or Sgt. 1st Class Bass at 301-677-6687.Care Center will conduct a Protected Anyone in need of a sign language interpreter should contact the EEO The Fleet and Family Support Center at Office at 301-677-6298/3660.Health Information briefing that will 830 Chisholm Ave. offers classes that areinform the garrison command about the open to DoD identification cardholders.limitations and type of information that Classes are held at the Community the military or looking to improve their tify the application process for federalcan be released. Readiness Center, unless otherwise noted. job readiness skills to participate in the employment The briefing also will review the Advanced registration is required. following programs: • Career Exploration, Jan. 31, 9 a.m.standards and limitations regarding • DTAP (Disability Transition Assistance • Military Spouse Forum/Hiring to noon, Army Community Service, 830behavior health, the Medical Program): Jan. 23, 9 a.m. to noon Fair, Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Chisholm Ave.Management Center and the Integrated • Federal Employment: Jan. 24, 9 a.m. Washington Convention Center, 801 • BRAC 101 Employment TrainingDisability Evaluation System process. to noon: This free workshop is designed to Mount Vernon Place NW, Washington, Orientation, Feb. 8, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., The briefing is mandatory for all teach the basics of the federal employment D.C. Soldier and Family Assistance Center,Army commanders and their enlisted system. • Veterans Career Fair and 85th Medical Battalion Avenuecounterparts, per ALARACT message • Hearts Apart support group: Jan. 25, 4 Expo, Wednesday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., The Employment Readiness Program405/2011/ ALARACT HQDA EXORD to 8 p.m. Washington Convention Center, 801 helps the military community with job270-11. It is also open to all other • Home buying: Jan. 26, 1 to 3 p.m. Mount Vernon Place NW, Washington, readiness by providing employmentcommanders and their senior enlisted • Medical Records Review: Have your D.C. consultations/coaching, career classescounterparts on Fort Meade. medical records reviewed by Joseph • Military Spouse Employment and assessments, and job search/ For more information, call Lt. Thornton of AMVETS. An appointment Support Group, Wednesday, 11:30 a.m. interview preparation assistance.Michelle Labrie at 301-677-8311 or is required. to 1 p.m., Potomac Place Neighborhood For more information, call Vikkiemail To register or for more information, call Center Torrence, Employment Readiness 301-677-9017 or 9018. • Employment Orientation, Jan. 19, 9 Program manager, or JamesinaezClub Meade delivers a.m. to noon, Army Community Service, James at 301-677-5590 or email vikki. Club Meade is now offering food Job search strategies 830 Chisholm Ave.: Overview of tips and resources to enhance your job search Customers must allow one hour for The Fort Meade Employment • Federal Employment class, Jan. 24, 9 ACS financial programs Readiness Program encourages those a.m. to noon, Army Community Service,service. Minimum order is $30. seeking employment, transitioning from Army Community Service is offering For more information, call 301-677-6969. 830 Chisholm Ave.: Learn to demys- the following programs in January at12 SOUNDOFF! January 12, 2012