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Fort Meade Soundoff April 18, 2013

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Soundoff April 18, 2013

  1. 1. Soundoff!vol. 65 no. 15 ´ Published in the interest of the Fort Meade community April 18, 2013bragging remembrance Holocaust survivor shares story of hope, courage,rights perseverance page 3Air Force’sAndre Snowdenshoots duringthe 2013 MeadeInter Service AllStar Basketball Cook-offTournament Child, Youth & School Serviceschampionship at teens compete in three-dayMurphy FieldHouse on April culinary competition page 1011. Army defeatedAir Force 78- UPCOMING EVENTS71 to take home today, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.:the Joint Service Fort Meade Earth Day celebration -Commander’s Burba LakeCup trophy. friday, 9 a.m.-noon:The tournament Motorcycle Safety Awareness Day -featured all-star Motorcycle Rangeteams from the SATURDAY, 8-11 a.m.:Army, Navy, Clean Up Fort Meade -Air Force and Neighborhood centersMarines. For the Saturday, 8 a.m.:story, see Page 11. Earth Day 5K - Burba Lake photo by brian krista monday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.: Save a Life Tour - McGill Training Center
  2. 2. Commander’s Column Soundoff! Editorial Staff Garrison Commander Guaranteed circulation: 11,285 ´ Take steps to stay safe Col. Edward C. Rothstein Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Thomas J. Latter What started as a celebration of Patriot’s tions, personal Public Affairs Officer Day in Massachusetts and the annual running protective- Chad T. Jones of the Boston Marathon ended in tragedy equipment dis- Monday after two explosions disrupted the plays, motorcy- Chief, Command Information marathon, causing death and injuries, and cle exhibits and Philip H. Jones scattering crowds near the finish line. educational Words cannot begin to express my sorrow materials. Assistant Editor & Senior Writer or truly define the sorrow expressed by so Don’t be Rona S. Hirsch many of you this week. Our thoughts and fooled. Riding Staff Writer Lisa R. Rhodes prayers are with the victims and their families a motorcycle Staff Writer Brandon Bieltz affected by this horrific event. requires special Design Coordinator Timothy Davis Unfortunately, Monday’s tragedy is a skills and con- COL. Edward c. Supple­mental photography provided reminder that our vigilance to prevent possi- centration. Rothstein by The Baltimore Sun Media Group Garrison Commander ble threats to our security must remain high. Did you Advertising We’re all familiar with the nationwide “If know that 46 percent of all motorcycle crashes You See Something, Say Something” public occur at intersections? Or that, on average, General Inquiries 410-332-6300 awareness campaign. It’s a simple yet effective three motorcyclists are killed every day in Allison Thompson program that raises public awareness about the U.S. as a result of multivehicle crashes at 410-332-6850 the indicators of terrorism and terrorism- intersections? Michele Griesbauer related crime. These statistics are shocking, but they can 410-332-6381 If you see something suspicious taking be lowered significantly. If you’re a motor- place, report the behavior or activity to the cyclist, there’s a lot you can do to stay safe If you would like information about receiving Soundoff! on Fort Meade or are experiencing distribution issues, call 877-886-1206 or e-mail Directorate of Emergency Services at 301- while riding. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday through 677-6622. If the activity is observed off the For more information about Friday’s Sunday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. installation, report the activity to local law Motorcycle Safety Awareness Day, call 301- enforcement. 677-6241 or 301-677-4867. Printed by offset method of reproduction as a civilian enterprise in the interest of the It’s important that we all share this mes- Lastly, I want to encourage you to get out personnel at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, by The Baltimore Sun Media Group, 501 N. sage with co-workers, family members and and enjoy Fort Meade’s celebration of Earth Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21278, every Thursday except the last Thursday of the year in conjunction with the Fort Meade Public Affairs Office. Requests for publication must reach friends. It’s important that we all continue to Day today. The event, which is free and open the Public Affairs Office no later than Friday before the desired publication date. Mailing have a heightened sense of awareness and take to the public, will be at Burba Park from 10 address: Post Public Affairs Office, Soundoff! IMME-MEA-PA, Bldg. 4409, Fort Meade, MD appropriate steps to prevent possible threats a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be food, fun activi- 20755-5025. Telephone: 301-677-5602; DSN: 622-5602. to our security and well-being. ties, learning opportunities, giveaways and The blessing of freedom bears an enormous door prizes. Everything advertised in this publication must be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, handicap or sex of purchaser, responsibility, and we must all work together On Saturday, the annual Fort Meade Run user or patron. A confirmed violation or rejection of this policy of equal opportunity by an advertiser as a community to watch over each other. We Series kicks off with the Earth Day 5K Run will result in the refusal to print advertising from that source. must always be alert and remember, “If you at Burba Park. see something, say something.” I know there are some who may have a dif- Printed by The Baltimore Sun Co., LLC, a private firm, in no way connected with the Speaking of safety, the weather has turned ficult time thinking about participating in a Department of the Army. Opinions expressed by the publisher and writers herein are their favorably warmer. The clock is ticking and run this weekend, but we have to live our lives own and are not to be considered an official expression by the Department of the Army. The appearance of advertisers in the publication does not constitute an endorsement by summer will soon be here. Let’s not lose our as usual. Don’t let fear rule your life. the Department of the Army of the products or services advertised. focus on safety as we enjoy more outdoor Have a great week! activities while either on- or off-duty. Let’s also keep in mind there are more pedestrians, including our youth, walking, cycling and playing outdoors. We all can Commander’s Open Door be good role models and be mindful of our Garrison Commander Col. Edward C. You can also keep track of Fort Meade on Twitter at behavior outdoors and on our roadways. and view the Fort Meade Live Blog at Rothstein has an open door policy. Remember, a moment’s inattention or an All service members, retirees, govern- unwise split-second decision can have tragic ment employees, family members or com- consequences. munity members age 18 or older are invited Also, as the temperatures warm, there are Co n t e n t s more motorcycles on the road. On Friday, the to address issues or concerns to the com- mander directly by visiting Rothstein’s office Installation Safety Office will host Motorcycle on Mondays from 4 to 6 p.m. at garrison Safety Awareness Day from 9 a.m. to noon at headquarters in Hodges Hall, Bldg. 4551, News.............................. 3 Sports................................... 