Horwath htl presentation 2010 april


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Horwath htl presentation 2010 april

  2. 2. CONTENT ① Horwath HTL ② Crowe Horwath International ③ Our services TENT ④ Scope CONT ⑤ Board of Advisors ⑥ Alliances ⑦ C t t Contact www.horwathhtl.es
  3. 3. HORWATH HTL Horwath HTL (Hotel Tourism & Leisure) is the pre-eminent consulting firm specialized in hotel, tourism and leisure industries. We provide specialized and innovative assessment for our client’s projects through a combination of detailed local knowledge and international experience. WHY HORWATH HTL TL Rich History: Founded in 1915 in New York City WATH HT Industry Originator: Created the Uniform System of Accounts for Hotels (the industry standard) Focus: Exclusively HTL Specialized Global Network: 50 offices in 30 countries (largest HTL group in the World) 1. HORW Localized Expertise: Extensive office network affords unique local market understanding International Perspective: Group interaction yields global view and world-class solutions Experience: Industry seasoned consultants bring unparalleled depth and value to every project Database: Provides historical and detailed tracking of market performances Industry Leader: Recognized around the Globe as the HTL expert for successful projects Horwath HTL assists its clients from the planning phase and project development, turning ideas into realities that endure over time. ea t es t at e du e o e t e STRATEGIC  OPERATOR  IDEA FEASIBILITY  PLANNING  FINANCIAL &  CONCEPTUALIZATION AND  AND DESIGN  AND  COMPLEMENTARY  PROJECT INVESTOR  INVESTOR BUSINESS BUSINESS SERVICES SEARCH www.horwathhtl.es
  4. 4. CROWE HORWATH INTERNATIONAL NAL Crowe Horwath International offers its broad international experience in providing services in audit, business 2. CROWE HORWAT INTERNATION consultancy, tax and legal, risk consultancy, information technology and hotel, tourism and leisure consultancy. Crowe Horwath International is one of the largest networks in the world, that operates in 590 cities in 104 countries. C H TH
  5. 5. OUR SERVICES STUDIES AND PLANNING: We help our PUBLIC SECTOR: : We offer technical assistance customers in each of the phases of their and support on the touristic management of the projects from its conceptualization to its territories. 3. OUR SERVICES S implementation Master plans Tourism destination planning p g Best use of land Marketing planning and strategizing Business model conceptualization Quality systems development and implementation Market studies Specialized training and online strategies p g g Feasibility studies development Assets valuation Public aid assessment Market penetration strategy Tourism excellence planning www.horwathhtl.es
  6. 6. OUR SERVICES OPERATIONAL: We provide strategic and FINANCIAL AND COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES: professional management approach to We provide advice on the different processes of their improve the competitive structure of their assets businesses. 3. OUR SERVICES S Operative audit Mergers and aquisitions Risk consulting Company restructuring Strategic consulting Debt restructuring Asset management Operator search and selection Interim management Investor search and selection Restructuring Contract negotiations and assesment Litigation Suport Human resource: search and selection E-commerce IT services Benchmarking Controlling Quality and environmental control www.horwathhtl.es
  7. 7. SCOPE Sectors of the industry Hotels Wellness & spa centres Resorts Convention centres Marinas Golf courses Cruise lines COPE Condominiums Residential complexes Restaurants 4. SC Sky stations Shipping companies Sport complexes Theme parks Franchising Tourism Destinations
  8. 8. OUR ALLIANCES The aim of GMA is to achieve Private Equity investments with a high output potential towards managing projects connected to service sector. GMA has two unique aims: to obtain excellent profitability for its investors and to develop successful company projects. ES For more information, visit www.gmadvisors.es 6. OUR ALLIANCE Mountain Resorts Destinations is a company specialized in the des g , de e op e t, a age e t a d design, development, management and investment of ski resorts est e t o s eso ts and mountain destinations. MRD creates and implements business models that generate income throughout the year. For more information, visit http://www.mountainrd.com. Sports Global Management provides management solutions for professional athletes. SMG offers competent decisions regarding investment and asset management, enabling its clients to grow and develop as a trademark. For more information, visit http://www.sportsglobal.es.
  9. 9. OUR ALLIANCES 2 HOTEL CAPITAL INVESTMENT (HCI) tiene como objetivo desarrollar productos de inversión a través de sociedades comercializadas por los departamentos de Private Banking de las 6. OUR ALLIANCES 2 entidades financieras. El éxito de HCI está basado en la búsqueda de rentabilidad alternativa a los productos financieros tradicionales. O S Fafret Energy Efficiency es la firma dedicada a la proyección proyección, diseño y gestión de proyectos de eficiencia Energética en el sector servicios.
  10. 10. I Andorra I I Barcelona, Spain I I Madrid, Spain I I Lisbon, Portugal I C/ Bonaventura Armengol, 10 Av. Diagonal 429, 5 th floor C/ José Abascal, 44, 6 th floor Av. de la República, 45, 1st floor, Office 144. AD500, Andorra 08036 Barcelona - Spain 28003 Madrid - Spain office 2. 1050-187 Lisboa - Portugal Tel. +376 861 430 Tel. +34 93 240 28 20 Tel. + 34 91 598 43 44 Tel. +351 21 799 52 45 www.horwathhtl.ad www horwathhtl ad www.horwathhtl.es www horwathhtl es www.horwathhtl.es www horwathhtl es www.horwathhtl.com.pt www horwathhtl com pt