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Iso Nahnken Water Summit Statement
Iso Nahnken Water Summit Statement
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Iso Nahnken Water Summit Statement


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  • 1. Statement of Traditional Leaders Commitment to the Global Environment Facility Integrated Water Resource Management Demonstration Project in the Nett Watershed: "Ridge to Reef: Protecting Fresh and Marine Water Quality in the Federated States of Micronesia"Recalling the commitment made by the international community to fullyachieve the Millennium Development Goals, including inter alia to halve, by2015, the proportion of people unable to reach or afford safe drinking water,and to halve the proportion of people without access to basic sanitation,Acknowledging the United Nations General Assembly Resolution of 28 th July2010 and the United Nations Human Rights Councils Resolution of 30thSeptember 2010 declaring the right to safe and clean drinking water andsanitation as a human right that is essential for the full enjoyment of lifeand all human rights,Acknowledging also the "Koror Declaration" of 24th November 2010 in whichthe Traditional Leaders of Micronesia call upon landowners, local traditionalleaders, and municipal, state and national governments to work together indeveloping by 2011 "National Water and Sanitation Policies" based on theprinciples of Integrated Water Resource Management.Reaffirming the important roles and duties of Traditional Leaders ascaretaker and protector of their people and their natural resources and theintimate connection between people, culture and natural resources, thus inensuring secure access to safe drinking water and sanitation in order tosustain their communities as well as the Federated States of Micronesiasunique biodiversity,Recognising that the Federated States of Micronesias Traditional Leaders co-manage water sources with their respective municipal, state, and nationalgovernments,Deeply concerned for the status of freshwater resources of the NettWatershed on Pohnpei Island and the negative impacts of human activitiesin Pohnpeis watersheds on freshwater and nearby lagoon water quality,I, Iso Nahnken en Wehin Nett, made this demand in Kousapw Mesenieng,Kolonia Town, Pohnpei Island on this 22 nd day of March, 2011, that thepopulace of Nett Municipality along with concern entities commonlyadminister the Nett watershed,1. Call upon land owners, municipal, state and national government,Pohnpei Utilities Corporation, and the community to work together in theimplementation of the Global Environment Facility supported IntegratedWater Resource Management Demonstration Project in the Nett Watershed,
  • 2. and to ensure the planned results of this project are achieved in a timelymanner;2. Remind all people of Nett Municipality that water is everyones businessand that we all have an important role to play in protecting our freshwaterresources from pollution;3. Declare my support to the development of a Comprehensive NationalWater and Sanitation Policy for the Federated States of Micronesia, to notonly provide higher level policy support to initiatives in Nett Watershed, butto also guide the longer-term sustainability of management and thereplication of good freshwater management practices elsewhere in ourcoun try; and4. Commit to foster information sharing with other traditional leaders onIntegrated Water Resour~nagement initiatives in the Federated States ofMicronesia.His Excellency, Iso Salvador Iriarte, Iso I)Tahnken,Nett Municipality ~