11 the Fort Meade Motorcycle Range on Cooper Llewellyn Avenue. and Bundy avenues. Visitors are seen on a first-come, first- Crime Watch.................. 7 Movies.................................. 13 The event is designed to raise awareness of served basis. No appointment is necessary. the need to manage the risks of riding motor- For more information, call 301-677-4844. Community.................. 13 Classified.............................. 16 cycles. There will be vendors, rider demonstra- SOUNDOFF! April 18, 2013
  3. 3. NewsHolocaust survivor shares story of hope, triumphBy Lisa R. RhodesStaff Writer Today’s younger generation must committhemselves to ensuring that injustices suchas the Holocaust will not be repeated. Robert Behr, a Holocaust survivor,shared this message on April 11 duringFort Meade’s annual observance of Holo-caust Remembrance Day/Days of Remem-brance. “I need you, I need you desperately. Iwon’t be around much longer. Who is goingto carry the message?” implored Behr, 91,a docent at the U.S. Holocaust MemorialMuseum since 2001. “You are the ones whomust prevent evil from happening again.” The 90-minute event, which also featureda Holocaust exhibit and film produced bythe U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museumand a catered kosher lunch, was hosted bythe Defense Information School at McGillTraining Center. “It’s sometimes hard to hear the history.It’s even more hard to believe. But we have tohear it,” said DINFOS Commandant Col.Jeremy Martin in his opening remarks. “It’sgood that you, the next generation, threegenerations from the Holocaust, can hearwhat happened and never, ever forget.” During his speech, Behr recalled hischildhood in Berlin after Adolf Hitler photo by sarah pastranabecame chancellor of Germany in 1933,and how he and his family were deported Holocaust survivor Robert Behr, 91, recalls his childhood in Berlin under the Nazi regime and how he and his parents survivedto Theresienstadt, a ghetto-labor camp, in Theresienstadt, a ghetto-labor camp, during his speech for Holocaust Remembrance Day/Days of Remembrance on April 11 atJuly 1942. McGill Training Center. The event also featured a Holocaust exhibit and film. Behr said although both his parents wereJewish, he grew up in a conservative Ger- At the age of 15, Behr was required to dirty, smelly.” 1947 and enlisted in the Army. He was laterman family. work at heavy labor, carrying bricks to con- When Theresienstadt became over- assigned to Berlin and helped to interrogate “We were, first of all, in everything we struction work sites. crowded, the Nazis began deporting the former Nazi personnel. He left the Army indid, we were German,” he said. “Second, In July 1942, he and his parents were Jewish families to Auschwitz in Poland. 1952 and joined the Air Force civil service.we were German. Third, we were German. arrested after his mother’s mail was inter- To protect his family from deportation, He served as an intelligence officer until heOnly then came the aspect of religion in cepted and the Nazis read a postcard from a Behr volunteered to help build the new SS retired in 1988.our lives. We were far more German than German Jewish woman who credited Behr’s headquarters at Wulkow, a satellite camp of After the presentation, Garrison Com-we were Jewish.” mother with helping her leave Germany. Theresienstadt, in early 1944. mander Col. Edward C. Rothstein and Behr recalled that shortly after Hitler Behr said because his father served in It was there, said Behr, that he contem- Martin presented Behr with a plaque ofcame to power, his parents discussed Ger- the German military in World War I and plated death for the first time. “It was so appreciation.many’s political future with several friends was decorated with the Iron Cross First bad, I decided I wanted to die,” he said. “It was very enlightening,” said Lorrainein the family’s living room. Class for valor, the family was not sent But somehow, he found the strength to Kelly, garrison secretary who attended the “Our friends said, ‘We better get out of to a death camp. They were deported to go on. “[I thought] I’m not going to give event.Germany. With Hitler, it’s only going to Theresienstadt, located in what is now the them the satisfaction of dying. I want to Kelly said Behr and many other elders inget worse,’ ” Behr said. “But my parents Czech Republic. live,” Behr said. society “carry the burden in order for us tosaid, ‘What are your worried about? The Behr’s mother worked in the laundry Eventually, Behr and his family returned get to where we are today.”Germans are too smart. In six months, we’ll while his father, a physician, worked in the to Theresienstadt and remained there until Staff Sgt. Allaina Parton of the 55thhave an election. Hitler will be history, he’ll hospital. Behr was given the task of trans- it was liberated by the Soviet army on May Signal Company (Combat Camera) saidbe gone.’ ” porting bodies for burial. 5, 1945. she was moved by Behr’s story and that it Life in Berlin for German Jews changed More than 50,000 Jewish families lived in “When you live under those conditions, reminded her of a visit to Auschwitz yearscompletely under the Nazi regime. In 1935, Theresienstadt. There was no running water what keeps you going is hope,” Behr said. before.Jews were stripped of their citizenship and and no beds. “Once you lose your hope, your ability to “It’s unbelievable to think that we couldmade to carry identity papers with new Jew- “You stumbled over people. You heard look forward and say ‘This has to end,’ you be taken away because of our nationality orish middle names. Jewish children were no miserable cries,” Behr said. “They wanted are lost.” religion,” Parton said. “It’s unreal to thinklonger allowed to attend public schools. to dehumanize us. We were bad, ugly, filthy, Behr immigrated to the United States in that something like this really happened.” April 18, 2013 SOUNDOFF!
