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Njambre // Impact Innovation Company Builder and Accelerator
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Njambre // Impact Innovation Company Builder and Accelerator


Njambre is the spanish word for "Swarm" and we are the first Impact Innovation Company Builder and Accelerator in Latin America …

Njambre is the spanish word for "Swarm" and we are the first Impact Innovation Company Builder and Accelerator in Latin America

We identify early stage impact entrepreneurs with high potential to create sound social businesses.

We commit with them, we get involved in their management, we take risks, find solutions together, and enable their growth into becoming long term solutions to social or environmental issues.

Published in Business , Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Impact  Innova+on     Company  Builder  &  Accelerator  
  • 2. About  LatAm   La+n  America  needs  and  has  clear  opportuni+es  for  impact   innova+on  companies   LatAm  at  a  glance     !   180M  people  living  in  poverty,  70M  in   extreme  poverty   !   strong  access  barriers  to  health,   educa(on  &  financial  services     !   66M  with  disabili(es   !   30M  without  access  to  energy   !   31  M  youth  neither  study  nor  work   Impact  Investment  field  is   growing   !   capital  has  risen  steadily  (689M   reported  investments  in  2011)   !   key  intermediaries  have  emerged  in   the  past  4  years   Yet,  there  are  s(ll  too  few  investment-­‐ready  projects  and   companies     So,  we  promote  and  cocreate  them..  
  • 3. The  Founding  Team   We  are  a  sound  entrepreneurial  team,  combining  large  experience  in  tech  startups   and  mergers,  global  social  entrepreneurship,  impact  innova(on,  social   development,  corporate  social  responsibility  and  co-­‐crea(on  of  organiza(ons   We  deeply  believe  in  the  power  of  mixing  technology,  innova(on  and  market  approaches  to   solve  social  &  environmental  issues   Emiliano  Fazio         Paula  Cardenau         Federico  Seineldin  
  • 4. What  is  an  Impact  Innova(on  Company?   • They  address  a  social  and  or  environmental  issue  through  a  market     based  approach   • They  use  innova(on  and  technology  to  beTer  serve  underprivileged     communi(es  and/or  environmental  remedia(on   • Some  organiza(onal  features     • inclusive  value  chain  genera(ng  work  opportuni(es  to  people     without  access  to  empolyment   • product  or  service  cri(cal  and  affordable  to  enhance  life  quality     in  underprivileged  communi(es   • produc(on  processes  remediate  environment     • open  source  (data,  governance,  financials)     • They  seek  scale  and  massive  social  impact    
  • 5. Our  Approach   We  host  Impact  Innova+on   Hubs   Entrepreneurs  join  an  innova(on  space  with   peers  and  other  strategic  organiza(ons  share   support,  challenges  and  ideas.  New  hybrid   models  are  seeded  and  emerge.   We  support  the  impact   economy  environment   Mentoring  high  net  worth  individuals   interested  in  impact  investment   Dissemina(ng  knowledge  through  lectures   and  workshops  and  media   Partnering  key  players   Influencing  in  public  policies   We  seed  impact  innova+on  prototypes   We  link  impact  innova(on  opportuni(es  with  high  poten(al   entrepreneurs  and  coach  them  in  the  business  models.   Thus,  we  build  pipeline  for  Njambre  and  the  impact   economy  environment.   Ecosystem     We  co-­‐build  impact   innova+on  Startups   We  either  co-­‐build  new  or  partner  exis(ng   impact  innova(on  projects/startups  
