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  • 1. @agatestudio @dwiperdana To Sell Your Games Agate Studio 2012
  • 2. @agatestudio @dwiperdanaSOME OF OUR FUN CREATION
  • 3. @agatestudio @dwiperdanaWe will talk about:HOW TO PUBLISH YOUR (MOBILE) GAME
  • 4. @agatestudio @dwiperdanaFirst thing first:GAME DEVELOPMENT TEAM
  • 5. @agatestudio @dwiperdana Roles in a Game Development TeamProgrammer Artist Designer Composer
  • 6. @agatestudio @dwiperdanaWHY MOBILE GAMES?
  • 7. @agatestudio @dwiperdana Why people play games on mobile..?• For Killing Time / Or spending Waiting Time• Portable / Handy – You bring it everywhere, gaming everywhere
  • 8.
  • 9. 55 Million Users 1.3M users30 Billion Chat Messages Monthly20 Million Virtual Gifts MonthlyARPU $ 2.20/month42% of mig33 users are in Indonesia 22K users 300K users
  • 10. @agatestudio @dwiperdanaMOBILE GAME INDUSTRYBREAKDOWN
  • 11. @agatestudio @dwiperdana Mobile Games Breakdown• Single Player Game• Online Game – Real Time Online Games – Asynchronous Games – Social Games
  • 12. @agatestudio @dwiperdana Mobile Game Business Model1. Retail  Price range $0.99 to $9.99, but usually $0.992. Lite/Upgradable Version  Depends on conversion rate3. Advertising  Free, using Ad Networks (Admax, Admob, etc)4. Sponsorship/Partnership  Advergames or Game for Brands (Pocari Futsal Online, etc)5. In-game Purchase  Item Mall (swords, new armour, energy pack, etc..)  Feature Updates (new skills, new quest, etc..)
  • 13. @agatestudio @dwiperdana To publish your game• Know your audience/market before creating the game• Find the best business model for your team• If needed, find a partner or publisher (so your team can focus on creating great games!)• Make sure your game is perfect
  • 14. @agatestudio @dwiperdana To promote your game• Create a PR division, at least promotion plan• Promotion checklist: – Video trailer – Video gameplay – Press release • 5w1h (why, what, who, when, where, how)• Contact media (online or offline)
  • 15. @agatestudio @dwiperdana SO, WHAT IS YOUR GAME?
  • 16. @agatestudio @dwiperdana Want to play more?• Our blog:• General contact:• Wanna start your career as game developer? Or want to learn from an Internship program?• Courses or Final project discussion:
  • 17. Thank You!Follow Me : @dwiperdana