  4. 4. N ewsWing lieutenant to perform with Tops in BlueStory and photo by Airman 1st ClassSamuel Daub70th Intelligence, Surveillance andReconnaissance Wing Public Affairs An Airman with the 70th Intelligence,Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing wasrecently selected for the Air Force’s premierentertainment touring group, Tops in Blue. 2nd Lt. Amanda Bills, of the 707th ForceSupport Squadron, left March 28 on per-missive temporary duty assignment to beginher yearlong tour with Tops, performing asa vocalist. While serving with Tops, Bills will be apart of a select 30-member group. She andher new team will spend the year touring tolocations across the globe, entertaining themasses of Airmen and their families at eachstop, and sharing with them an Air Forcetradition now 60 years old. “Airmen serving Airmen” summarizesthe heart of the Tops in Blue mission. Topshas an intensive focus on visiting Airmenwho are stationed to remote or deployedlocations and are most likely feeling thegreatest amount of job stress. The serviceTops provides is in entertainment and pre-serving the ideals of the United States andAir Force by serving as cultural ambas-sadors. Even though performing in the militarywill be a new experience for Bills, enter-taining large audiences is not. Before herselection to Tops, Bills was a member ofPurduettes, a varsity-level female glee clubat Purdue University. During her childhood, Bills was involvedin school musical productions and churchperformances and credits her love of musi-cal performance to growing up in a singing Second Lt. Amanda Bills, of the 707th Force Support Squadron, spends her last day in her office at the Eagle Fitness Center beforefamily. leaving March 28 to perform for one year as a vocalist with Tops in Blue, the Air Force touring performance ensemble. “My mom has always been extremelysupportive of me and taught me to strive from one of her instructors. represent the Air Force. with local vocal instructor Kay Krekowfor excellence in everything I do,” Bills said. “Ever since I heard about Tops in Blue Soon after entering active duty, Bills of the Arcadia Vocal Academy. Krekow“When I told her I made it, she almost in college, I knew it was something I would started the audition and application pro- trained her for the stress of daily perfor-started crying. I grew up listening to my love to do,” Bills said. “I went in (the Air cess. She sent in an audition tape and was mances and was able to gauge her vocalmom singing country music, and I remem- Force) not really caring what my job was, accepted to participate in the Worldwide range and capabilities.ber hours and hours of harmonizing with I just knew I wanted to be an officer and I Talent Contest. “I would say, without getting too techni-her to any and every song on the radio. wanted to be in Tops in Blue. I have always “The jam-packed 10 days helped me to cal, I helped her become aware of what she “My older brother [now 1st Lt. Jacob had a love for music and performing. When see my insecurities and how they affected my is capable of and prepared her for what sheBills at Kirtland Air Force Base in New I learned I had the opportunity to do that delivery,” Bills said. “I was very impressed will be doing,” Krekow said. “She is giftedMexico], used to get mad at me when I’d for a year representing the Air Force, there by my fellow teammates and their consid- with what I call a natural voice and I feelsing too much,” Bills said. “One time I was was no convincing me otherwise. All I could eration for others. she especially is very well equipped for thissinging in the car when he started to tell me ask was, ‘Where do I sign up?’ ” “It made me proud to see Airmen com- level of performance. I know anyone wouldto be quiet. Before my tender feelings could Each year, active-duty Airmen begin the ing back multiple years working to convey love to see her perform — delightful girl,be hurt, my mom scolded him because she audition process at base level. Those deter- the message that it takes determination, beautiful voice.”was singing too.” mined to be the most talented by a panel kindheartedness and sacrifice to make it The 2013 Tops in Blue touring schedule Bills’ drive to be in Tops started before of Tops judges are selected to participate in in Tops in Blue, and ultimately in the Air is currently being decided.she joined the Air Force. While in Reserve the Air Force Worldwide Talent Contest at Force.” For more information on Tops in Blue orOfficers’ Training Corps at Purdue Univer- Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas. In preparation for her departure to Tops, the application process and requirements,sity, Bills learned about the opportunity From these contestants, 30 are selected to Bills had been making regular visits to train visit or call 210-623-0509. SOUNDOFF! April 18, 2013
  5. 5. N ewsTaking your case to CybersecuritySmall Claims Court Information SessionBy Capt. Adam Petty The letter should be sent by certifiedLegal Assistance Attorney mail, with return receipt requested. (This is the first of two articles on dispute Unfortunately, your neighbor may stillresolution and the Small Claims Court in the remain uncooperative. Maybe he thinks astate of Maryland.) good dog like Spike would never do such We’ve all seen the sometimes comical, a thing.and always entertaining, television court- Consider taking advantage of the Mary-room shows: Judge Joseph Wapner’s “The land District Court’s Alternative DisputePeople’s Court,” Judge Joe Brown, Judge Resolution Program. Mediation is still lessJudy Sheindlin, and the list goes on and of a headache than going to court and canon. usually resolve most issues. These shows present “cases” for our The District Court’s Alternative Dis-viewing pleasure, but what you might not pute Resolution office can be reached atrealize is that everyday folks have real dis- 410-260-1676 or 1-866-940-1729 for moreputes, in real courts, all the time. In real life, information.most states have a level within their court If mediation fails, you still have thesystem that adjudicates the types of cases option of filing your lawsuit in Smallwe watch on television. Claims Court. In Maryland, the Small Claims Court is a If necessary, file your case as soon as itdivision of the District Court of Maryland. is reasonably possible. If you wait too long,The Small Claims Court handles disputes your neighbor (now called the “defendant”)between two parties involving no more than may be able to defeat your claim