  • 6. Njambre  Impact  Innova(on  Hubs   Enable  the  birth  of  new  hybrid   models  through  ac(ve  interac(on   and  co-­‐crea(on  between:   • Social  &  tech  entrepreneurs     Rosario   2010  –  45  people  //  15  organiza(ons     • Innovators     • Experts  in  diverse  disciplines       • Organiza(ons  commiTed  to     underserved  communi(es  and   environmental  regenera(on   • Others     Buenos  Aires   Nov  2013  
  • 7. How  do  we  spur  Impact  Innova(on  Prototypes?   we  screen  impact   entrepreneurs   we  enhance   community       • ac(ve  interac(on  with     peers   • access  to  thought  partners     and  mentors   • visibility     • we  search  and  nurture  from     people  /  projects  within  diverse   sources   impact   Entrepreneurs     we  deliver  accelera+on   services   • we  host  high  poten(al     entrepreneurs  in  our  hubs   • we  deliver  collec(ve  accelera(on     and  mentorship  services   • we  model  impact  innova(on     prototypes   6  months   12  months    we  spur     prototypes   • we  test  the  prototypes     • we  measure  their  impact,     poten(al,  feasibility  and   viability   +meline  
  • 8. How  do  we  co-­‐build  &  accelerate  Startups?   We  partner  and  co-­‐ manage  (get  hands  on)   impact   • team  consolida(on,    business     model,  opera(ons,  joint   fundraising   • we  co-­‐design  and  co-­‐manage  the     startup  in  an  intensive  approach   (hands-­‐on)   Prototypes     6  months   Enhancing  a   community     • co-­‐crea(on  Hubs     • access  to  partners     and  expert  mentors   • marke(ng  and     visibility   12  months   +meline   Provide  seed  pa+ent   funding   • US12,000  (a  grant,     conver(ble  into  pa(ent  debt   if  enterprise  succeeds)   and  shared  services   • legal,  accoun(ng  &  finance     • management  system  (ERP)     • impact  metrics  design    
  • 9. We  support  the  impact  economy  environment   We  contribute  to  the  development  and  growth  of  the  impact  economy  environment   in  Argen(na  through:   !   Presenta(ons  in  pres(gious  conferences  (TEDx,  CREA,  HumanCamp,  Endeavor)   !   Partnerships  with  key  players  in  the  market   !   Hos(ng  interna(onal  Impact  Investment  events  
  • 10. 2012-­‐13  Achievements   Impact   innova+on   enterprises   Organiza+on   !   Co-­‐built  //  accelerated  5  impact  innova+on   companies,  pre-­‐accelerated  15  impact  projects,     mentored  60+  impact  entrepreneurs.   !    Improved  porgolio  performance   !   Designed  solu+ons  for  underserved  communi+es:   installed  ERP  systems  in  waste  pickers  coops  //   supported  50+  low  income  micro  entrepreneurs     !   Set  up  pioneer  legal  structure  as  a  nonprofit   corpora+on  structure   !   Raised  USD200,000  from  local  &  global  partners   !   Designed,  tested  and  adjusted  our  approach  
  • 11. 2012-­‐13  Achievements   Njambre  Hubs   !   About  to  launch  Njambre  Hub  in  Buenos  Aires   !   Influence  in  public  policies,  media,  high  net  worth   individuals   !   Workshops,  Seminars,  Talks  (in  2012  reached  6,000+   in  presence  and  28,000  virtually)   Ecosystem   !   Partnered  key  players  (Bid  Challenge  2012,  Sistema   B,  Impact  Economy,  Ashoka,  IAE),  Co-­‐founded  RAAES.     !   Co-­‐hosted  first  Interna(onal  Impact  Investment   event  in  Argen(na  
  • 12. 2014  Challenges   Impact   innova+on   enterprises   !   Develop  new  pipeline  and  partner  4  new  impact   innova(on  start-­‐ups   !   Co-­‐Create  Impact  Investment  tool  for  2013  Impact   Innova(on  Companies   !   Consolidate  “mentor  &  thought”  Partner  Network   Organiza+on   Njambre  Hubs   !   Strengthen  and  Systema(ze  Opera(ons     !   Refine  Njambre’s  Business  Model   !   Enhance  Njambre  Hub  in  Rosario,  launch  Buenos  Aires   and  Mendoza    
