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Foy Austins Colony
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Foy Austins Colony


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. Investments 1822
    We bought 10 head of Cattle, and the outcome was $100. Also, we gotten 20 acres of cotton and 140 acres of lumber. That’s with a total cost of $2,300. Hopefully the winter wont destroy all of this.
  • 2. 1822 Winter
    It has been a really horrible winter here Austin’s Colony. I would never imagine it to be this bad to be able to damage as much things as it did. Now purchasing all of the cattle wont really matter because of this winter. Its just a wonder of time when the Lively will arrive.
  • 3. 1822 Cattle
    Thanks to this horrible winter and for the Lively arriving late, we didn’t have any supplies to prepare are cattle and to provide us. All of the cattle had died and now there was nothing for us to sale. Now we need some lumber so we could build houses for new comers, but now its hard without any money to get some.
  • 4. 1822 Lively
    The Lively missed the point of destination. All of the supplies had been on that ship for this winter they were prepared for. Since the late arrival of the Lively, this had lead to death in many of the cattle and lead to many problems in losing money for the cattle.
  • 5. Investments 1823
    This year we have purchased 30 acres of lumber and cotton. The lumber might not be enough for the new comers. Plus, 100 head of cattle to renew from last years lose. The total cost was about $3,150.
  • 6. 1823 Lively Sank
    Now that the Lively had sank we have nothing. That ship had all of the material that we needed to survive, so it will be very difficult. Its going to be hard for us to adapt to the surrounding's.
  • 7. 1823 Winter
    The winter this year has cleared out a lot more than it was last year. All the stock is not going to be in much danger as it used to be. Now there is starting to be a lot of new comers that want a home.
  • 8. 1823 Building for New Comers
    There is very little lumber and there are new comers demanding for a home. Despite the little amount of lumber we still plan to build homes for these people. We need to get this building done for them.
  • 9. Investments 1824
    In the end we got 560 acres of cotton, 52 acres of lumber, and 25 head of Cattle. This should be enough for the year. The total expenses were $3,350.72.
  • 10. Demand In Beef
    With the lose in Cattle in 1822, now we are really short in beef. Due to that, everyone is getting angry. This is the one thing that we are really struggling in.
  • 11. Lumber-lots For Building
    There are a lot of people that are wanting to move into this colony, but we are kind of short on lumber. They are demanding to get some lumber. Hopefully we will be able to work this out.
  • 12. Colony Thrived
    Now that there are a lot of people here we are thriving. The cotton and lumber are doing fine and everything is working out so far. The total outcome of money for all these years was $7,048.40.