Kosrae visitors bureau newsletter for 2nd quarter fy2011


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Kosrae visitors bureau newsletter for 2nd quarter fy2011

  1. 1. KVB Newsletter for 2nd Quarter FY2011 KOSRAE VISITORS BUREAU AN AGENCY OF THE KOSRAE STATE GOVERNMENT “Kosrae - The Jewel of Micronesia”Contact: Kosrae Visitors Bureau, Telephone: (691) 3702228, Email: kosrae@mail.fm April 15, 2011WEBSITE: www.kosrae.com Table of Contents: Page1. FAM Tours from January to March 2011 12. PR activities in North American market from January to March 2011 13. KVB Administrator attended NES 2011 in Chuuk 24. KVB Board members 25. New Japanese staff for KVB 26. Remaining KVB Promotional Calendar for year 2011 37. Malem Senior citizens day 38. Chairman of PATA-Micronesia Chapter visits Beijing to Promote Tourism 39. Can you identify this photo? Text, email or, call to win!!! 410. Announcements for Kosrae Visitors Bureau (Mark you calendar). 4-5FAM Tours conducted from January to March 2011FAM is a word used in the tourism industry simply meaning “familiarization” or getting knowledgeablein a destination. FAM tours are normally conducted when a destination sponsored a trip for media ortravel agent reps from a major tourism supply market. In January 2011, we hosted Ms. Dina Mishev in aFAM tour sponsored by our CO airlines and KVB, a travel journalists from Wyoming USA who is help-ing to promote Kosrae to the residents of the Rocky mountain regions of USA through stories she pub-lished in the Internet portals atheltica.com, ran a TV special on Kosrae to more than 100,000 viewers onWY PBS channel. We also hosted a FAM tour for Japanese cruise ship agent early in March 2011; wewere fortunate again this year to host Mr. Tatsuro Nawa who is the ship agent for the Bosei Maru, a 150passenger cruising vessel from Tokai University Japan on a educational cruise around the Pacific whichcalls on Kosrae March 16-17, 2011. Both FAM Tours were very successful and genenrated positive ex-posure and outcomes for Kosrae tourism industry.PR Activities in The North American MarketThe Placemaking Group Inc., Kosrae’s PR agency in US, located in Oakland, CA had several promo-tional activities developed to attract the eco-tourism niche travelers to Kosrae. We are fortunate to havea very focused program with the Placemaking Group. Tourism blogs, destination marketing, mediapress releases, travel journalists program are just a few of the hot new activities. Here are last quarterachievements:Kosrae – Jewel of Micronesia Page 1
  2. 2. KVB Newsletter for 2nd Quarter FY2011 1. Organized a FAM Tour from North American market in January 2011 2. Negotiated with potential travel journalists to visit Kosrae later part of 2011. 3. Conduct social network promotions a. 181 people Like Face book page with 146 active monthly users, 4,275 page views b. 135 followers on Twitters up by 38% from last quarter c. 21 different blogs and articles in several websites 4. Prepare Press releases on Kosrae 5. Conducted ongoing research on elder groups, student groups, focused groups for Kosrae 6. Setting up an interview for KVB Administrator when he attends the Scuba Show 2011 7. Helped in securing advertisements and seminars for the Scuba Show 2011KVB Administrator attended NES in ChuukOn February 4-11, 2011, most of FSM National and State leaders got together in Chuuk, FSM to meetand discussed key issues regarding the economy and conditions of the nation. KVB Administrator wasone of the 15 member delegation represented Kosrae to this meeting. The travel and logistics weresponsored by FSM national government. At the meeting, there was a general plenary meeting to all par-ticipants and then after the plenary, the conference broke up into five different smaller working groupsin the following two days with each working group around fifty members. All meetings were held at theChuuk Saramen Academy gymnasium. The KVB Administrator was selected by his group to be co-chairfor the Transportation Committee along with Secretary of Transportation of the nation, Mr. Francis Iti-mai. State and national leaders went through an exercise of tackling issues/impediments to growth andlater finding the solutions to these issues. The final document from this exercise will be used to formu-late a new strategic economic plan for the nation for the next five years.Kosrae Visitors Bureau Board members for FY2011-2012The KVB board is comprised mostly from private sector with three member officers from the privatesector and two from the government all appointed by the Governor with consensus from kosrae StateLegislature. The chairperson of the KVB board is Kenye Livaie who has many local business venturessuch as car rental, construction equipment rental, banking, export and is member of few other boards onisland. The vice chairman