by raising$5,000, and does so with less formality than the statute of limitations, a law that requiresother Maryland courts. suits be brought within a certain period of The court’s rules of procedure and evi- time. Join us for the Cybersecurity Info Sessiondence are relaxed to make it easier for peo- For more information, visit the Districtple to represent themselves, if they choose, Court of Maryland’s website at courts.state. Attend a free information session to learn more aboutwithout having to hire an attorney. The or two new exciting new programs, Cybersecuritycases are decided by a judge, not a jury. schedule an appointment with a Fort Meade Engineering and the Graduate Certicate of Professional A lawsuit may be filed in Small Claims Legal Assistance attorney at 301-677-9504Court if the suit is for money only, is for or 301-677-9536. Studies in Cybersecurity more than $5,000, and the person filingsuit (called the “plaintiff”) is at least 18years old. So let’s say your neighbor’s dog Spike Community Monday, April 29, 2013 | 5pm-7pm Marriott Courtyard - Fort Meadechewed a gigantic hole in your fence andyou had to pay $600 to have the fence Crime Watch 2700 Hercules Rd., Annapolis Junction, MD 20701repaired. You could very likely sue yourneighbor in Small Claims Court for the Compiled by the Fort Meade$600 you had to pay out of pocket for Directorate of Emergency Services Register:Spike’s gaffe. March 31, Larceny of private or call But before filing suit, you should make property: The victim statedevery effort to resolve the matter outside that his son’s Novara Tractor 855-309-8379of court. bicycle, which was unsecured Many cases go to trial needlessly because and unattended, was stolen.the parties have not attempted to com-municate with each other. Settling outside April 2, Domestic assault: Theof court will save you time, money and victim stated the couple wasemotional stress. Consider talking to your involved in a verbal altercationneighbor first and figuring out the best way about a vacuum cleaner, which turned physi-to handle the issue. cal when her husband pushed her against a wall If talks with your neighbor fail and you inside the residence, causing minor scrapes and contusions to her chest and left wrist.sense that Small Claims Court may be inyour future, it is advisable to send a letterto your neighbor warning him that you will April 4, Simple assault consummated by a battery:sue unless your claim is satisfied within a The victim and his spouse entered into a verbal altercation that turned physical when the subjectstated period of time. bit him on his left upper arm. April 18, 2013 SOUNDOFF!
  6. 6. N ews MILITARY DISCOUNT Baltimore Bel Air Severna Park 7511 Belair Rd. 344 Belair Rd. 800 Ritchie Hwy. 410-663-8556 410-879-3586 410-647-5800 *As low as 0% fixed APR financing for 60 months available through Sheffield Financial, a Division of BBT Financial, FSB. Payment example: 60 monthly payments of $16.67 for each $1000 financed. Not all buyers will qualify. Higher rates apply for buyers with lower credit ratings. Check with Suzuki dealer for complete details. Special APR finance offer ends 5/31/2013. Down payment does not include tax, license and other fees. **Up to $750 Cash Back offer is available between 4/1/2013 and 5/31/2013. Offer available on new select unregistered Suzuki Motorcycles, ATVs, and Scooters. See dealer or visit for eligible models. Offer is non-transferable and holds no cash value. No transfer, substitution or cash equivalent of Coupon permitted. Promotion is subject to change without notice. Void where prohibited. At Suzuki, we want every ride to be safe and enjoyable. So always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Study your owner’s manual and always inspect your Suzuki before riding. Suzuki, the “S” logo, and Suzuki model and product names are Suzuki Trademarks or ®. © Suzuki Motor of America, Inc 2013. photo by brandon bieltz spring cleaning Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Everett of First Army Division East sweeps The 2013 Grand Prix of Baltimore the sidewalk outside First Army Division East headquarters Monday roars back in to town afternoon. Over the past week, Fort Meade organizations spruced up the installation by weeding, raking, and policing the grounds around their August 30 - September 1 respective units and in assigned areas throughout the post. The spring sprucing was part of the installation’s annual Clean Up Fort Meade beautification week. Get your tickets online today! Adult tickets as low as $15. Providing single service members a forum to address quality-of-life issues is just one of many opportunities provided by Bet- ter Opportunities for Single Soldiers. For more information, call the garrison BOSS representative, Sgt. Chatonna Powell, at 301-677-6868 or visit the BOSS office, located in the USO Center at 8612 6th Armored Cavalry Road, on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. SOUNDOFF! April 18, 2013
  7. 7. N ews Text FOLLOW FORTMEADE to 40404 to sign up for Fort Meade news alertsResources aid well-being on your mobile phoneof U.S. military children Become a Dental AssistantHealth Net Federal Services April is the Month of the Military portive atmosphere to learn coping skills, establish and identify support in just 11 weeks DATSChild, and Health Net Federal Services systems, and connect with others • Dental Terminology Charting • X-Ray Certification Eligibility • Clinical ExternshipLLC, the TRICARE contractor for the who’ve lost a loved one. ( • Sterilization of Equipment OSHA Guidelines • Adult CPR • Job Interviewing TechniquesTRICARE North Region, celebratesthe 1.8 million children of U.S. military Books for Military Children Annapolis - Classes Begin - 4/23/2013families around the world. • “Love, Lizzie: Letters to a Military 180 Admiral Cochrane Dr., Ste 200 Annapolis, MD 21044 These youths move an average of six Mom” by Lisa Tucker McElroyto nine times between kindergarten and Lizzie’s mom is deployed overseas. The Columbia - Classes Begin - 4/24/201312th grade, according to the nonprofit story is told through a series of letters Century Plaza • 10630 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Ste 410 Columbia, MD 21044Military Child Education Coalition. Lizzie writes her mom from the time sheMore than 900,000 of them have had deploys until she returns home, navigating Germantown - Classes Begin - 4/25/2013a parent deploy multiple times. Nearly all the difficult questions military children 19512-A Amaranth Drive, Germantown, MD 2087445,000 youths are living with a parent’s with a deployed parent want to ask.wound, injury, illness or death, according • “My Story: Blogs by Four Military Westminster - Classes Begin - 4/29/2013to the MCEC. Teens” by Michelle Sherman 412 Malcolm Drive, Ste 100 Westminster, MD 21157 The following resources and organiza- With raw emotion, fictitious teenstions are dedicated to the well-being of describe the stress of coping with a Tuition is Call To Reserve Your Seat!military children and the unique chal- parent away at war and the everyday only $2800lenges they face. challenges of school dances, sports and DATS Dental Assistant Training School report cards. Classes Begin Soon!Online Resources This book suggests coping skills such Call To Reserve Your Space! 