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Adopted Resolution CDJA Congress on Ukraine 270513


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  • 1. Resolution CDJA Presented by: Political Commission on behalf of the International Commission (CIS), Working group for Foreign Affairs and Defense and the Working group for European Affairs. Resolution: Pursuing democratic improvements in Ukraine At the CDJA Congress in Zeist on 24-25 May 2013. Recognizing that: 1. Breaching basic human rights, the daily repression and oppression in the Ukraine and because of the bad condition of the human rights in the country which gave reason to high representatives to boycott the European Championship football last year of which Ukraine was one of the hosts; 2. 2013 will be a crucial year in the relationship between the European Union and Ukraine, because of the planned conference of the Eastern Partnership in next November where there is the intention to sign the association agreement between the two; 3. The former Prime Minister of the Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko, because of a political motivated trial became imprisoned for many years; 4. Recently colleagues of our sister party Democratic Alliance were arrested and imprisoned because of their peaceful demonstrations close to the presidential palace in Kyiv. Acknowledging that: 1. The parliamentary elections of October 28th, 2012 were considered as a crucial test for Ukraine to show that the country is on the right path to evolve its system in a fully democratic one, to strenghten the rule of law and to continue the political reforms; 2. Ukraine because of its size, its natural resources, its people and its geographical position a strategic value has for EU and the Netherlands; 3. According to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has been unlawfulness and arbitrary arrested;, 4. Recently, due to the efforts of former President of the Republic of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski and former President of the European Parliament Pat Cox, former Minister of Interior Affairs Joeri Loetsjenko and former Minister of Environment Heorhej Filiptsjoek have been pardoned; 5. The Association Agreement of the EU can be a powerful instrument to support Ukraine to continue political reforms in a positive way;
  • 2. CDJA calls on: 1. The Dutch government to pursue all possible ways, before the signing and ratification of the Association Agreement and the effective implementation of it, to induce Ukraine to work on establishing political reforms and therefore to work on positive progressions in the next areas: a) Liberal democracy and freedom; b) Free, fair and transparent elections; c) Strengthening the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary, (including the reforming of the judiciary); d) Protection of Human Rights; e) Active fighting of corruption; 2. The Dutch government to support initiatives which contribute to improvements of the areas under ‘call on 1’ and coming from the civil society in Ukraine (NGO’s, political parties, trade unions etc.), as much as possible in a neutral way and when possible through our diplomatic mission in Ukraine; 3. The Dutch government to turn to the Ukrainian authorities to request for neutrality and to guarantee transparency in the cassation process in the Tymoshenko-case, that this will be done according to the norms and practice of law which are applied in Europe and described in the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR). This also applies for (high) senior officials of the Ukrainian government; 4. CDA, via all parliaments, assemblees and other international bodies where they take seat, to appeal Ukraine to its responsibility, whereby it a serious option is to do this via the persons of former President of the Republic of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski and former President of the European Parliament Pat Cox Calls the Executive Board to state this opinion to the involved CDA Members of Parliament and calls those involved representatives to proceed to this point of view; Request CDJA to spread this point of view far and wide; And moves back to today’s agenda. Adopted by the CDJA Congress on 24-25 May 2013 in Zeist. On behalf of the Congress, Julius Terpstra Frank Visser President CDJA International Secretary CDJA