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iBrussels Partnership Program






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  • Real life context: the university can be seen as an interesting micro cosmos of the real world.I want to highlight two of the important indicators of success : campus community mobilization , partnership programThe degree to which the campus communities are involved as users and as co-developers. Indeed at this moment the challenges for conceiving the living lab environment are not primarily technical ones, but rather the involvement of the local communities. The degree of success of the partnership program for industry. From previous experience in applied research together with industry in the medical field, I know that the uniqueness of a university partner often resides in the university hospitals with its specific properties (patients communities, care providers, ethical commission….), which an industry cannot build up in house. The attractiveness of offering the campus environment as a test and development bench for collaboration with industry and governments resides in the user community mobilization coupled to the high degree of technologic and scientific and multidisciplinary awareness, characterizing a university. For us the symbiosis with industry is also crucial for keeping our infrastructure up to date with the latest technologies, after the initial investments of the Brussels Capital region. I invite the representatives of companies to discuss about partnership modalities.
  • Some newer projects- Educational project coupled to the VUB learning platform.- The wireless electronic medication prescription (establishing communication with a generic prescription system from an ambulatory environment. ( e.g. home of the patient)- Wireless sensor networks for establishing dense measurements of several environmental indices (e.g. vibration and overall sound pollution)Some of the pilot project’s use cases will be analyzed on their legal aspects (e.g. privacy, security and in some cases also on IP issues,…)
  • Application is fully operational
  • What do we offer?
  • Use cases: student organizations or other social groups trying to organize (or communicating) activities, campus teachers notifying students last-minute about illness, SME’s communicating special sales to customers, friends sending updates to their friends, …
  • Use cases: student organizations or other social groups trying to organize (or communicating) activities, campus teachers notifying students last-minute about illness, SME’s communicating special sales to customers, friends sending updates to their friends, …

iBrussels Partnership Program iBrussels Partnership Program Presentation Transcript

