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Augmented Reality for the Built Environment, AEC and FM sectors
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Augmented Reality for the Built Environment, AEC and FM sectors


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Presentation and talk given to be2campnw exploring the use of virtual and augmented reality within the built environment. …

Presentation and talk given to be2campnw exploring the use of virtual and augmented reality within the built environment.

Also makes the case to protect our real, wild environments free from technology

Published in: Technology

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  • An introduction to something that has been fascinating me for years, since exploring second life, how to bring what virtual environments offers outside of a virtual environment, the already here potential for the built environment, the issues and privacy concerns this raises and why more than ever we need our unconnected Wild Places
  • Back in 2004 I presented a Future of Construction IT, Harry Potter was very popular and provided many images and concepts for futures. Then seemed far fetched, unrealistic but 5 years later many of these sci fi notions are now a reality. The future is closer than you think .
  • Not sure how this links, but listening to Hawkwinds Orgone Accumulator and Kate Bush Cloudbursting recently … Rob Annable also mentioned this as a recent be2camp pecha kucha. In search of the unseen energy … orgone energy
  • Snow Crash, did this spawn all the virtual worlds and the notion of the metaverse. Viruses that exist within the pc and with the human brain ….
  • Uses of second life, mainly as a communication application. Realise I haven,t changed my t shirt since 2005
  • One of the most powerful use is the virtual builds prior to real builds, and the ability for future end users to shape the build and facility. Aloft hotels here is a good case study.
  • Now it gets scary. We may have all of this technology, not wearables yet but ….
  • Back in 2002, AR announced as a killer app. We didn’t have the concept or reality of wifi or always being connected. Tech was clumsy and probably didn’t exist outside of the academic / IT world …or out of the backpack with ariel …
  • Today we have iphones and other smart phones, easy access to always online. Presence of phone cams , gps, web, compass, in one device has put AR into our pockets, also easier access to virtual environments Searchin information in a visual, virtual, augmented mashup of ‘stuff’
  • For property … information linked to visual searching …
  • For architecture, visualisation of yet to be built projects, linking AR to BIM …
  • For construction, visual search of construction performance, (waste, co2, safety, progress) For fm, mashing service routes onto webcam for safety and avoiding clashes
  • For visual performance of energy and co2 emissions
  • From QR codes to augmented id based on face recognition …
  • From sat nav to augmented navigation … follow the arrow …. safety at sea
  • Here is where it gets interesting … linking twitter type location comments ( eg FourSquare ) to AR. End users of facilities can leave comments (good bad, praise criticisms) hanging at a location for future users to see. Looking for a café that’s clean, recommended, good service? Scan with your AR cam device (iphone)
  • Presenting on augmented reality within a virtual world ( me to the APWA, from Lancashire UK to Illinios USA, this month)
  • But , what if we link criminal databases to AR, peoples private blog comments to AR, all using face recognition as well as geo location. We have a few major privacy issues to tackle ….
  • Sometimes we need to switch off, get away from always on. Find the real reality . Sleep under stars, watch cloudscapes, sleep on a beach … The increase in always available computing (UC) and Internet of Things means the value of wild places increases dramatically . We need to protect our Wild places where we can go to (physically or mentally) to recharge. Lets not turn them into the power source to feed our technology .
  • Questions? Ta …
  • Transcript

    • 1. virtual augmented and real reality exploring augmented reality in the built environment
    • 2. Messages with emotions Maps with icons that show peoples whereabouts Messages via Twitter Foursquare Google Latitude 2004 2009 The future is closer than you think
    • 3. 1930’s 1970’s Orgone Accumulator
    • 4. Virtual worlds … … . the metaverse 1992
    • 5.  
    • 6. Aloft Hotels
    • 7. 2006 Standing in the Future: World famous poet Robert Gu missed twenty years of progress while he nearly died from Alzheimer’s. Now he awakes in the year 2025 with his mind and health restored, reality is a shock. Books are just about gone Computers are old news replaced by contact lenses that connect to the internet via wireless nodes just about everywhere. Buildings are basic shells - unless you are ‘wearing’ Then they look like whatever you want them to look like. Even he is different, although 75 his treatment has made him almost a teenager. And that’s just the tip of the new Digital Age
    • 8. Popular Science 2002 … work to be done
    • 9. Augmented Reality PHONE CAM + GPS + COMPASS + {YOUR} WEB DATA + LOCATION + TWITTER information wikitude
    • 10. property
    • 11. architecture
    • 12. performance safety maintenance construction fm maintenance Water Construction Pipe Lane BB7 2RE £1.6m 34 weeks CO2 46T/£100k AFR: 2.3 Waste: 6T/£100k
    • 13. Energy CO2 co2
    • 14. networking augmented ID
    • 15. navigation
    • 16. LOCATION + TWITTER + FM + COMMENTS + AUGMENTED REALITY What if facilities users and visitors posted views and comments about your services online, and got rewarded for doing so? Meet foursquare Starbucks Here and now …
    • 17.  
    • 18. privacy concerns manage the future?
    • 19. break the tin cans
    • 20. thank you martin: tweets @fairsnape writes at receives email at [email_address] and frequents SL as Brand Woodin