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Sawwan desire 1_3-1 Sawwan desire 1_3-1 Presentation Transcript

  • My time in Austins colony
  • My Arrival– My family and I are on a journey to start a new life. We are looking for a hardworking envirmont. We got here by riding a wagon.
  • My Arrival• We are moving because we want to serve god and fill up the space he created for us. We qualified for the land 1520 acres ,my sister and brother and I have 480acres. My pa has 640acres ,my ma has 320acres.
  • 1822• During 1822 there has been harsh winters, so therefore some of our cattle died. Other people have been moving to the area, and building lots of homes. It was time to invest and we got $940.80.Our total cost of crops is $500.00,and our remaining investment money is$440.80.
  • 1822• My pa had to go hunting for food: like rabbits and foxes and sometimes fish. The yearly payment is $60.80.Our investment money is $182.40. Our bank Balance is $392.80 for this year. The total cost of crops are $100.00,and our total cost of gross income is $200.00.
  • 1823• This Year winter came ,but it was mild, we lost a bunch of cattle. We had to sell lots of meats. The very same year the Lively sank. Our Current investment money is $292.00.
  • 1823• This year our bank balance is $493.00.The total cost of crops is 100.00. There’s no Gross income, or no total of crops this year
  • 1824• We got our Yearly payment this year, last year, and the year before that. My Bank Balance is $492.00. The total cost of crops is 200.00. The total cost of Gross income is 130.00.
  • 1824• Our Remaining investment money is $431.20. We paid for the crops and for the remaining money is $231.20. During they year we thrived. There is a high demand for beef.
  • My Conclusion• My Conclusion is making everybody happy and doing the best that I can do. I love my family. . We came here to enjoy life.
  • My Conclusion• The Best thing that happened San Felipe was that I got to have huge adventures on my quest.
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