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  • 2. Key Ingredients for Successful Groups Focused recruitment Pre agreed topic guide with sufficient time to explore themes Good quality stimulus material Professional moderator Interactive groups – collage boards/working in groups Detailed analysis Output can be used to Explore perceptions of the Kingston shopping experience Identify issues that affect the shopping experience Inform branding decisions Set marketing tone Inform tenant mix decisions FSP RETAIL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS2
  • 3. FSP RETAIL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS3 Concrete city Ring road The band stand Family stuff to do – swimming, the Look Out Hardly alive (skeleton) Peaceful place to live Alive on outskirts (greenery) dead in middle Collage Boards Reflect Current Situation
  • 4. Collage Boards Represent Future Vision FSP RETAIL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS4 Nice restaurants Fashionable, trendy Safe Culture Good shops Happy Our sort of people Farmers’ market A place to escape to Business people Greenery
  • 5. Collage Boards Describe Competition FSP RETAIL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS5 Variety Fashion Clean & bright, colourful Food & flowers
  • 6. Maps Drawn to Show Areas of Usage FSP RETAIL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS6 The actual shopping centre with Bentalls in is very small (Young-family AB)
  • 7. Powerful Quotes Positives FSP RETAIL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS7 Negatives It just has the feeling of doom about it My only concern is that the cheaper, nastier shops tend to be near Sainsbury’s and I wonder if it’s going to become fragmented I like the way it’s arched – like you’re going on to something new. The arch is symbolic (invitation). It gives me the feeling of being welcome and is now a place you can spend the day, have lunch Aberdeen is a big city. It should be catering for bigger things I like to go to Dundee for the simple reason of crossing the road and the buses in Aberdeen
  • 8. Powerful Quotes Perceptive FSP RETAIL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS8 Suggestions I’m hoping they keep it green and not just concrete everywhere . . . More focus on restaurants and cafes . . . More shops and eating al-fresco type areas Another reason we go to Camberley is the Magic Castle for soft play, then I get less resistance when I go round the shops What would make you feel safe? The lighting at night. My children are going to want to go there and if you feel a presence of security and see CC TV You need to change the name – give it a name . . . Yes, because it’s been a dump. It can’t be Princess Square It’s incubated which is part of the climate of Aberdeen. It’s cold so you have to spend a lot of time indoors. Different social groups form. It’s not segregated and it’s friendly once you get in there but it’s finding where you want to get in - that can be daunting
  • 9. Tenant Types – Sorted by Respondents FSP RETAIL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS9 High street brands (Y) High end labels (Y) Boutiques (Y) Department stores (Y) Boutique-y, different (P) Younger family = (Y) Post family2 = (P)
  • 10. Tenant Type Examples FSP RETAIL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS10 Bookshops (P) Gifts (Y) Home (Y) Traditional jewellery (Y) Family (Y) Essentials, everyday things you need (P) Shoes (P)
  • 11. Focus on Specifics – Department Store A great fondness for Bentalls, a special place in the hearts of Bracknell shoppers Bentalls rarity makes it especially valued FSP RETAIL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS11 The presence of Bentalls is a key influence on choice of Bracknell as a shopping destination Shoppers value the taste Bentalls provides of the range/choice (especially fashion) they head to other centres for Appeals across the board Miss Selfridge, French Connection for, typically, younger on a more limited budget Karen Millen, Ted Baker, Reiss for, typically, more mature with a higher clothes budget It’s quite an exclusive thing Bentalls, we feel quite privileged (Young-family C1) I would go straight to Bentalls for clothes, that’s the place where you start to get the variety you would have in Reading but not to the extreme of Reading (Pre-family C1 female) Next one is over in Kingston, so you have to go a long way to find another Bentalls whereas you don’t have that far to go to find another Marks or Debs (Young-family C1)
  • 13. Previous Research Will Inform Group Composition FSP RETAIL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS13 Lifestage Wealthy Achievers Urban Prosperity Comfortably Off Pre-Family Group 1 Male/Female Group 2 Female Family – young children Group 3 Female Family – older children Group 4 Female Post-Family Group 5 Male/Female Group 6 Female
  • 14. Methodology Recruitment Screener Ideally groups comprise a mix of frequent and infrequent users to maximise debate. Other screening aspects might be working/non-working and use of competing locations. A detailed screener will be agreed with the team Discussion Guide FSP will prepare (and agree with the Kingston team) a topic guide which will detail the key areas for discussion. Initial ideas for the headline topic guide include: Usage of Kingston & its distinct shopping areas including Bentall Centre, Market Square, Eden Walk – Bentall Centre market positioning Usage of competing locations and Kingston’s position in the local retail hierarchy Strengths and Weaknesses of competing locations/shopping centres Reasons for using/not using Bentall Centre Suggestions on retail mix/occupier/leisure improvements Success or otherwise of Bentalls department store as an ‘anchor’ FSP RETAIL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS14
  • 15. Output PowerPoint report and presentation to the team including: Detailed analysis Quotes Collage boards and other group outputs Recommendations Fees & Timing Proposal is to conduct 2 waves of research in September 2013 and September 2014 Fees include all respondent recruitment costs, respondent incentives, venue hire, a delivery presentation (in London) and expenses. Fees for 2013 £24,950+VAT Fees for 2014 £23,950 + VAT, reflecting saving in recruitment cost for reconvened groups If viewing facilities are required this will incur an additional cost typically £1,500 to £2,000 + VAT. This can be either billed directly from the studio to Aviva or FSP will charge on at cost. FSP RETAIL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS15
  • 16. FSP RETAIL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS 19 Manor Courtyard Hughenden Avenue High Wycombe UK, HP13 5RE T +44(0)1494 474740 F +44(0)1494 474262