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12 Jesus  Baptism, Temptations And  Public  Ministry
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12 Jesus Baptism, Temptations And Public Ministry


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  • 1. The Story So Far…..
    • We have encountered all the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary.
    • Three beautiful canticles which have become our prayers:
    • Magnificat Lk. 1: 46 – 55
    • Benedictus Lk. 1: 68 – 79
    • Nunc Dimittis Lk. 2: 29 – 32
    • Today we encounter the First of the Luminous Mysteries – The Baptism of Jesus
  • 2. Angels
    • Heb. 1:14 “They are spirits who serve God and are sent by him to help those who are to receive salvation.”
    • “ Angelos” (Gk) Messenger
    • The Archangels: Michael (Who is like unto God?)
    • Gabriel (God is mighty)
    • Raphael (God heals)
    • Your Guardian Angel
    • Keeps you in touch with heaven
    • Is your devoted friend, ever ready to help you on your way to heaven.
    • Honour, love and venerate your guardian angel who is sent by God and does only God’s bidding.
  • 3. The Baptism of Jesus, The Temptations in the Desert, Jesus begins His Public Ministry. SFX RCIA 2009/2010
    • They were a small obscure country on the fringe of (and colonized by) a great empire, but they were a monotheistic stronghold in a world of polytheism, superstition and rationalism. And their moral life was far above that of the Hellenistic world of that time.
  • 5. Groups in Palestine at the time of Jesus
    • Pharisees
    • Scribes / Lawyers
    • Sadducees
    • The Zealots
    • The Essenes
    • The Romans
    • The anawim
  • 6. The mission of John the Baptist.
    • At a precise point in history (Luke 3: 1 – 2)
    • Description of the mission in all four Gospels: “A voice cries in the wilderness: ‘Prepare a way of the LORD, make his paths straight.’” (Is. 40:3)
    • John’s baptism was a call to conversion and an announcement that one greater than himself was to come.
    • He points to the true identity of Jesus
  • 7. The Baptism of Jesus Luke 3: 21 - 22
  • 8. The Significance of Jesus’ Baptism
    • His complete identification with sinners although He himself was sinless. (Hebrews 4:15)
    • An immersion and a prefiguring of His death, the ultimate sacrifice for our sins
    • A rising to new life prefiguring the Resurrection.
    • His communion with the will of the Father opens heaven – the place where the Father’s will is perfectly fulfilled.
    • The proclamation of Jesus’ mission by the Father: not what Jesus does but who He is : He is the beloved Son on whom God’s favour rests.
  • 9. The Significance of Jesus’ Baptism
    • A new identity born out of anointing by the Holy Spirit – Christ, the anointed one.
    • The mystery of the Trinitarian God is beginning to emerge.
    • An arc joins this beginning of Jesus’ journey with the mission he entrusts to His disciples after His Resurrection (Matt. 28:19)
  • 10. The Significance of Jesus’ Baptism for me
    • A personal acceptance of God’s call to a new life through Baptism
    • It is a turning point in my life
    • It is dying with Him and rising to new life.
    • With Jesus as mediator, we too can lay claim to the term “children of God.”
    • As sons and daughters of God and partakers in His Divine nature, all that we are and do is in Christ and His Body, the Church.
  • 11. The Significance of Jesus’ Baptism for me
    • Does this make sense to me? Is this what I want?
  • 12. The Temptations of Jesus (Luke 4: 1 - 13 )
  • 13. Parallels with OT
    • 40 years wandering in the wilderness; 40 days in the desert
    • Three failures of the Jews at a time of testing; three temptations of Jesus. - Jews complained about their hunger; that in Egypt they ate their fill of daily bread. (Exodus 16) - Broke their faith in God and worshipped the golden calf. (Exodus 32)
    • - Lack of trust that God would provide water for them. (Exodus 17)
  • 14. The Temptations of Jesus (Luke 4: 1 – 13)
    • The Bread Temptation: Trying to make Jesus prove His is the Son of God.
    • One does not live by bread alone (Deut 8:3)
    • The Authority Temptation: Testing Jesus’ faithfulness to God.
    • Worship the Lord your God and serve only him (Deut. 6:13)
    • The Trust Temptation: Trying to get Jesus to doubt God; to test His trust in God
    • Do not put the Lord your God to the test (Deut. 6:16)
  • 15. Jesus in the Synagogue at Nazareth (Luke 4: 16 – 30)
    • Refers to His anointing by the Spirit
    • Proclaims His “mission statement”
    • Describes His mission as the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecy.
  • 16. Jesus in the Synagogue at Nazareth (Luke 4: 16 – 30)
    • From initial approval, the mood of the people begins to change.
    • The rejection, the violence prefigures the eventual fate of Jesus at the hands of His own people.
  • 17. The Miracles of Jesus
    • Jesus accompanied his words with wonders and signs which manifest that the kingdom is present in him and attest that he was the promised Messiah. What writers say about miracles:
    • “ For those with faith, no explanation is needed. For those without faith, no explanation is possible.”
  • 18. Sharing
    • Read Luke 5: 1 – 11 Jesus calls his Disciples We have begun to read about Jesus’ ability to perform miracles . If you were one of those in the crowd who witnessed Jesus performing a miracle, what do you think your your reaction would be?
    • What do you think Jesus meant when he said to Simon, “From now on you will be catching people?”
  • 19. For Next Week:
    • Read:
    • The Gospel of Matthew Chapter 5
  • 20. Prayer For the Catechumens
    • Father of love and power,
    • It is your will to establish everything in Christ
    • And to draw us into His all-embracing love.
    • Guide these chosen ones: Strengthen them in their journey of conversion,
    • Build them into the Kingdom of your Son
    • And seal them with the Spirit of your promise.
    • We ask this through Christ Our Lord, Amen.