Group project. assignment 1. rams
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Group project. assignment 1. rams



SFSU- ISYS-363- Ciomeck

SFSU- ISYS-363- Ciomeck



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Group project. assignment 1. rams Presentation Transcript

  • 1. SFSU- ISYS 363 Fall 2013- Section 1- RAMS
  • 2. Intro • As a team we looked at different “tools” to use for group collaboration • The categories we researched included: file- sharing, conferencing, SMS, and collaboration portals • Our requirements were that all “tools” be multi platform based and need to be free/ open source software
  • 3. Intro • Specifically we looked for multi-platform and easily accessible software • The software with higher security and lower cost
  • 4. Tool 1-Skydrive • Pros • 1)It is a great way to keep all your files an photos safe. • 2)It can smoothly links in Microsoft Office and Office Web applications. • 3)Users can remotely access files stored on their PC from anywhere using a feature. • Cons • 1)It lacks of sophisticated admin tools. • 2)No history file. • 3)No offline access for mobile.
  • 5. Tool 2- Skype Pros 1) Send photos and videos of any size 2) Can be installed on a computer, mobile, tablet, home phones, iPod, and play stations 3) Free Cons 1) No back up 2) Group chat is not free 3) No way to ensure that messages have been sent/received when intended
  • 6. Tool 3- Google Docs Pros 1) Online Availability 2) Works across various operating systems 3) Free to access Cons 1) Internet limited 2) Security issue 3) Unable to load pictures in to the folders
  • 7. Tool 4- Mobile Messaging Pros 1) Convenience 2) No time or location limits 3) Low cost Cons 1) Unable to make sure if people receive the message 2) Pay attention on message all the time 3) People tend to do job late, difficult to arrange plan
  • 8. Tool 5- Trello Pros 1) All platforms- Android, IPhone, windows, IOS 2) Privacy- SSL/HTTPS connection 3) Collaboration- in real time Cons 1) No video/audio conferencing 2) No backup 3) Storage capabilities
  • 9. Winner We as a team feel that we will use more than one platform to communicate and work as a group. Our winners are SkyDrive, Googledocs, mobile messaging and Trello, all for different reasons and different functions. Which will include sharing files, messages, and any other forms of communication needed
  • 10. References • • review-of-microsoft-skydrive-pros-and-cons/ • • ps/ • y/ • https//