Social media - an introduction for charity managers


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Presentation delivered to Macmillan fundraising managers in Birmingham on 23th June

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Social media - an introduction for charity managers

  1. 1. social media for charity fund managers introduction insights thoughts exploring social media with MacMillan martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  2. 2. Thank you for viewing and or downloading. Please think twice or thrice about printing this presentation. It is designed to run onscreen, not for printing (black screens use less energy) and have more impact in presentation If you would like commentary, notes or more information please contact me via the details at the bottom of the slides. Oh and please feel free to share … martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  3. 3. leading and leading and supporting innovation supporting innovation business card and improvement: and improvement: fairsnape winning work winning work sustainability sustainability martin brown martin brown fairsnape fairsnape collaborative collaborative mob: 07776234702 mob: 07776234702 working working twitter: @fairsnape twitter: @fairsnape email: email: sykpe: fairsnape sykpe: fairsnape social media social media linkedin: martinbrown linkedin: martinbrown blog: blog: & & support support facilitation facilitation ‘organisational ‘organisational clinics clinics improvement’ improvement’ training training martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  4. 4. The future is closer than you think … … from Harry P to Social Media Messages with emotions Messages via Twitter 2004 2009 Maps with icons that show Foursquare peoples whereabouts Google Latitude martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  5. 5. 2005 Excelsus Blog Social Media Journey 2006 Second Life (aka Brand Woodin) 2006 igoogle 2006 Skype 2007 isite Blog 2007 Blog4FM 2007 Linkedin 2008 Twitter (@martin brown) 2008 be2camp 2009 Twitter (@fairsnape) 2009 Slideshare 2009 Googlewave 2010 (AR) Augmented Reality + Foursquare martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  6. 6. “Social media in the built environment has opened doors for individuals to hold conversations and form relationships across organisation boundaries. This is increasingly important as we enter a new decade where success will come from person to person collaboration, rather than last decades business to business focus. Leaders and directors of organisations need to address the benefits that social media will bring … Failure to do so will almost definitely leave them trailing behind their more innovative and successful competitors martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  7. 7. Why social media? Its where you will find your supporters, community, staff, suppliers, contractors, friends …. people Its not a new thing but a new way of doing old things, …. like talking and communicating Shouldn’t you be there too? martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  8. 8. martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  9. 9. Web 1.0 Brochure: ‘pinned to the wall’ Web 2.0 Conversations ‘lets meet for coffee’ martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  10. 10. martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  11. 11. 2006 13% 2009 24% 19% 33% 15% 20% 19% 59% 33% 70% 52% Engaging 17% with Social Media Source: martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  12. 12. “There go my people. I must find out where they are going so I can lead them.” - French politician Alexandre Ledru-Rollin martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  13. 13. Shhhhsh … listen people are talking Where are people talking? What are they saying? About trends About you About your services About your supporters, partners, clients, suppliers? Love you? Hate you? martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  14. 14. lets find out Use google alerts Create a igoogle listening board … (nice and passive) or Join the conversations … (much better) martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  15. 15. martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  16. 16. martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  17. 17. martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  18. 18. Twitter, all about connections: martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  19. 19. big connections, big reach: martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  20. 20. 1. Join conversations + network Why should 2. Promote events and news we look at twitter? 3. be visible 4. Share your knowledge, guidance 5. Get to know people 6. Form relationships 7. Influence above your weight 8. Follow events 9. Recruit 10. Win martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  21. 21. the name game Are you ‘ the organisation’ @fairsnape or ‘ in the organisation’ ? Name @{12 characters} Profile 160 characters martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  22. 22. How do you or your people stand out? How do you link with others? Is there the common message from your people? martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  23. 23. Applies 1. Increase visibility to YOU 2. Increase reach and to 3. Promote your stuff and events YOUR organisation 4. Create communities 5. Demonstrate experience and knowledge 6. Generate discussions 7. Engage with people Why get martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  24. 24. macmillan using social media … martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  25. 25. 29000+ followers thanks offers of help stories support advice sponsorships martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  26. 26. 5000+ followers saying thank you promoting events promoting advice influential contacts martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  27. 27. Linking to trending events Ideas for using twitter Linking to advice and support Promoting events Saying thank you Promoting stories use #hashtags Organise tweetups ReTweeting Internal communications Growing local communities Good news martin brown Images e: t: @fairsnape
  28. 28. listen and then engage with friends and followers it’s a conversation not a monologue martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  29. 29. share is what makes your community martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  30. 30. be real people follow people, let your personality, stories interests and character be seen martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  31. 31. influence Connect with the top 50 tweeters in your area how can they help martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  32. 32. don’t create an online profile and then do nothing … a bit like sending out coffee morning invites and not turning up? martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  33. 33. so What do you think so far? martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  34. 34. Social Media is Changing Organisations* 1 From Trying to Push to Making Connections 2. From Big Campaigns to Small Acts 3 From Controlling Our Image to Being Real 4. From Hard to Reach to Available Everywhere …. How is your organisation changing ? * from martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  35. 35. If you want to: Check out: your starter for Linkedin Join conversations six Promote visibility, support and experience Twitter Improve ‘reach’’ of Slideshare presentations Comment and blog Wordpress Keep online diary, records, timelines Posterous Collaborate with team on projects Woobius martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  36. 36. Look Learn Listen Live martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  37. 37. tte Etique There a party going on … you got the invite now, do you … Ignore the invitation Go but sit in the corner Wear a paper bag over your head Burst in and shout or just act normal (yeah) martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  38. 38. Don’t forget to measure AndDon’t initiatives like all forget to measure plan do check act martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  39. 39. And have some form of fair play Web Use Policy or Code of Conduct martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  40. 40. Post :thinking it through P = People Who are you trying to engage? O = Objectives What are you trying to achieve? S = Strategies What will be your approach? T = Tools What will you use? martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  41. 41. your turn … How will YOU use twitter? Your tweet … message … story … news … link 120 characters, ok 140, but leave 20 free for sharing… martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  42. 42. don’t forget: sometimes we need break the string between tin cans Sometimes we need to switch off, get away from being always on, through emails or social media. Sleep under stars, watch cloudscapes, sleep on a beach, get lost and connect with nature … The increase in always available computing means the value of our wild places increases dramatically . We need to protect our Wild places where we can go to (physically or mentally) to recharge. Lets not turn them into the power source to feed our technology or an extension to the web. martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  43. 43. thank you martin: tweets @fairsnape writes at receives email at + thanks for ideas: @subutcher @gemmawent martin brown e: t: @fairsnape