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Abby Hopkins powerpoint:)

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  • We came to Austin’s colony because it’s cheap and there’s good land. It took a long time to get there so we had good family-bonding time. We came across some storms that hurt us, but we made it through. We’re excited about seeing our house and getting our supplies.
  • We were qualified to live in Austin’s colony because we’re hard working, honest, not gamblers, swearers, drunkards, or idlers. We’re willing to become Mexican citizens and to convert to Catholicism. We qualified for 1,360 acres of land.
  • We started getting our land together and planned out. We decided to spend $100 for lumber, $100 for cattle, and $100 for cotton. We had a pretty good first year and we’re excited about living our lives here!
  • This year was a good year for lumber, not for cattle or cotton though. Cold winters made all cattle go away and cotton not be able to grow. Our remaining money after 1822 was $1,145.60. We’ve had a good time in Austin’s colony so far.
  • It’s our 2 nd year here, and we’re enjoying it. This year, we decided to spend $200.00 on cotton, $100.00 on lumber, and $300.00 on cattle. We were hoping for a good year for cotton and cattle.
  • This year ended up being a bad year for cotton, so that was a mistake made. Mexico didn’t want to share their cotton. Cattle was really good this year, so we made lots of money off of that. After this year, we had $1,491.20.
  • This year is our last year before making our decision to stay. We spent $400.00 on cotton, $50.00 on lumber, and $300 on cattle. This year was a good year because there were no problems with the weather or any conflicts with Mexico.
  • This year was a good year for everything! Cotton was the best, but lumber and cattle made us money too. We ended up with $2,586.80. But, since we live in San Felipe, we had a good year so we gained $600.
  • Our final profit figure was $3,186.80. We were very successful in our lives here and we are looking forward for more years to come. We’ve had a good time going through all our journey here.
  • We decided to stay in San Felipe. We will continue our lives here. We hope lots of good things come out of it. We will use our money to build on to our house and buy more cattle, lumber, and cotton. We hope to meet some new friends and build on to our future.
  • Hopkins a 2nd

    1. 1. My life in Austin’s Colony By: Abby Hopkins
    2. 2. Our Arrival My family
    3. 3. How we got qualified Our land & house
    4. 4. Beginning of 1822 Lumber
    5. 5. End of 1822 Cattle in snow
    6. 6. Beginning of 1823 Cotton and Cattle
    7. 7. End of 1823 Our cattle
    8. 8. Beginning of 1824 Money
    9. 9. End of 1824 Cotton
    10. 10. The ending Our coins
    11. 11. Our decision Cattle in fields
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