  • 13. Njambre  Business  Model   Impact  Innova+on  Hubs   !   Hubs  are  economically  self-­‐sustainable  through  organiza(ons  and  entrepreneurs  who   live  within  them   Impact  Innova+on  Prototypes   !   Accelera(on  and  collec(ve  mentorship  services  for  entrepreneurs,  and  prototypes,   work  through  grants   Impact  Innova+on  Startups   !   Njambre  partners  impact  innova(on  startups  as  strategic  partners  (5-­‐10%),  or  as  co-­‐ founders  (30-­‐60%)   !   By  year  2,  Njambre  joins  the  start-­‐ups  boards.  They  pay  shared  and  professional   services  to  Njambre   !   Seed  Capital,  succesful  start-­‐ups  begin  to  payback  by  year  3   !   We  es(mate  to  break  even  by  year  5  
  • 14. Our  partners   Strategic  Partners   Support    Partners   Collabora(ve  Partners  
  • 15. Impact  Innova(on     Startups  in  Njambre  
  • 16. Fashion  ouit  for  people   with  dissabili+es   Market  opportunity   43M  people  with  disabili(es  in  La(n  America.  In  Argen(na,   5,1  M  (2,8M  with  physical  disabili(es),  and  65%  of  total   popula(on  +60  years  and  poten(ally  sufferers  of   deficiencies  (audi(on,  vision,  walking).     No  offer  in  La(n  America  of  an  esthe(c  and  func(onal   ougit  to  meet  the  needs  of  this  market.   Business  Model     Ougit  is  designed  by  Amagi  and  produced  in  inclusive   sweing  coopera(ves.     Strong  branding  focused  on  ougit  quality  and  fashion.   Marke(ng  through  referents  with  dissabili(es.  Sales  trough   internet  and  social  media,  and  direct  selling.       Team   Bea  Pellizzari,  Founder,  General  Director     Ashoka  Fellow,  contributed  +20  years  on  the  field  of   dissabili(es.  Already  launched  a  pioneer  social  entreprise,   redACTIVOS.   Javier  Llioy,  Design.  
  • 17. Njambre  by  Amagi   “I  celebrate  to  share  the  start-­‐up  of  Amagi  with  Njambre.  I  learn  every  day  from  Njambre’s   team,  i  feel  warmth  and  understood,  but  most  of  all,  we  walk  together.  Njambre  adds  value   to  Amagi,  is  a  partner  in  good  Ames  and  in  bad  Ames.”                                                                                                                                                                                 Bea  Pellizzari   Key  achievements   !   3  years  in  I&D,  focus  groups,  market  research   !   5  ougit  models  in  prototype    ready  to  launch   to  market   !   Closed  a  deal  with  its  first  corporate  client,   Securitas     !   Defined  Business  Model  and  team   !   Winner,  BidChallenge  Argen(na  2010   Next  steps   !   Launch  marke(ng  campaign  through   website  and  social  media  (10  key   referents)   !   Enter  the  market  through  pre-­‐sale  of   ougits  un(l  Dec  2013,  and  first  large   produc(on   !   Design  next  collec(on    
  • 18. Bio  plas+c  produc+on  using  natural  renewable     resources,  cleaning  polluted  water  and  bringing  low   income  rural  communi+es  into  the  value  chain   Market  Opportunity   Pressing  global  demand  (Europe,  US)  for  bio   plas(c  supply.   Need  to  address  environmental  issue  of   thousands  of  hectares  of  wastewaters.         Team   Sebas+án  Lagorio,  CEO,  Biotechnologist  &   entrepreneur.     Eduardo  Mercovich,  I+D  Biologist,  expert  in   technology  usability.   Business  Model   Growth  of  duckweeds  in  polluted  water,   processing,  produc(on  of  lac(c  acid  (to  produce   bio  plas(c).   Produc(on  generates  income  in  rural   communi(es,  cleans  dirty  water,  and  is  based  in   natural  resources  which  don´t  compete  with  food   nor  produc(ve  land.   Clients:  local  companies  and  governments  to   treat  waste  waters,  bio  plas(c  users.  
