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  • 1. Dispatches: Undercover Copper Quiz #2 Adv 410
  • 2. Situation  Situation: An undercover investigation into the British police force has revealed some appalling practices and opinions of some police officers on the force. The sexism and out right disturbing attitude of some police officers is sure to leave the public with a disastrous opinion of British crime fighting.
  • 3. Objectives  Objectives: The public relations campaign’s objective is to bring back a feeling of trust in the nation’s police force. The campaign will aim to clean up the name of the United Kingdom’s police force and revive public support for the program and institution.
  • 4. Audience  The audience that the campaign will be aimed towards is the general British public, with special attention and consideration given to the population of Lesteshire (the town the undercover documentary was filmed). The campaign will focus on all classes of adult citizens ranging from 18-65.
  • 5. Strategies - The police need to avidly state their apologies on multiple media outlets and well and stressing their commitment to improving and changing the current circumstances that have lead to such disgrace in the police force.  - involve the government to aid in reestablishing the good name of the police. - Aligning with other organizations is a key strategy in this PR campaign considering the massive loss in trust the police department has. - The police force will show that they take the allegations made in the film seriously and investigate each one separately. - Community involvement is key is reestablishing trust.
  • 6. Tactics - the government will be contacted to do their share to help boost the police forces’ image since they are partially responsible for the bad name the police are receiving thanks to the undercover report. They will revise their stance on targets—possibly eliminating them and coming up with a better system. - Using the web, magazines, newspaper, radio and television outlets the police force will issue apologies and stress their commitment to changing and improving the program. It is important that the police force accepts responsibility and explains to the public how they will go about implementing change.
  • 7. Tactics continued.. - Police officers will undergo mandatory courses in proper practices in the workplace. - The police will work in alliance with several organizations that will help with improving the issues shown in the undercover report. They will align with an organization that aims for equal rights for men and women in the work place. - Analyzing of the film will lead to proper punishment and even firing of the individuals that were shown to be neglectful of their duties in the report. - High involvement in charitable events in the community: It will be required that the off duty police officers put time into several community programs. The police force will sponsor a fundraiser for community schools.
  • 8. Calendar  Calendar: To achieve the goals of this PR campaign, we should launch it immediately as to not look like we are taking time to own up to our mistakes. The British police force should issue the apology and repeat it for about two weeks. After that time frame, the force should remain on high alert and look for places to improve their name for the next year. All the tactics should be put into effect immediately
  • 9. Method of Evaluation  Method of evaluation: To evaluate the success of the campaign we would take a survey of the public’s opinion of the British Police Force as a whole right after the controversy and then once again a year later and compare results, and once more two years after the launch of the program.
  • 10. Budget  Budget: $1 million for two years. ($750,000 for the first year, $250,000 for the second).
  • 11. Source Credibility  Source Credibility: Since the police department has lost a considerable amount of trust from the public, it is important to use the alliance with other companies to help build trust. If the police officers are taking courses from an organization dedicated to equal rights in the workplace, that organization should speak out on behalf of the police department commenting on the improvements that have been made thanks to the program. This way the audience can trust the source of knowledge.
  • 12. Cognitive Dissonance  Cognitive Dissonance: To eliminate any cognitive dissonance the audience may have we again will utilize the help of a spokesperson from the organization that will hold the equality workshops. This way the audience will realize that it is a break from the old way and that they can believe us. We have to let the audience know that circumstances have changed and we will be using the help of another organization to send the message out that the police can once again be trusted. This will break the cognitive dissonance cycle.
  • 13. The Flow of Opinion  The flow of opinion: When taking into consideration that “there is a large, close knit immigrant community in the town that does not watch television or read the English newspapers” we have to pump up other areas of our media outlets. We hope that our radio broadcasts will reach these people since most of them do not watch television. Since we are trying to cover the majority of media outlets, hopefully one will get to that community. Also all the advertising we will be doing promoting out community events should hopefully reach the immigrant community since it will be in the form of flyers distributed through out the community.
  • 14. Suggestions for Action  Suggestions for action: We have to break the opinion that individuals can do little changes. We need to show the community that each person can contribute a great deal to making the police force a respected part of the community. By sending around off duty police officers door to door in the community, the personal interaction should move people to action. These police officers will be discussing the community charity events that they are sponsoring and invite the members of the community to volunteer, participate or just show up.