877-777-8719 • • Health Net Kids’ Journal Series as exercising, recognizing signs of post- In an effort to support military traumatic stress disorder and reconnect-children, these journals have been cre- ing after a parent returns. Additionalated to help youngsters navigate the Internet resources are included.unique challenges military families • “The Kissing Hand” by Audreyface: deployment, frequent moves, lossof a loved one who served. These resources are available at Penn Chester Raccoon doesn’t want to be separated from his mom, but his mom’s special ritual of kissing the palm of his CONSTRUCTION CLEARANCE Now underway All New Volvo models clearance priced.symbolic_links/kids_journals.html toreview and print at no cost. hand keeps her close to him while they’re separated. SALE Must move inventory to make room for construction. • Health Net’s Military Children, Books for Military ParentsDeployment and Behavioral HealthCare Page: A helpful resource formilitary parents who see a behavioralchange in their children. ( • “Deployment - Strategies for Work- ing with Kids in Military Families” by Karen Petty 0% APR AVAILABLEcontent/hnfs/home/tn/prov/bh/chil- This comprehensive handbook is fordren_deploymentandbehavioralhealth- civilians and military personnel whocare.html) work with or care for children who • Military Child Education Coali- experience separation through deploy-tion: A support center for military ment, death or divorce, offering theory-children and their families affected by based, practice-driven strategies for han-mobility, family separation and transi- dling separation and helping youngsters 2013 VOLVO S60 T5 2013 VOLVO XC60 FWD 2013 VOLVO XC90 FWDtion ( through elementary age move forward $ 259 $ 389 $ 439 /MO. 24 MO. LEASE /MO. 48 MO. LEASE /MO. 48 MO. LEASE • A safe, and live full lives. $2500 DUE AT SIGNING* $2500 DUE AT SIGNING* $2500 DUE AT SIGNING* • MSRP $32,795 • MSRP $35,245 • MSRP $41,775online community for military chil- • “Heroes at Home: Help Hope for STOCK# V9291 STOCK# V9253 STOCK# V8928dren ages 6 to 17, providing access to America’s Military Families” by Ellieage-appropriate resources to support Kay COMPLIMENTARY FACTORY SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE *Lease scenarios based on 10,000 miles annually and includes Volvo Owner Loyalty rebate. Tax and tags extra. With approved credit. See dealer for for the first 3 years or up to 36,000 miles with purchase of any new Volvomilitary children from pre-deployment Written by the wife of an Air Force eligibility or documentation required for reunion. pilot in encouraging language and from • Tragedy Assistance Program for a spiritual perspective, this book offersSurvivors: Offers regional and national helpful ideas for saving money, surviv-Good Grief Camps to military children ing frequent moves, keeping in touchand teens. during deployment and other aspects of The camps provide a safe and sup- military life. 333 Busch’s Frontage Road • 410-349-8800 • AnnapolisVolvo.com April 18, 2013 SOUNDOFF!
  8. 8. N ewsTop ChefTeens compete in three-day cooking competitionBy Brandon BieltzStaff Writer Tucked away in the back corner of FortMeade’s Teen Center, four young chefs franti-cally worked to prepare breakfast in a crammed— and sometimes smoky — kitchen. In teams of two, the teens worked inthe tight space for 45 minutes on Mondaybefore displaying their culinary creations forthe judges who would determine the bestbreakfast. Monday’s meal was a preliminary round inthe Teen Center’s inaugural “Teen Top Chef,”a three-day competition that pitted four teamsof area teens against each other in head-to-head cook-offs. “The whole competition is fun,” said TroyBrown, a competing chef. “You get to see dif-ferent people cooking different things.” Charles Burrell, a program assistant at theTeen Center, said the teens were excited tocompete in the contest and were eager to trysomething new. “We’re trying to find different ways toengage their passions,” he said. Troy, who said he doesn’t normally cookat home, signed up because he “just wantedto have fun.” The competition did, however,included experienced cooks such as 17-year-old Natalie Ruiz, a regular in the Teen Centerkitchen. “I love to cook,” Natalie said. “I’m alwayscooking at home.” The competition began Monday and Tues-day with preliminary rounds in which contes-tants had 45 minutes to complete a breakfastmeal. Much like cooking competition showson television, teams were given the same photo by noah scialomingredients and had to determine what tocook based on what was given to them. Charles Burrell, a program assistant at the Fort Meade Teen Center, directs young chefs Tionne Green, 16, and Natalie Ruiz, 17, “They can make whatever they want,” while they prepare their meal for the Teen Top Chef competition Monday at the Teen Center. The three-day competition pittedBurrell said. eight teens against each other in the kitchen for the title of best chef. Competitors said determining what tomake wasn’t too difficult and stuck with and School Services staff members with therecipes they knew. top team advancing to the finals on Wednes- “I knew how to make everything they had day.up there,” said Troy, who cooked grits, eggs In the finals, the time limit was extendedand sausage, and mixed in strawberries to his to an hour as the top two teams prepared afinal product. dinner with such ingredients as chicken, rice While familiar recipes allowed contestants and quickly decide what to make, they still had Burrell said the competition provides moreto adapt to working in the tight kitchen and than just an opportunity to learn how towithin the time limit. cook. Help Fort Meade’s Follow Fort “It was a little stressful,” Natalie said. “It “This will teach them the ability to adapt,was like, ‘We have to do this, we have to do not be to afraid of losing and to be able to do Facebook page reach Meade atthat.’ It was a race.” something else,” he said. Editor’s note: Winners were announced 15,000 fans! Like us at At the end of the time limit, the concoc-tions were judged by various Child, Youth Wednesday after press time. ftmeademd10 SOUNDOFF! April 18, 2013