  • 19. Njambre  by  Mamagrande   “Njambre  adds  so  much  strategic  and  operaAonal  wisdom  to  Mamagrande,  not  to  menAon  a  deep   contact  network,  that  we  wouldn't  be  able  to  do  it  without  them.  If  MamaGrande’s  experAse  is  its   own  specific  knowledge,  and  for  Njambre’s  its  recognized  experience,  the  real  force  for  good  is   created  in  the  dance  between  us.”               Eduardo  Mercovich   Key  results   !   Launched  pilot  in  Totoras  Municipality  in  partnership   with  local  investors   !   Increasing  demand  of  MG  solu(on  from  local   governments,  high  public  dissemina(on  of  the  system   !   Defined  growth  of  the  business  based  on  expanding  the   hectares  of  duckweeds     !   Technology  to  be  transferred  to  small  towns  so  they  can   produce  bioethanol  and  create  local  jobs   Next  Steps   !   2013  -­‐  Totoras  pilot:   !   2014  -­‐  100  acres  in  Argen(na   !   2015  -­‐  Ini(ate  Brazil  opera(on    
  • 20. Accessible  and  affordable   thermal  energy  for  all   Market  Opportunity   Solar  heaters  market  is  s(ll  underdeveloped  in  Argen(na.   Off   grid   gas   is   highly   expensive.   Wood   stoves   have   harmful  effects  in  health  and  environment.   Business  Model   Energe   produces   %100   Argen(nean   solar   collectors,   wich   are   robust   enough   to   endure   rough   climate.   Clients   are   low   income   communi(es,   rural   mid-­‐income   producers,   and  ABC1  sector.     Team   Alexis  Atem,  CEO   Sebas+án  Perez,   Produc(on   Manager   Leonardo  Scollo,   I&D  Manager  
  • 21. Njambre  by  Energe   “Njambre  has  been  very  useful  to  understand  the  potenAal  impact  of  technical  and  social   fields  brought  together.  It  gives  us  the  possibility  to  parAcipate  in  a  wonderful  community   that  works  for  a  beIer  world.  If  you  mix  dreamers  with    builders,  bankers  with  scavengers,   and  you  take  the  best  of  each  one,  you  obtain  Njambre.”              Alexis    Atem   Key  Achievements     Next  Steps     !   Posi(oned  as  a  leader  in  the  solar  hea(ng   industry  in  Argen(na   !   Developed  2  models:  180  lts  –  22  mts  housing   heater,  and  taylor-­‐made  industrial  ones   !   Is  part  of  an  IDB  funded  public-­‐private   Consor(um  which  will  bring  equipment  to   manufacture  solar  heaters  at  lower  costs,   making  them  affordable   !   Santa  Fe  Province  government  financing  the   purchase  of  solar  heaters  in  60  months   installments.   !   2012  billing  totaled  USD  250K,  es(ma(on  for   2013  is  USD  500K   !   More  than  500  Solar  heaters  soled  and  installed   !   Energe   to   reinforce   its   communica(on   strategy,   and   brand   posi(oning   as   leader  in  solar  hea(ng  
  • 22. Empower  low  income  youth  and   women  through  impact  sourcing   Market  Opportunity   31  M  youth  in  La(n  America  neither  work  nor  study.   Global  market  for  BPO  (Business  Process  Outsourcing)  is  USD  574   billion  and  will  grow  up  to  a  5.1%  annually  in  2015.  “Impact”   outsourcing  will  have  11%  of  it.  LatAm  is  one  of  the  three  major   provider  regions.   Business  Model   Arbusta  provides  digital  services  –social  media  management,   photo  tagging,  audio  transcript,  soqware  tes(ng-­‐  to  the   corporate  world.  Arbusta  workers  are  women  and  youth  from   underprivileged  backgrounds  with  no  opportuni(es  in  the  job   market.   Team   Luis  Cardoso  Ayala,  Co-­‐Founder   Ana  Clara  Dalla  Valle,  Co-­‐founder     22  
  • 23. Njambre  by  Arbusta   “Njambre  is  the  hand  in  the  shoulder  that  every  social  entrepreneur  needs.  Is  the  naviga(on   room  of  a  ship  that  is  tracing  a  new  map  of  social  development.”Luis  Cardoso  Ayala   Key  Achievements   !   Training  and  service  provision  systems  designed,   and  commercial  strategy  consolidated   !   First  8  corporate  clients:  MercadoLibre,  RHUO,  among  others   !   14  youth  already  working  in  the  service   provision   !   Designed  and  installed  soqware  management   systems  in  waste  collectors´  coopera(ves  in   partnership  with  Clase  X  and  Avina   Next  Steps     !   100  youth  working,  monthly  rate  of  80   hours     !   3  or  4  produc(ve  centers  in   underprivileged  neighborhoods   !   Expand  on  interna(onal  market  (LatAm/   US  Hispanic  market)   !   Launch  a  technology  plagorm  to  break   down  complex  data  projects  into  small   tasks  that  can  be  completed  in  every   community  center  and  assuring  quality   service  
  • 24. thanks!