is Arthur Jonas, who is working at Upward Bound program and is currentlyundertaking his master’s degree. The secretary is Katrina Adams who is local tourism operator withbusinesses such as hotel, diving services, tours, restaurant, an officer of the local Chamber of Commerceand involved in local conservation programs like NGO’s. The next is Skiller Jackson, who is the Direc-tor of the Small Business development Center in Kosrae. The last 5th and the last slot is currently vacantawaiting the next legislative session to verify Governor’s nominee in Mr. Isao Mike, works at the De-partment of Resources and Development and a local taxi owner. Each board member will have a 2-yearterm.New Japanese Staff for KVBOn last week of March, 2011, new JOCV volunteer Mr. Tatsuro Murayama arrived in FSM and wentthru a one week language and orientation course in Kolonia Pohnpei. He is due in Kosrae on April 4,2011. This young Japanese professional will be working at the KVB for the next two years. His scopeof assignment for the next two years includes not limited to the following: - Assist research in the Japanese tourists market - Assist development of local services and attractions to cater Japanese visitorsKosrae – Jewel of Micronesia Page 2
  3. 3. KVB Newsletter for 2nd Quarter FY2011 - Assist development of media exposure and promotion in Japan market - Assist development of FAM tours for Japan market - Assist development of collateral materials in Japanese - Assist proposals for funding requests for the Japanese market - Assist research and development of a PR program for the Japanese market - Initiate special niche products on agriculture and culture of Kosrae for Kosrae tourism industry - Teach young college and high school students Japanese on part time basisMr. Murayama used to work for H.I.S travel agency in Tokyo Japan, one of the biggest travel wholesa-lers in Japan in the company’s marketing department. He is hoping to put his skills to the task in Ko-srae. KVB is very excited to have such a person and will be working hand in hand with Mr. Murayamafor the next two years.Remaining Promotional Calendar Year 2011 for KVBApr 29 – May 3 PATA-Mic 1st Tri-Annual Chapter Meeting, Kosrae (Micronesia)Jun 4-5 Scuba Show 2011, Los Angeles-California (KVB)Jul 22-25 Australia Road Show in Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne (Micronesia)Jul 8-10 & 16-17 Marine Diving Fair & Kanku Festival, Japan (KVB)Sep 2-3 PATA-Mic 2nd Tri-Annual Chapter Meeting, Majuro (Micronesia)Sep 8 Kosrae Liberation Celebration weeksTBA Micronesian Chief Executive Summit (Location to be announced)Oct JATA World Tourism Travel Fair, Tokyo-Japan (Micronesia)Oct (GMIF) Guam Micronesia Island Fair, Guam (Micronesia)Oct (MWR) Guam Navy Travel Fair, Guam (Micronesia)Oct ITT Andersen Air Force Travel Fair, Guam (Micronesia)Dec PATA-Mic 3rd Tri-Annual Chapter Meeting (Guam) MicronesiaTBA Micronesian Chief Executive Summit (Location to be announced)Malem Senior Citizen Culture FairIn our last issue, we talked about a joint activity with the Malem senior citizens to hold a Culture Fair.True to the promise, we collaboratively organized a handicraft demonstration and fair for Senior citizenson March 17, 2011 just in time for the arrival of the cruising vessel Bosei Maru of Tokai University, Ja-pan. There were about 130 students, teachers who visited the island and enjoyed a very nice afternoontour of the island and also enjoyed the culture fair put on by the Malem senior Citizens. Many peoplecome to see and to learn our traditional culture and had tried out some of the food. The handicrafts werea popular item which the Japanese students bought and with them for souvenirs. We will co9ntinue tocollaborate with the senior citizens in Kosrae to hold more culture fair in the future. See our next quar-terly newsletter issues for the announcement of these events.Chairman of PATA-Micronesia Chapter visits Beijing to Promote TourismApril 7, 2011 (FSM Embassy, Beijing) Mr. Grant Ismael, Chairman of the Pacific Asia Travel Associ-ation-Micronesia Chapter (PATA), who is also the Administrator of the Kosrae Visitor’s Bureau arrivedBeijing, China on April 6 to represent the Micronesia chapter at the 60th Anniversary conference sche-Kosrae – Jewel of Micronesia Page 3