  9. 9. S portsArmy takes Joint ServiceCommander’s Cup trophyBy Brandon Bieltz team would continue to focus on whatStaff Writer made it a dominant force during the Throughout the intramural basket- intramural season — defense.ball season, the 741st Military Intel- “No matter how many points weligence Battalion had a strong hold on score, our team is known for its defensethe competition, with the unit being — and that’s what has won us champi-represented in both the Division I and onships,” he said.Division II championships. While Army wanted to continue to The two 741st teams continued their use its successful plan, Andre Snowdenwinnings ways last week when they of Air Force said his team would usecombined to represent the Army in the insight gained from the previous day’s2013 Meade Inter Service All Star Bas- matchup against the Army to tweak itsketball Tournament. game plan for the championship. Army swept through the tournament, “We had to make an adjustment towhich featured teams from the Air their big man; we made a late adjust-Force, Marines and Navy, to take home ment,” he said. “I think we’ll be OKthe Joint Service Commander’s Cup today.”Trophy on April 11. The start of the championship game Army defeated the Air Force 78-71 was an up-and-down battle with teamsin the championship game, with Deion exchanging points and remaining withinMcClenton’s 20-point performance and one point of each other throughout theMarques Barrett’s 16 points leading the first 10 minutes. With 12 lead changesteam to the come-from-behind victory. in the half, neither team was able to pull “I’m glad we won,” McClenton said. away, but William Tillman’s late-half“I’m just glad we came back at the score gave the Air Force a 30-29 leadend.” at halftime. On the first day of the two-day tour- Tillman’s 14-point half propelled thenament, which was held at Murphy team to the lead, while three Army play-Field House, Air Force defeated Navy; ers — Barrett, McClenton and Darariusand Army defeated the Marines. Evans — had seven points in the half. The Marines and Navy were sent At the start of the second half, Airto the loser’s bracket, while Army and Force created distance and held a 10-Air Force competed for a spot in the point advantage. Midway through thefinals. half, however, Army cut into the deficit Army player James Caldwell said his and a Caldwell jump shot gave Army ateam came out strong in the semifinal 58-56 lead. Army held on to the lead bygame and aimed to quickly put away the switching to a man-defense.Air Force team. “That’s when everything went our “We know how dangerous they are if way,” McClenton said of the defensivewe keep it close,” he said. “We wanted to switch.come out and make a statement.” Snowden led the Air Force with 20 Army’s victory over the Air Force in points, but couldn’t lead his team pastthe semifinal game set up a matchup Army’s offense.between the Marines and Air Force on Following the win, Army playersFriday for a final shot at the champion- said they were excited to continue theirship. With a dominating second half, the dominance on the court.Air Force defeated the Marines 70-54 “We won the [intramural] champion-earning a spot in the finals. ship, we won this,” McClenton said. Caldwell said that in the final, his “We’re pretty happy about this.” For all your varsity and intramural sports schedules, photo by brian krista scores and standings, visit William Tillman of Air Force shoots over Army’s James Caldwell during the 2013 Meade Inter Service All Star Basketball Tournament championship at Murphy Field House on April 11. Deion McClenton led the Army to the 78-71 victory with a 20-point performance. April 18, 2013 SOUNDOFF! 11
  10. 10. S ports Jibber-Less Sports Shorts Dear Jabber Nation: I was going to write this week about how tragic it was to see Army Ten-Miler qualifier Kobe Bryant’s Achilles break. A qualifying run for active-duty service members interested in joining the Fort Meade Army Ten-Miler team will be held April 26 at Murphy Field House. Then on Monday, some animal(s) showed us what real tragedy Fort Meade will sponsor two teams: an active-duty men’s team and an is in Boston. active duty co-ed team. Both teams will consist of seven runners. Making the team covers the event’s fee and uniform. The 10K qualifying run will begin at 6:30 a.m. Runners should arrive by So, instead of writing a column this week, I’d ask you all to 6:15 a.m. take the five minutes you normally spend reading Jibber, and Registration is required by Wednesday. To register, call 301-677-5822 or 301-677-3318, or email lauren.l.Williams@ say a prayer for those affected. If you are normally a slow reader, you can take that little extra Intramural softball meeting time and contemplate how dumb and unnecessary violence of A coaches meeting for intramural softball will be held Tuesday at 1 p.m. at Murphy Field House. this nature is. For more information, call 301-677-3318. As always, if you have any comments about Jibber Jabber or Meade High Spring 5K Run’s/Walk anything to do with the world of sports, e-mail chad.t.jones. The Meade Athletic Boosters will hold a 5K Run/Walk to support all athletic teams at Meade High School on Saturday at 9 a.m. The race will start at the Meade High track. Online registrations will be open until Sunday at meade-md/meade-boosters-spring-5k-2013. Registration also will be held on race day from 8 to 8:45 a.m. Cost on race day is $25 for all runners. Printable registration forms are available at cfm?action=main.boosters. For more information, email or call Nate Moyer at 410-353-8783. Gaffney pool The swimming pool at Gaffney Fitness Center is closed for maintenance. Texas Hold ‘em Texas Hold ‘em no buy-in games are played Mondays at 7 p.m. at the Lanes. Games are free and open to the public. For more information, call 301-677-5541. Dollar Days The Lanes offers Dollar Days every Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Bowlers receive a game of bowling, shoe rental, a hot dog, hamburger, small fries, pizza slice or small soda for $1 each. file photo For more information, call 301-677-5541. earth day 5k run The installation’s annual Run Series kicks off Saturday with an Earth Day Burba Lake fishing The Maryland Department of Natural Resources will stock Burba Lake for 5K Run at 8 a.m. at Burba Park. fishing beginning Friday. Cost on the day of the run is $25 for individuals and $60 per family of All state regulations will be in effect. three to six people. For more information, 301-677-3810. For more information, call 301-677-7916. For more Fort Meade sports, visit SOUNDOFF! April 18, 2013