  • the wireless campus
    an explorative environment for innovation
  • the wireless campus
    • mission:
    a permanent test- and demozone
    active partnership with industry and government
    platform for scientific research and education
    • focus on mobile (city) services & applications
    • design, develop & evaluate reference applications in a real life context
    • assist young developers & entrepreneurs
    • offer living lab environment with 10000 users
  • urbizone as a catalyst
    • Free public wifi network on university campus
    • Supports broadband-intensive services
    • 1 km2 outdoor coverage
    • Strategic indoor connectivity
    • Direct connection to fiber
    • Active user community
    • Part of larger Brussels wifi
    infrastructure (largest in
  • experiments
    • Build, test & evaluate mobile services
    • Different application domains
    • Sport & leisure
    • Education / R&D
    • Culture
    • Work/productivity
    • Social networks
  • Currently under development
    • Work:
    • QuTiReal-time monitor for queue sensitive events.
    • TWINICOnline knowledge sharing platform.
    • WAYFINDING 2.0Sensor-based navigation for public spaces
    • RADIATION MONITORCompound radiation measurements for public safety.
    Sport & leisure:
    • MIND THE STEPMotivational, sustained physical activity monitor.
    • MOBILE MUSEUM GUIDEcreating personalised musea experiences through mobile devices.
    Community support:
    • MOBILEIZERMultimodal group communication hub.
  • Airgraffiti application
    • Context aware urban mobile service.
    • An engine for the Internet of Things.
    • People can describe, experience and discover (groupings of) objects, places and other people.
    • Allows for dynamic in- & outdoor trails.
    • Use cases: city trajectories, museum guides, mobile quests, urban story telling.
  • Airgraffiti engine & data store
    • Engine: open application environment (through API) for:
    ubiquitous computing
    internet of things
    social networking
    • Data store: objects reusable by other applications
  • The incentive program… a motivation for participation
    • Mobile Radiation Monitor
    (GSM upper bound frequency band -1.71-1.88 GHz, WiFi frequency band -2.4-2.5 GHz, and WiMAX frequency band -3.4-3.5 GHz)
    • Mobile prescription by physicians at the home of patients
    • Sound level measurements (dense maps of sound nuisance – website and Google map coupling)
  • 9
    Facility: AV Lab @ ETRO
    A service provider in audio-visual content creation
    Production &
  • 10
    1. Music Production
    2. Audio-Visual Production
    3. Dubbing
    ●Recording in-synchrony multi channel audio-visual databases for research or commercial applications (simultaneous ingestion of 6 video and 24 audio channels)
    ●Produce promotional material for VUB related projects
    ● Recording/mixing-editing of music bands
    ●Produce promotional band video-clips from recording session video material
    ●ETRO developed Automatic Post-Synchronization technology
  • 11
    Specs - Time Plan
    ● Recording Room: 6.67m x 4m x 2.67m, box-in-box construction with double walls, double window, double doors, floating ceiling, low noise HVAC, truss system, variable acoustics, lines for 48 audio signals, 6 SDI video signals and electricity
    ● Control Room:16 sq m, acoustic treatment
    - Audio: Soundtracs Quartz (48ch/24bus analog recording console), outboard equipment, microphones, headphones, Pro Tools HD1 recording system, Event monitoring
    - Video:Bluefish video capture (simultaneous ingestion of 4 SD-SDI and 2 HD-SDI video streams), video router, 8ch multiviewer with two 24’’ SD/HD LCD monitors, autocue
    - Audio-visual capture: 6 video and 24 audio channels in-synchrony
    ● Power Feed:3x64 A
    ● Storage Rooms:18 sq m total area
    • Time Plan
    • ● July 2009 – Audio Installation and Testing
    • ● September 2009 – Launch of Music Production Service (Nosey Elephant Studios)  
    • ● November 2009 – Video Monitoring Installation, Single SD/HD video recording
    • ● December 2009 – Audio/Visual Integration
    • ● First Quarter of 2010 – Multi Channel Audio/Visual Recording
  • Digiles Facility: the lecture capture system of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    • Installation and exploitation of an automated system for digitalisation of all lecture aspects.
    • Digital content is made available from the existing learning platform in diverse fromats, adapted to portable and fixed equipments
    • Demonstrations on demand are feasible
    • Capturing, editing, processing, hosting, playback
  • Panopto CourseCast
    Notities en zoekscherm (ook online wireless!)
  • It’s all about collaboration
    • Campus demozone offers
    • a large user & testpanel in a permanent real life demozone
    Micro-cosmos of society at large
    Ecology of early adopters
    Professional users & developers
    • interdisciplinary research team
    • living lab framework and methodology
    • active partner program
    • Partners can
    • test and validate services & applications
    • set up a (permanent) showcase
    • gain insights in mobile applications and services
    • network with industry & government
  • contact
    • demo zone
    • VUB (ETRO) Pleinlaan 2 – 1050 Brussel
    • contacts
    • Jan Cornelis & Pieter Ballon
    The campus demozone is a project initiated by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel & iLab.o
    With the support of the Brussel- Capital Region
  • Extra slides
    The campus demozone is a project initiated by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel & iLab.o
    With the support of the Brussel- Capital Region
  • AirGraffiti (Kristof Michiels)
    Context aware urban mobile service
    - Provides a highly personalized city experience, tailored to specific interests, expectations and situation
    - Allows for dynamic in- & outdoor trails
    - Uses GPS, QR-codes, RFID-tags
    - Use cases: city trajectories, museum guides, mobile quests, urban story telling
    - Today: Poster + limited demo on req.
  • Mobileizer – Oyble (Kristof Michiels)
    Multimodal group communication hub
    - A platform that allows any group to stay connected through a computer and/or a mobile phone
    - Uses SMS, e-mail, the web, an API and screen scraping
    - Embeddable widget allows subscription on every web site
    - Use cases: Student bodies organizing activities, Teachers sending students last-minute notices, communities keeping each other up to date
    - Today: Poster + demo at the boot
  • Wayfinding 2.0 (Kristof Michiels)
    Sensor-based navigation experiment on the campus
    - Uses active nodes on the campus: displays + RFID readers attached.
    - Users navigate the campus with a passive RFID tag
    - Each node provides a visual queue & info on how to get to the next node
    - Dynamic trails with minimal configuration. Use cases: future events on the campus
    - Today: Poster (currently in early development)
  • Mind The Step (Bart Jansen or Kristof Michiels)
    Community website for stimulating a healthy lifestyle.
    Diet is monitored through simple questionnaires.
    Physical activity is automatically monitored through a smart sensor.
    Will the community aspect improve compliance?
    We are targeting large employers to launch a competition among different departments.
    Today: Poster + sensor demo
  • Mobile Museum Guide (Frederik Temmermans)
    • A Museum Guide Platform that brings multimedia content to mobile devices.
    • A solution for content management and distribution for museums.
    • VUB-ETRO develops technology that allows querying the database with a picture of a painting.
    • In October 2009 an exposition of artworks selected from the VUB art collection will be organized to demonstrate the framework and the recognition and retrieval functionality.
  • QuTi - Mobile application for queue-sensitive events (Olga De Troyer)
    • Real-time info about waiting times and availability of products for queue-sensitive events
    • Generic framework using:
    Sensor technology for monitoring the traffic
    Internet for communication
    Web as well as mobile technology for consultation
    Configurable per event
    Demo application for
    the VUB restaurant
    in October 2009