  4. 4. KVB Newsletter for 2nd Quarter FY2011 duled to be held at the China World Hotel from 8-12 April 2011. The Conference is expected to tackle issues concern- ing the future development of travel and tourism in the Asia Pacific region – the world’s fastest growing market. Taking advantage of the visit to China by the Chairman of the PA- TA-Micronesia Chapter, the FSM Embassy arranged a meet- ing with the representatives of the Pacific Islands Forum Trade Office (PIFTO) in Beijing to discuss possible coopera- tion and partnership in the area of tourism. PIFTO is a sub- sidiary of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat whose mis- sion in Beijing is to promote trade and business opportunitiesbetween Pacific island countries and China. His Excellency Ambassador Akillino H. Susaia and Chair-man Ismael received and met with Mr. Sam Savou and his staff Ms. Vivienne Song, Tourism Develop-ment Officer of PIFTO. The meeting with the PIFTO officials resulted in the interest to cooperate andorganize a familiarization tour (FAM tour) to the FSM. The tour would bring in travel wholesalers, me-dia, and other respective travel agents and tour operators from China to experience firsthand what theFSM has to offer. Chairman Ismael, Ambassador Susaia, and Mr. Savou all agreed to the positive pro-motion that the FAM tour will bring to the FSM and all have agreed to work together to support theFAM tour proposal. The first tour is being planned and hoped to be carried out by June 2011 to visit Ko-srae. Staffing Ambassador Susaia in the meeting with PIFTO were Deputy Chief of Mission Carl D.Apis, and First Secretary Vincent Sivas.Can You Identify Where this photo was taken? Text, Email Or, Call To Win!!!!!!!!!!!Hint: Its somewhere in Kosrae. Here are the contest rules: First three persons to text this num- ber 970-6909 or email ko- srae@mail.fm or call 370-2228 will win a price. Congratulations to our LAST ISSUE WINNERS: 1. Tilson Kephas 2. Yolanda ElansoKosrae – Jewel of Micronesia Page 4
  5. 5. KVB Newsletter for 2nd Quarter FY2011Kosrae Visitors Bureau ANNOUNCEMENTS (Mark Your Calendar).PATA Micronesia Conference to be held in KosraeKVB is now gearing up for the PATA Micronesia Chapter Conference in Kosrae set for April 29-May 3,2011. The entire Micronesian region of Guam, Saipan, yap, Palau, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Marshall Island’stourism officials and private sector members are going to embark on a important conference in kosraediscussing issues relating to promotional collaborations, education opportunities, and membership bene-fits for the association. All tourism businesses on Kosrae are welcome to attend this important meeting.Kosrae Roadside Clean up Campaign: The Clean Kosrae Task force selected its temporary officers on March 9, 2011 meeting. Following officers were elected: Chairman – Grant Ismael Vice Chairman – Thansley Kinere Secretary – Jason jack Treasurer – vacant The Task force planned on coor- dinating another roadside clean up campaign for April 22, 2011. There are other clean up cam- paigns such as shoreline clean ups, beaches, underwater cleanup and mangrove areas clean up campaigns. On April 22, 2011 be sure tocome and join us for this worthwhile activity and have fun with the com-munity!!KVB Training Schedule for 2011: (PATA Micronesia tourism workshop planned for Kosrae) by KVB staff: PATA Micronesia had graciously offered a workshop on Customer Service training to Kosrae tourism when they hold their conference in Kosrae on April 29, to May 3, 2011. The trainer is none other than Dr. John Salas who is a very familiar name in the local community because of his attachment to Kosraean and Micronesian people. Dr. John has been traveling to Kosrae Island since the mid 1980’s and he is a good friend of many people in all islands of the Mi- cronesian region. In addition to PATA’s collaboration, KVB is now formulat- ing a plan to carry out two separate workshops this year for following train- ings: 1) First Aid CPR for Tour Guide, 2) Customer service training. If you areinterested, please contact KVB during office hours or await the official announcements. The trainingsare slated for May and August 2011.PATA EDIT Program Training In Hawaii:We are pleased to announce that the 2011 EDIT Scholarship Program is now open t6o applicants. The33rd Executive Development Institute for Tourism (EDIT) program will take place at the School of Tra-Kosrae – Jewel of Micronesia Page 5
  6. 6. KVB Newsletter for 2nd Quarter FY2011vel Industry Management (TIM), University of Hawaii, at Manoa in Honolulu, Hawaii, on July 11-22,2011. The PATA Foundation is offering one scholarship for this program; this is valued at US$5,000and covers registration, tuition fees, and partial support for accommodation and subsistence expenses. Inaddition, one partial scholarship – to the value of US$2,500 - is also kindly offered by the Jerome AKeller Memorial Fund. To be eligible to apply for either scholarship, the requesting organization mustbe a PATA member in good standing, and the proposed candidate should hold an executive position inthe same. For information about the PATA scholarships, please contact edit@PATA.org; to enquireabout the EDIT program, please contact the TIM school assistant director, Ms. Rachel Soma at rso-ma@hawaii.eduKosrae – Jewel of Micronesia Page 6