  11. 11. M ovies C ommunity N ews N otes The movie schedule is subject to change. For The deadline for Soundoff! community percent of its $90,000 goal. The event, designed to raise awarenessa recorded announcement of showings, call 301- “News and Notes” is Friday at noon. The campaign raises money and of the need to manage the risks of677-5324. Further listings are available on the All submissions are posted at the editor’s awareness for the AER fund that riding motorcycles, will take place priorArmy and Air Force Exchange Service website discretion and may be edited for space and helps active-duty Soldiers, National to May’s Motorcycle Safety Awarenessat grammar. Look for additional community Guardsmen, Army Reservists, Month, the start of peak motorcycle Movies start Wednesdays to Saturdays at events on the Fort Meade website at www. retirees and their families in financial riding season.6:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. NEW PRIC- and the Fort Meade emergencies by providing interest-free Vendors and services include: riderES: Tickets are $5 for adults (12 and older) Facebook page at loans or grants. demonstrations, personal protective-and $2.50 for children. 3D Movies: $7 adults, For more information or to submit an The AER Campaign runs through equipment displays, T-Clocks inspections,$4.50 children. announcement, email Philip Jones at philip. May 15. motorcycle exhibits, educational or call 301-677-5602. For more information, call Wallace materials, coaches to provide proper Turner, Army Emergency Relief officer techniques for riders, police and State Today through May 5 at 301-677-5768. Highway Administration mobile NEWS EVENTS units and booths, and a Motorcycle Motorcycle Safety Mentorship Sign-up Station. Guests are encouraged to ride their Awareness Day motorcycles to the event. Army Emergency Relief The Installation Safety Office will host For more information, call Aaron Fund Motorcycle Safety Awareness Day on Rowell at 301-677-6241 or Jenelle Friday from 9 a.m. to noon at the Fort Ferguson at 301-677-4867. As of Friday, Fort Meade’s annual Army Emergency Relief fundraising Meade Motorcycle Range on Cooper campaign has collected $60,022, or 67 and Bundy avenues. Change of command Capt. Daniel E. McCarey, commander of the 241st Military Police Detachment, will relinquish commandToday Friday: “Snitch” (R). A father, whoseson is wrongfully accused of drug distribution, to Capt. Hamid C. Conteh on May 3 atmakes a deal to work as an undercover infor- 9 a.m. at the Fort Meade Museum.mant. With Dwayne Johnson, Barry Pepper, Jon In inclement weather, the ceremonyBernthal, Susan Sarandon. will take place at Murphy Field House. The Fort Meade community isSaturday: Studio Appreciation FREE screening. welcome to attend. Dress for serviceTickets available at the Exchange food court. members is duty uniform. Civilian dressSeating open to non-ticket holders 30 minutes is casual.prior to showtime. For more information, call Sgt. Andrew Lavigne at 301-677-4592.Sunday: “Oz The Great and Powerful” (PG). Acircus magician is hurled into the magical land Clean Up! Fort Meadeof Oz. With James Franco, Mila Kunis, RachelWeisz. (3D) The Enlisted Spouses Club will host the 5th Annual Clean Up! Fort Meade on Saturday from 8 to 11 a.m.Wednesday April 25, 27: “The Incredible BurtWonderstone” (PG-13). Feuding magicians try to The project will begin at the followingsave their act. With Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, neighborhood centers as well as the newOlivia Wilde, Jim Carrey. Picerne Military Housing Program Office: Meuse Forest, Heritage Park, PotomacApril 26: “The Call” (R). A 911 operator takes a Place and Midway from a teenage girl who has been abducted, Participants can register on the morningand she realizes she must confront a killer from of the event beginning at 8 a.m. or onlineher past in order to save the girl’s life. With Halle at, Abigail Breslin, Morris Chestnut. When registering online, participants will receive a free raffle ticket for theApril 28: “Dead Man Down” (R). Two strangers’ drawings, which are separate for childrenmutual desire for revenge unravels in an trail of and adults.violence. With Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace, Awards will be presented to the militaryTerrence Howard. unit with the most participation and any children’s organization with the mostMay 1, 4, 5: “Admission” (PG-13). An admissions file photo participation.officer for Princeton University takes a surprising Two separate green-themed prizeddetour on the road to happiness. With Tina Fey,Paul Rudd, Michael Sheen. Take Me Fishing The Maryland Department of Natural Resources will stock Burba Lake packages will be awarded to the top two schools on post with the most collected garbage/recycling.May 2, 3: “21 Over” (R). The night before for fishing beginning Friday. All state regulations will be in effect. Fish- For more information, email Laura athis big medical school interview, a promising ers over 16 years of age must have a fishing license. You can purchase celebrates his 21st birthday with his two a Maryland fishing license online by visiting: https://compass.dnr.mary-best friends. CONTINUED ON PAGE 14 April 18, 2013 SOUNDOFF! 13
