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Social Print in a time of Building Information Management
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Social Print in a time of Building Information Management


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Presentation to be2campoxon event on 15th Oct 2013, exploring the theme of Letting Go of Print in the context of social media, building information management and a history of social print.

Presentation to be2campoxon event on 15th Oct 2013, exploring the theme of Letting Go of Print in the context of social media, building information management and a history of social print.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • An exploration of the role of ‘social print’ in todays built environment and relationships with BIM
  • Palimpsest – paper, landscape, architecture, ….sustainability?
  • Tom Standage, Writing on the Wall, a history of social media over last 2000 years, from Romans, Early Christians, Luther, Coffee Houses and more.
  • Are be2 events and other collaborative, learning sharing, innovative events akin to coffee houses?
  • Mass media – pushing knowledge, controlling what people will read, learn, from early printing press through to modern media moguls
  • Mobile computing – but has the main frame, desk top computer actually been a distraction away from socially sharing information, something only now we are ‘returning’ to with social media and mobile devices?
  • Paper and computing has always had an uneasy relationship, to print or not print, to read on screen, to share electronically or in print …
  • Quality control through paper control, controlling, pushing control and knowledge, rather than
  • Cloud based sharing – but why do we have a fear of wiki based info in construction – are BIM Models a form of Wiki – ie collaboratively developed solutions?
  • Consider where BIM is going in terms of pushing knowledge from a select few who understand BIM (the printing press moguls?) or allowing collborative sharing and pulling of knowledge from the BIM
  • Interesting model, but danger that the BIM line is done by BIM teams without the real input from teams – printing enables knowledge to increase? Consider collaborative teams brainstorming around plan chests, marking up drawings, harder to f=do on screens in remote locations, in real time – social media will of couse help. How to combine both?
  • Wish I had this in my Role as a Business Improvement Director …
    How many organisations are tuned into this thinking for improvement, best practice
    How many boards ….
  • What the modern construction CEO / director and boards need – social media and social print
    Social print – the short hand written / typed notes from board meetings, issues to managers, added to, passed to sites, added to and communicated - contribute, recommend, liked, shared as per the Roman, early Christian, Lutherian approach
  • Tim Robinson – Stones of Arran or Connemara – scratching maps to discover history
  • Printed maps contain wealth and depth of current, historical, social, geo information, data and knowledge – plus are works of art and beauty, of inspiration and exploration. All on paper
    How to relate to BIM ?
  • Social caving – contributing to maps
  • Sharing local knowledge in wild locations
  • Lets not completely disregard printing as evil, but understand its role as social print
  • However – consider waste of paper in construction – the call for vast amount of hard copy in bids, the printing in offices on sites, distribution revision to drawings
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Palimpsest Social Print in a time of BIM
    • 2. Palimpsest [pal-imp-sest] … papyrus or parchment that has been written on more than once, with the earlier writing incompletely erased and often visible … an object, place, or area that reflects its history
    • 3. 17th Century Coffee Houses Collaborative Learning and Sharing “you never know what you will hear and learn” #be2camp #be2campoxon #be2coffee
    • 4. Mass Media
    • 5. Connectivity Distraction
    • 6. Uneasy Relationship
    • 7. Quality Control Pushed Knowledge
    • 8. Fear of Shared Knowledge?
    • 9. BIM Direction of Travel Pushing or Pulling?
    • 10. Is there a role for Print in BIM
    • 11. Twitter Blogs Searches Share Share Flipboard Reader Google+ Instapaper Evernote Content Blogs Pres #hashtags A Few Others #mycurrentworkflow
    • 12. What the modern construction CEO needs: Twitter Currency Blogging Best Practice Linkedin Sector Social Print? Briefing Board Level Intel
    • 13. Landscape Palimpsest
    • 14. Now on Ebay
    • 15. Bearnais Bothy, Strathcarron Wild Bothy Sharing Log + Maps
    • 16. “The longer we can look back, the further we can look forward” Churchill Social Print in a world of BIM Lets understand it - not loose it!
    • 17. Its time to think differently … … its time to heal the future martin brown #notthefortypercentsector
    • 18. @fairsnape