  12. 12. C ommunity N ews N otes NEWS EVENTS For more information, call 301-677- 1149 or 301-677-1156. GoArmyEd portal gear, training material and field trips will be provided by DEFY. now available Availability is limited. Applications Personal Project Fair The GoArmyEd portal has been will be taken until April 30.CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 activated for Soldiers to request tuition To download an application, visit The second annual Meade High School assistance for the remainder of fiscalMassing of the Colors IB MYP Personal Project Fair will be held Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. in the year 2013. support/nadap/Documents/DEFY/ Fort Meade’s Memorial Day Eligibility rules for use of tuition Youth%20Application%202010.pdf and Meade High Media Center. forward it to the DEFY mailbox atRemembrance and 27th Annual Massing Approximately 200 students will dis- assistance, the $250 semester-hour capof the Colors Ceremony will be held and the annual ceiling of $4,500 remain play their personal projects. For more information, email ChiefMay 19 at 2:30 p.m. at the Pavilion. The Personal Project invites students unchanged. The event will feature the Armed For more information, call Mr. Hankins at, to independently explore a field they are CTN2 Vassell at orForces Color Guard and the U.S. passionate about, to reflect on their work, Anderson at the Fort Meade ArmyArmy’s Old Guard Fife Drum Corps. Education Center or call 301-677-6421. and to create a finished product that has aThe U.S. Army Field Band will perform purpose related to the larger communitya concert of patriotic music. and world in which they live. Financial Readiness classes RECREATION Under Secretary of the Army Joseph For more information, email IB MYP Army Community Service offersW. Westphal is the grand marshal and coordinator Lindsey Wolfe at lwolfe@ Financial Readiness classes at thekeynote speaker. Community Readiness Center, 830 This venue is a tribute to veterans Chisholm Ave. Out Aboutfrom all wars who made the ultimate Classes are open to DoD • Baltimore’s annual Flowermart willsacrifice in their service. It combines EDUCATION identification cardholders including be held May 3 and May 4 from 11 a.m.the colors and color guards of active active-duty service members, retirees to 8 p.m. at Mount Vernon Plaza, 699 N.and Reserve component and National and their family members, DoD civilian Charles St. The event will feature more thanGuard military units, veterans serviceorganizations, and various civic and Teen college fair employees and contractors. 100 vendors, a food court, wellness services and an array of flowers, plants, accessories, Registration is required for each class.patriotic organizations. The Fort Meade Teen Center will host • Smart Spenders: Today, 1 to 3 p.m. and arts and crafts. Entertainment will be The public is invited. Refreshments a college fair for high school juniors and • Renting/Military Pay Issues: provided on two stages.will be served following the ceremony. seniors on Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, 1 to 3 p.m. On May 4, the West Park will host Representatives from Anne Arundel • First Term Financial Readiness a children’s camp from noon to 5 p.m.Karaoke Night Community College, Bowie State (online class): Tuesday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Participants will be able to make origami The next Karaoke Night is tonight University and other local colleges and • Home Buying: April 25, 1 to 3 p.m. animals, Mother’s Day cards and more. Thefrom 7 to 10 p.m. in the 11th Frame universities will attend. To register or for more information, Urban Pirates will offer storytime.Lounge at the Lanes. The event is free; refreshments will be call 301-677-5590. To schedule an Make a hat or flower costume, bring your The event is held the third Thursday served. appointment, visit fortmeadeacs. pet or enter one of four dance contests. Forof the month. For more information, call 301-677- more information, visit For more information, call 301-677- 6054. • The Third Annual Naptown Barbecue5541 or visit Francis Scott Key ACS classes Contest and Music Festival will be held May 4 from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and May 5 Army Community Service is offeringTrivia Night scholarships a Pre-deployment Brief on Friday at from noon to 6 p.m. at the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds. The Lanes at Fort Meade hosts Trivia The Francis Scott Key Chapter of AUSA 9:30 a.m. at the Community Readiness The event is sponsored by the ParoleNight every Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m., on Fort Meade is offering two scholarships Center, 830 Chisholm Ave. (Annapolis) Rotary Club Foundation.except the third Thursday of the month. for academic year 2013 to 2014. The program is open to DoD Admission is $10. Children under 12 attend The event is open to the public. Application deadline is June 30. identification cardholders, including free. Parking is free. Teams must have a minimum of two The scholarships are in honor of retired active-duty service members, retirees Live music will be performed byplayers and a maximum of 10. Brig. Gen. Jack Kaufman, who dedicated and their family members, DoD civilian more than 40 bands on three stages. The Weekly prizes are awarded to the top more than 40 years of service to the employees and contractors. event also will feature a People’s Choicethree winners. Food and beverages are chapter. To register or for more information, barbecue tasting, Kiddie Korral, Corn Holeavailable for purchase. • AUSA Member Scholarship is open call 301-677-5590. Tournament, and regional arts and crafts. For more information, call 301-677- to all active members. Applicants must For a schedule and more information,5541 or visit have applied to or are attending an YOUTH visit accredited college or university for an • Leisure Travel Services is offering itsParents Night Out undergraduate or advanced degree. next monthly bus trips to New York City • Family Member Scholarship is open on Saturday and May 18, with discounts The next Parents Night Out is Fridayfrom 6:30 to 10 p.m. to all family members of active Francis Scott Key members (officer, enlisted or Summer leadership camp to attractions. Bus cost is $55. For more information, call 301-677-7354 or visit The fee is $10 for the first child and $5 civilian) who are high school seniors. The Navy-sponsored Drug Education each additional child ages 6 weeks to Applications are available in high school For Youth is now accepting applications12 years old. guidance offices and at the Fort Meade for the free, two-week summer The program is open to active-duty Credit Union offices. leadership camp for youth ages 9 to 12 MEETINGSservice members and Reservists on active- For more information, email Jacqueline from July 9 to 19 on Fort Meade.duty status, DoD personnel, retirees and Smith at Participants will learn the basics • Meade Area Garden Club willFort Meade DoD contractors. on drug use and prevention, alcohol, meet Friday at 10 a.m. at the Jessup Register early, spaces are limited. tobacco, peer pressure and gangs. All Community Hall at the corner of Route14 SOUNDOFF! April 18, 2013